LOST 6.14 "The Candidate"

“I’ve got the gun”
Sawyer: “Not any more, Dough Boy!”

hahhaahha! nice.

I forget who Anthony Cooper is. Locke’s Dad?

Locke’s dad, Sawyer’s “Sawyer”.


Cool – Flocke doing a little neck-snapping smackdown in non-smoky form.
Airplane wired to explode or something? Yep, apparently so.

Wonder if we’ll see Richard arrive in this episode.

Ha – now FLocke wants to take the sub. Should have been the original plan.

I’m confused. Why is Jack now determined not to leave the island? And why are Sawyer and Claire now with Smokey? Weren’t they heading out on their own at some point? I feel like I’ve either missed something or forgotten something.

Not sure what the first sentence has to do with the second. But Smokey has by now repeatedly expressed concern over being killed. And if Widmore can’t hurt him, why threaten him with the fire and keep firing at him?

Wild-Ass Probably-Wrong Theory:
Maybe in the end, Widmore will become the new “Smoky”, the new container for the evil that has to remain bottled up on the island. (Just like one of our Losties might be the new Jacob).

ALT Jack getting freaked by the “coincidences”, meeting all the 815 passengers…

Bulletproof FLocke taking out the attack party. Looks like Jack may be going with them after all – now he’s on the sub.

Oooh, WHY doesn’t Claire want to be on that sub? FLocke giving an ominous look there. Did he put the C4 in Jack’s backpack?

Yep – FLocke’s plan to kill all the candidates at once? Maybe without violating the “You can’t kill them directly” rule?

Ohhhhhhhh. SHIT.

Two weeks from tonight, the episode is called:

[spoiler]What They Died For

Uh oh.[/spoiler]

Jack has faith now – he believes he’s there for a reason, after real Locke’s death, his return to the island, his experience at the lighthouse, as well as not getting blown up by the dynamite with Richard at the Black Rock. He is truly starting to believe he has a special purpose there.

As for Sawyer and Claire. Yes, they were heading out on their own in the last episode, took off with the gang, stole the boat to head to Hydra Island without FLocke, and then in this episode, Jack, Sayid, and FLocke broke them out of Widmore’s cages. So they are now with Smokey for convenience – Sawyer still wanted to leave on the sub, but without Smokey.

Oh no!!!

“I have to go after Sayid!”
“There is no Sayid!”

Damn, that sub is going down down down fast. They have nowhere to go.

Poor Sayid - and he didn’t get a chance to redeem himself. or did he. where’s Desmond?

“There is no Sayid…there is only Zuul.” (Please tell me I’m not the only one.)

Thanks for the explanation, Monstre!

Damn. Holy crap… crap crap crap crap…!

I’m normally not one who complains about the creator’s art, and I normally don’t get attached to characters very much, but I just have to say that that is some BOOOOLSHIT right there.

Preach it, brother.

So did Lapidus make it out?

Clearly Sayid didn’t, as well as Jin and Sun… :frowning: