LOST 6.10 "The Package"

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Tonight’s episode is called “The Package”. I think we need to be wondering whose package is the one in question. Sawyer’s? Hurley’s? Will we get to see the package unwrapped? Will we get a good close up of the package so careful viewers can pause their DVRs and examine the package for clues? And how much longer can I get away with making package-related inuendos before I am strung up by the Straight Dope community?

I better stop now.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Sun and Jin continue to search for each other; Locke confronts his enemy.

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Be careful to set your DVRs for a few extra minutes in case this is a big Package!

Jin and Sun? These episodes are always deadly boring! Worst centric character plotline in the whole show!

Gotta say, overall, I am disappointed in this season. It is not as bad as the start of Season 3, but it just seems to be somewhat “meh.”

Yes, considering the episode’s, um, centricity, I am not too terribly excited. However, keep your fingers crossed and maybe we’ll get really lucky and see . . . [SPOILER]Keamy fry up some eggs for Jin.

“I make good eggs!”[/SPOILER]

So, no pop-up video episode this week?

I guess not. We have to watch the results of Dancing With the Stars.


If they’re going to be showing that watermark with the bright red V and the countdown in the corner for this entire episode, I’m going to be pissed off. I can’t stand bright colours and motion in the corner of my eye, it is very distracting.

Oh good, it’s gone. I guess they listened.

The subtitling is starting to irritate me, because it is making me have to actually watch the screen, instead of just leaving the TV on in the background while I surf, which is how I usually handle Jin/Sun episodes.

Although, ha:
Sawyer: “Of course you can’t. That would be ridiculous.”

Who is the package, then? Aaron?

Wait. Is it Desmond?

Oh, good. Bagpipes. That’s what this show was missing.

They called him ‘Mr. Hume.’ Nobody is surprised.

Called it.

It’s nice to finally be right once.

Absolutely disgraceful, let alone totally idiotic that abc would keep that big red v on the screen. It ruined the whole climax of the episode. You couldn’t even red what Sun wrote. No chance that makes me watch V, all I associate with that show now is hate and disgust.

For the first half, all the characters were talking, but all I heard was:

V V V, V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V, V V V V V V V? V V V V V V V!

So, here’s what I’m getting from Widmore’s remark about ceasing to exist:

If Jacob wins, the Flight 815 Crash Losties timeline becomes the real one.

If MiB wins, the Flash Sideways Losties timeline becomes the real one.

Or maybe it’s the other way around?

cmyk - that’s the interp I’m getting too.
Hate that Widmore tore Desmond away from Penney.
Poor Zombie Sayid.
Liked the Dharma room.
Love the pylons holding Locke-monster at bay.
Kate - don’t turn your back on Claire or Locke-monster. they’re using you.

Sawyer, Miles, Hurley, Richard - I love you guys. Can you go make a show together after this one’s over?

That V was fucking annoying. It also let me know that they do 4-5 minutes of commercials every 10-12 minutes. Bet they think we can’t subtract or something. I’m not even sure if I liked the damn episode because of it, I couldn’t read part of the subtitles, and nothing that she wrote.

What she wrote were very short sentences using very large letters on very valuable paper that needs to last her a long time. But it won’t if she keeps writing like that!

What she wrote looked a bit like
to me. Actually there was only one that I couldn’t understand/read. And I think she’ll just keep using the same phrases over and over again when she runs out of paper.