LOST 6.6 "Sundown"

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Previously on LOST:
Jack climbed to the top of the island lighthouse and said “Hey! I can see my house from here!” And then, because it couldn’t possibly provide any useful information, he smashed it all to pieces.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Sayid faces a difficult decision; Claire sends a warning to the temple inhabitants.

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I would have guessed a Jin/Sun episode based on the title. Those are sooooo boring. However, it seems it is a Sayid-centric, and we all know those rock!

A friend told me (don’t know if he was correct) that this season’s episodes were being done in the same order as the first season’s (i.e., first a Locke-centered episode, then a Kate-centered episode, etc. - I realize this may not be the correct order; just using to illustrate). Anybody else notice this? Does tonight’s (assuming the alternate timeline story focuses on Sayid, which isn’t necessarily the case) episode follow this pattern?

They’ve followed that pattern thus far, but it seems to be diverging here. A two-part pilot not focusing on any single character, then a Kate episode, a Locke episode, and a Jack episode. In season 1, the fifth episode focused on Sun, while this one seems to focus on Sayid, although the title implies Sun. In any case, the sixth episode of season one was Charlie-centric, which seems unlikely (although not impossible) now, being that Charlie is dead in the Island timeline. I suppose you could cut back and forth between Charlie’s flashsideways existence and someone else on the Island, although that would break with the pattern established thus far this season. Also, Charlie has another job, on Flash Forward, and might not be available for such a big block of time as would be needed to film a while episode.

:eek: Spoiler alert! :wink:

I’ve got a bad feeling about Sayid tonight. I haven’t read any spoilers, I just have a bad feeling.

This addresses something I have been wondering about. Will the producers kill off any of the main characters the rest of the way? If you’ve made it to season 6 are you somewhat safe? I’m not talking about unimportant secondary characters (I’m betting Dogan is a dead man!) I’m talking big guns.

If anyone died (no spoilers offered or wanted), I’d say it would be from the following:

Richard- I’m predicting a Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade “He chose…poorly” moment.

Ben- I think Ben’s death is required for closure. I just hope it is in the last episode so we get to enjoy his gooey evil for the whole season. I also hope he doesn’t get a redeeming death. I’m concerned at how he has been painted somewhat sympathethic. Ben is in my alltime top ten best TV villains. I want him to go out evil.

Widmore- I could see Ben and Widmore going down with the ship together, perhaps.

Sayid- Same bad feeling as Rushgeekgirl

Claire- She’s gone dark

Jack- He’s such a tragic figure. I could see great symmetry given that his character was originally supposed to die in the pilot, of killing him off in the finale.

Frank- I don’t want Frank to die. He’s the second most likable character on the show (if you do not know who is #1, please stop watching Lost), but he’s also the most expandable.

People Unlikely to die:

Sun/Jin- I think they are getting a happily ever after

Hurley- I think fans would revolt.

Desmond/Penny- I think happy couples get happy endings…except poor Juliet…

Vincent- He’s indestructible.

Not sure:

Kate- I could see it. However, I think she is Eve of Adam and Eve, so I do not know what to make of that.

Sawyer- He could go out guns blazing.

Miles- He’s been a background player this season. The whole show has been a blood bath for five seasons. I could see them popping him just to increase the body count.

Walt/Aaron/Baby Kwon- I tend to think kids do not get killed, but it depends on their role in the overall storyline.

Rose/Bernard- I thought last season’s beachside sendoff was the last we would see of them. But with Bernard in Locke’s flash sideways, maybe not.

Correction. We saw Rose.

We also saw both Rose and Bernard in the Flashsideways of this season’s pilot.

if you live in Canada, CTV is showing Lost at 7PM EST before American Idol. We get 2hour head start on US with new episode of Lost this week.

I should clarify. I don’t think Sayid will die tonight (again!). I just think he’s going to do something regrettable.
I’m really trying to stay away from spoilers this season so I could be totally off.

True enough. Correction added to my correction! :smiley:

However, I could somewhat overlook the plane scene in isolation. Rose being there almost felt like original footage. A convenient and memorable way to instantly illustrate that the plane hadn’t crashed.

But seeing her show up in an off plane, off island storyline makes me think we might see the pair again ON island.
[sub]My rambling statement could only possibly make sense to Lost fans…[/sub]

If anyone’s expandable, it’s Hurley.

Apropos of nothing, I was going over some old threads and I bumped into this old post of mine, dated June 3 2005:

Not bad, huh? I mean, I got the details wrong, but other than that I pretty much nailed a central tenant of the show’s mythology, 4 and a half years ago.

Now I’ve got that Gordon Lightfoot song going through my head… :frowning:

How many episodes do we have left after this one? Ten? Eleven?

I really, really, really hope we see some actual story progression tonight. So far the season has been alternately fascinating and maddening, but I still don’t see signs of an actual ending, with actual closure, anywhere on the horizon. We’re five episodes in and still haven’t gotten a whole lot of answers. We know the numbers correspond in some way to six of the Losties, and Smoky is trying to escape from the Island (probably), but other than that we’re still in the dark on most of the big questions.

Oh, and if Jack bites the dust, I for one will shed no tears. The man is consistently dumber than a box of rocks.

I agree; I’ve been frustrated by how slowly the story has gone this season. I mean, I don’t expect answers to all the big questions when we’re less than halfway through the final season, but I would at least like the story to progress. Last episode, virtually all the on-island time consisted of Jack and Hurley walking across the island, and Claire terrorizing that Other she captured. Almost nothing actually happened!

And on that note, does anyone else not care for the flash-sideways at all? At this point I couldn’t care less about an off-island storyline, no matter who the featured character is. I just want to find out what happens on the island.

[quote=“Winston_Bongo, post:15, topic:531026”]

How many episodes do we have left after this one? Ten? Eleven?

Twelve, I think. I’m pretty sure this season is 18 episodes total.

Wow, that was the most action this show’s had since the initial plane crash.

the ominious baseball of doom, dropping to the floor with meaningful abandon?

So now ninja-boy wants Sayid to go kill Smocke? Yeah, if I were Sayid, I’d be rather skeptical on that note, too. And that answer would not have satisfied me (“You say you still have good in you? Prove it.”) Me (if I were Sayid): “Ex-fuckin-splain yourself, Ninja-Boy”

Miles: “Sawyer sent you packing, huh?” nice… perceptive.

“She just strolled in here, acting all weird. Still hot, though.” hahahaha – Miles has some good lines tonight.