Lost 3.22 "Through the Looking Glass" (SPOILERS)

Read it.


Check your PM.

Don’t remove the hyphens. The url is correct, I just cleared the board option to make it a link. Copy the url, paste it into your browser and go.

Wow, you’re not kidding. Thanks so much for e-mailing it to me. I feel so dirty now. :wink:

Blah, thanks. I try to avoid spoilers like that.

People seem to see a big difference between the aired previews, and spoiler sites, but I don’t. The aired previews are created by the marketing team, not the writers of the show, and so they have no obligation or desire to maintain the integrity of the story. Aside from being actually worse than spoiler sites, in that they actually lie often, they’re pretty similar. So I skip the aired previews.

Problem is - on these threads - people will box their spoiler site spoilers. That way I have the choice of whether or not I want to read them - in my case, I don’t. But when they don’t spoil box the previews, even though they’re in the same way spoilers - I no longer have the option to avoid spoilers individually. My only option is to read the thread or be spoiled.

That’s why I, and I know some others, would appreciate treating the previews the same way we treat spoilers - I’m not asking that they not be posted, just that they be boxed so that people can avoid them if they want to.

Edit: Sorry if I sound anal, I just think the story experience is best told by the storyteller - not a spoiler site, and not some marketting people mucking with the story. To be exposed to that sort of information lessens the experience, and I don’t want to have to start trying to avoid the threads on these boards to do that. Especially since I (and the others who agree with me) aren’t asking anyone to curtail any sort of discussion - just properly mark it.

I don’t understand that blog writer’s commentary in his last paragraph.

Oh well.


That’s odd. tanstaafl went to the trouble of making the spoiler link unclickable, but when it’s quoted it becomes a clickable link. Why is this?

You’ve got the ‘automatically parse links in text’ box checked when you reply, I think. [/geeky nitpick]

I reported the post. Hopefully a passing mod will smile upon us and disable that little blue temptation.

Damn, you guys are making it mighty hard to resist! But no, I’m not clicking on that link. I want to see it all unfold in big, HD splendor tonight with my *Lost *group. There’s going to be some goooooood wine being drunk tonight at my house!

Ah. I will remember that. Thanks.

This is an add-on to my previous spoiler link; the one that confirms the first source and has some very interesting additional details. Depending on what these mean, I think they actually open some more interesting interpretations.

Can’t wait for the actual show tonight to see how these actually play out!

Same spoilage warnings as before apply here. Copy and paste this link then click on the “read spoiler” button.

Just shows how different people are. Some try to avoid seeing the “Next week on…” promos, others hunt down and read leaked spoilage.

One minute to go (for the East Coasters)!

Bearded drunkard Jack? Taking after his father, falling into alcoholism? Suicide attempt Jack? So what was the newspaper article – wedding announcement for ex-wife Sarah or something?

Is it me, or does it feel like that was after instead of before Jack was on the island?

He looked like he was waiting for the plane to crash…again? Maybe someone from the island died? Jack’s life went nuts after he was rescued?

It’s the beard, too. They almost always have less facial hair in the flashbacks. He has more.


o my god.

the plan failed and they were captured.

i can hardly believe it.

Bernard: “I am a dentist. I am not Rambo.” heh

So why is Charlie giving away information – like how Juliet told them. They are just going to warn Ben. Well, the Underwater Chicks are definitely “Others”.
Ben: “I lied…” heh. And that still surprises all of his Otherly Henchmen.

Damn, Jin missed his mark. And Sayid almost got the leader. You’d think they’d just need to fight it out anyways – no way the Others will let them live after how they sprang that trap.

Kind of a tough plan to actually implement – to blow them all up, it requires all of the Other groups to enter the three different tents at the same time.

Flashback Jack’s beard is assymetrical.