LOST 6.16 "What They Died For"

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Tonight’s the final episode of Lost before the finale on Sunday. I know little about the end and want to know less. But in advance of the end of the show, you should know this: Be prepared for a shocking twist! No, not in the episode. But in Sunday’s LOST THREAD ITSELF! Yes, that’s right - if everything goes according to plan, you will not only view Sunday’s thread differently, but you will also view previous LOST threads differently! Not all of them, but many! Ha!

(Now that I’ve said this, I’m sure something will come along to screw it up. FIngers crossed.)

Episode Summary for tonight:

Locke devises a new strategy; Jack’s group searches for Desmond.

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Would Locke’s new strategy happen to be “I will shoot everybody (save, inexplicably, Claire) with this Very Large Gun?”

I just heard about this show today. Is it too late to start watching?

No. There’s been six seasons, about 22 eps a season. If you start watching now and you DVR the finale you can be caught up.

Of course you will need to be mainlining caffeine to stay awake, but yes, you could do it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess my joke fell flat. I was thinking what it would be like for someone to start watching tonight’s episode w/o having ever seen an earlier episode.

Was that a whoosh, or just another flash-sideways?

I caught it, and thought about telling you not to bother because it really sucks so don’t bother. Bit late for that now.

Though I’m sure if you pulled a few all nighters you could just make it in time for the final.

Honestly though it would make just about the same sense if you just started watching tonight.

It’s true.

Actually in the other thread, we’ve realized the first 5.5 seasons didn’t mean anything to the current plot so you could be caught up after a couple hours on Hulu

But… but… you wouldn’t know about the Door Map. Or the numbers. Or the Black Rock. Oh yeah… those don’t matter anymore!

Well, to be fair, the Black Rock was kind of relevant. At least I liked how they worked it in with Richard’s story.

Of course, the most awesome reveal we’ve gotten so far this season was when Hurley found Shannon’s inhaler. You could hear the collective OMG! from Lost fans around the world. So THAT’S where it was! Six years of suspense finally resolved!

All snarkiness aside, a friend who was lucky enough to attend the “Lost Live” event last week reported that tonight’s episode is about 6,000 times better than “Across the Sea.” Of course, getting to watch it on a big screen, days before everyone else, with a live orchestra and most of the stars in attendance might sway one’s judgment just a tad.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I thought it was funny, because I remembered you being the one who ran the LOST threads the first couple of seasons. :smiley:

I am, through herculean effort, keeping an open mind going in to tonight’s episode and not automatically assuming that is going to suck goat nards.

Although, I have a friend who was about to start watching Lost from the beginning via Netflix, and I told her not to bother and to watch Babylon 5 instead.

Actually, you’ve shown that you weren’t paying attention. :smiley:

Richard is relevant? :wink:

Did we ever learn Richard’s exact age?

Ab Aeterno starts in 1867. We don’t know his exact age, but assume he’s about 40 when this takes place, and that would make him about 190 in 2007.

Big spoilers!!
I mean it!

Everybody’s back, including Richard, Ben, Miles and Des.

It’s a big episode for Charles Widmore.

Major developments transpire in Los Angeles. We catch up with Hurley, Desmond, Kate, Sayid, Jack, John, Ben, Alex, Danielle and Ana Lucia.

We learn why Sun said “It’s him!” when she saw Locke.

We learn why Kate’s name was crossed off on the cave wall.

We learn Shepard, Ford and Reyes are not the only candidates left.

We learn this week which of the candidates succeeds Jacob.



I also remember how those threads about the early episodes went to multiple pages before the show even aired on the West Coast, and then regularly hit ten or more pages. Now, not so much.