LOST 6.14 "The Candidate"

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Previously on Lost: Jack wound up in Locke’s camp and I’m sure they’ll be BFF. Sun and Jin have been reuinited and have declared that they will never be apart again. I just hope they don’t wind up eternally united in death. Widmore’s men have missles, Richard and crew are going for hand granades and I’m expecting plenty more explosions.

Episode Summary for tonight:

When asked to perform a difficult task, Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke.

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Is this the episode where his wife turns into salt?

Sorry, couldn’t resist a joke at the expense of the typo in the subject line.

Dammit! Does someone know how I can get the title edited?

ETA: I just sent a report. Hopefully a kindly moderator will be along shortly.

I don’t see one, so I’ll do it instead.

Well, I reported for you, too. Same time, apparently.

Hey, I ask this in another thread, but… Did the writers ever explain when and why The Others couldn’t reproduce? We know the Dharma folks had no problem pumping out babies, so it can’t just be “The Island”.

Thank you! And you too, VunderBob!

Wait, what did the original subject line say?

I’m guessing “Lot 6.14 ‘The Candidate’”.

Dropped the “s” from “Lost”.

John Mace:

I thought we were meant to infer that the detonation (or whatever) of Jughead was somehow responsible.

But that hadn’t happened in the original time line.

Can’t wait for this episode. I’ve heard some possible spoiler/rumors, and if they’re even partially true . . . woo-boy, this is going to be a big one. (Of course, considering they only have 5 hours left, I guess they should all be big ones now.)

I also presume from the title that we’ll find out who the final Candidate is. They’ve been foreshadowing Jack like crazy, but that only makes me wonder if it’s a diversion and it will turn out to be someone else. Whoever it is, I’m anxious to find out how one officially accepts the job, seeing that Jacob isn’t around to place his magic touch upon them anymore.

John Mace:

Something with Jughead happened in the original timeline. It was “the Incident.” It didn’t cause the island to sink (that happened in the alt), but it could certainly have leaked radioactive stuff into the environment that rendered women sterile.

What exactly happened at the end of last season, how exactly it “created” the alt timeline or necessitated the Swan station to have the computer and failsafe key (not to mention the heiroglyphics) by the site - that’s still something of a mystery. But certainly something happened.

Assuming they answer it, anyone wanna take a final guess at who The Candidate is?

I’ll go first:


Do we know what -centric this episode is?


Not 100% sure of this, but I think it’s . . .
. . . a combo Jack/Locke episode. Which could mean Jack is the final Candidate. Or not. Anyway, I expect we’ll get some swooshing between Jack/Locke in the ALT and Jack/Smocke on the Island. Should be interesting, especially if ALT Locke’s consciousness starts to “bleed over” with his monster-possessed other self.

As for the final candidate, I’m betting it is…Geronimo Jackson!

[sub]I’m gonna keep beating that dead horse![/sub]

Not that this will be answered in this episode, but I’d really like to know if the MiB can actually be killed by Widmore’s airstrikes.

Silly boy(?), whatever gave you that impression?

Smokey obviously needs followers, otherwise he’d just kill everyone. It never even occurred to me that they might be trying to kill him with an airstrike.

And why do I see people assuming airstrikes? From the sound I figured it was artillery of some kind.


ALT Locke is a “candidate”. heh. (For a new medical procedure)