LOST 6.17 "The End"

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Well, everyone, this is it. Final episode of LOST. No more Hurley or Miles or Sawyer. No more Dharma or Jacob or smoke monster. And I won’t have to push the submit button on these threads every 108 minutes. Or every week. Either way.

As for the shocking twist I promised you all - check out my status. That’s right, you thought I was a Charter Member - but I’m really a GUEST! And if you look back as past threads you’ll see that I was really A GUEST ALL ALONG!!!

Bet you didn’t see that coming. :wink:

I’ll see you all here after the episode airs. Aloha everyone.

Episode Summary for tonight:

The series concludes.

(Lame, I know. But I just gets them from the TV listings.)

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Here are some interesting external links:

The Tail Section: Excellent site for still frame photos of key scenes, along with some good analysis. But… beware of spoilers!

Sledgeweb’s Lost… Stuff: Pretty good site, but again beware of spoilers. I use it mainly for the Timeline section, which is an incredibly detailed breakdown of “how long since…?” for almost anything you can think of (pre- and post-plane crash).

Door Map from Episode 2.17. A nicely cleaned up version of the diagram Locke saw while pinned under the lockdown doors. No spoilers.

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Thanks Trion and John Mace for posting the OPs all these years. :slight_smile:

I’m going to miss these threads. I have nothing else to say.


What I won’t miss is opening the thread and seeing that I have to slog through four pages to get caught up.

Oh, the burdens I must bear. :wink:

It has been a privileged and an honor discussing Lost with you guys. May the final episode be a very glorious episode.

Here’s a couple things to tide us over until tonight:

The Sawyer Song

Addicted to Lost

And watching those, I can predict I’m gonna cry when it’s over. I didn’t shed a tear over Harry Potter 7 (not even when mumble mumble happened) but I will for this. Why? It’s complicated.

Sniff, Sniff. I feel like the musicians at the end of Titanic (an apt metaphor for the finale?), “Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight.” middleman checking in for the final thread!

Looking forward to it. I’ve appreciated these threads over the years.

Here is a great rap about losing LOST.

I’ll Never Be Lost Again

I love how it mixes in with the actual music from LOST at the end.


Caught up on the show. Unfortunately I’m working tonight so I won’t be able to watch until tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to have to keep my headphones on every second I am outside of the house for the next 24 hours. Now I know what it’s like for sports fans who have to work during the Super Bowl.

Why in the hell is the Lost finale on a SUNDAY anyway???

Perhaps so it won’t be opposite Glee.

To gain ratings. Also, they are blocking off 3 1/2 hours for it, not including Jimmy Kimmel live.

A few over/under bets for tonight:

  1. Number of Viewers for Finale (Relevant Data- Season six premeire was 12.6 million. Season two premeire was 23 million. Tuesday’s episode was 10.6 million)- **15 Million **

  2. Number of express references to the Dharma Intiative- 1.5

  3. Number of Sawyer “sonofabitch!” lines- 0.5

  4. Number of deaths by members of the principled cast(defined as actors credited whether they appear of not)- 2.5

  5. Number of appearances by former principle cast members who have died (same definition but from any season except those who died this season, e.g.- Sayid)- 5.5

  6. Number of pages this thread will be before it plays out- 8.5

  7. Number of people who owe thanks to trion and John Mace for six years of thread management- Everyone

My bets:

  1. Over- A few lookie-loos will pop in for the water cooler effect. Not many more though. Wouldn’t be surprised to be wrong on this one.
  2. Over- Hope springs eternal, but likely any references will refer to Ben and his dad leaving the island.
  3. Over- At least one last time! Hopefully right after a gun cocks simply because it is simply pointed at someone!
  4. Over- Especially if killing Terry O’Quinn as Flocke counts. My guess is Flocke, Ben, and…gasp…Sawyer.
  5. Under- This is what I came up with: Juliet, Farraday, Boone, Shannon, and Libby. Not quite there.
  6. Over- We’ll gab nostalgic for 6 pages, and then some minor point of the finale will launch a massive debate, which someone will try to resolve with an agree to disagree offer, which will fail to satisfy someone, sending it going even more pages… Seriously. This thread could last longer than the series did.
  7. Over- Including yours truly!

1 over
2 under
3 over
4 (dammit, who is left?) over
5 under
6 over
7 over :smiley:

It was fun!

Going over to friends for a Lost party tonight to watch it. We’re trying to get our original group together from Season 1-- it kind of petered out in the last few years.

I’ll just say:

Dah-dah-Dah-dah-Dah-dah-Dahhhhhh-DAH-Dah. :slight_smile:

3.5 hours??? Wow, they really are gonna go out with a bang. Maybe we actually WILL get some answers tonight.

I predict there will be lots of people tuning in just to see how/if they escape the island (yes, people who haven’t payed attention since they learned it was a sci-fi show and not a TV version of Castaway).

Ever since the show started to SUCK, I’ve been watching it in season-at-a-time marathons, so I never really got to participate in these threads. But I do have fond memories of reading them, especially a couple seasons ago when there was stuff actually worth talking about.

One of my friends just started watching the show, and he was complaining about how Locke is on the cover of TV guide, so he knows that he’s still alive until the last episode. I just had to laugh and tell him “with any other show, that would be a good assumption to make. But I can assure you that Locke does not make it to the last season without dying. You’ll understand when you catch up”

2 hour recap.
2 1/2 hour episode.
JK Live.

I’ve enjoyed reading and posting here about Lost and will really miss it - I’ve typed more posts about Lost than anything else on this board. Thanks for allowing me to do this all these years.

I’m going to be watching the finale all by myself tonight, no one else here has the faintest interest. (I was originally invited to a Lost viewing party, which fell through.) Oh well. As with celebrity gossip, cat lovers, parenting, Facebook, Youtube, and various disgusting perversions, I know there ARE kindred souls to share ones interests with, out there on teh intertubes. Looking forward to discussion - later.

Make sure you have plenty of cheetos.