LOST 6.13 "The Last Recruit"

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Hurley has convinced Jack and company to talk to Locke. Considering that Locke claimes to need everyone from Oceanic 815 to get off the island, they may be safe for now. Meanwhile, Richard, Ben and Miles have gone to Dharmaville to get left over hand granades and weapons. Which raises the question - If they have a source of stable explosives, why the hell were thay messing with the Black Rock dynamite?

Anyway, we have our usual few minutes of overrun. And next week is a repeat of Ab Aeterno before we come back for the home stretch. Oh, and I’ve adjusted the rules. Happy now TBG? :wink:

Episode Summary for tonight:

Locke and Jack merge their camps, forging – and breaking – alliances.

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You sure that isn’t a Spoiler for this week’s episode of Survivor?!

No. It’s from the press release: http://www.abcmedianet.com/assets/pr\html/041410_03.html

I think I accidentally whooshed you. I assure you, it was not my intent!

Indeed. And I’d had a similar thought. I just misread your post, actually.

What? An answer within the first 5 minutes? What show is this I’m watching?

And we have another answer confirmed!
Yes, the manifestation of Christian Shepherd was Smokey.

Wounded Sun recognizes wounded Locke – obviously another timeline-crossover moment.

Sawyer’s the smartest, coolest person on the island so far.

Sawyer: “Who the hell’s Anakin?!” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nice Casablanca moment… “Of all the cars in LA, you had to smash into mine.”

Darn my kid for winning and award for academics… her banquet ran over and I missed the first 20 minutes. I just got home to see Claire and Desmond on an elevator. Anyone care to give me an instant recap up to that point… please?

“Guy talk.” heh. So Sawyer is enlisting Jack, and offering to help him be part of the solo-escape group? No longer wants to smash Jack’s face in because Juliet died?

ALT Lawyer Ilana has been looking for Claire? I’m guessing because Christian Shepherd died and it came out that she is his daughter – maybe in the alternate timeline she’s in his will, about to inherit some dough?

Spud - believe it or not so much has been happening that it’s going to be hard to recap instantly. I’m loving this episode.
ETA - I love Desmond
ETA again - yeah I believe Sawyer’s smart enough to know that he needs Jack’s help

Jack talks to Smocke. Smocks confirms he appeared to Jack as his father in Season 1. Jack asks why, Smocke says to help him find water.

ALT timeline, Sun (after being shot) is getting wheeled into the hospital at the same time Locke is. She recognizes Locke. How, we don’t know yet.

Anyone else care to add?

Jack has a private chat with the Locke Monster, who admits that when Jack followed his dead dad back in season 1 episode 3, yes it was him – Smokey.

Locke wants Jack to join them – he says they all will leave the island together, and that Jacob had trapped Jack and the others on the island before they ever got there, when he “chose” them. But now that Jacob’s dead, they can all leave.

Zoe comes into the camp, says Locke took something from them, and they want him back (Desmond, obviously). She makes a call, and a missile or something explodes nearby – she gives Locke 24 hours to respond, or else next time they won’t miss.

In the side-flash timeline:

  • Locke is taken to the hospital, and wheeled through the ER at the same time Sun is being wheeled through. She seems to recognize Locke, saying, “That’s him!”
  • Sawyer is questioning Kate at the police station. Then Miles brings in the report to him, about the killing of Keamy and men. They look at security camera pics and see Sayid leaving the building – they say, “there’s our bad guy”

And, Sun sees Locke and says, “No, no, no…it’s him!”

A rather odd reaction.

Claire’s been drinking Locke’s kool-aid. Hahahaha – nice.

And she has – “he’s the only one who didn’t abandon me”. Um… Claire, you abandoned them, wandering off from camp in the night.

Jack runs off – now Claire will tattle.

Guess she won’t tattle. Can Claire’s dark soul be untwisted?

Don’t forget the part how Sawyer hasn’t gone over to the dark side and wants to lead just our merry band away from smoke monster. He says Sayid is a zombie.

I think Spud’s caught up now. I think.


Hahaha! “Get off my damn boat!!”