LOST 6.4 "The Substitute"

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Crazy town here again so I’m tossing this up now. See you after the show.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Locke goes in search of help to further his cause.

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Thanks for starting this thread. Anybody reporting a post in one of my forums during Lost gets a private session with Dogen. Just sayin’ :wink:

I thought Locke and Helen had broken up when she found out he was still visiting his father. When did they get back together?

Can the smoke monster warp around the island as well as move?

Something must change in the non-crash timeline.

I got the impression that the smoke monster was…uh, smoke monstering around, but had to become corporeal in order to pick something up and interact with the environment. That’s just a guess, though.

“candidate”… zomg. less questions, more answers please
what’s up with radiation burned richard?

Have I told you guys how much I love Sawyer?


He can definitely have solidity in smoke form, and can wrap himself around something to pick it up. He grabbed Eko (I so hope we see him back this season) and threw him around.

Oh, good point.

It’s young Jacob! And that’s clearly the real John Locke. ‘Don’t tell me what I can’t do!’

why would young Jacob refer to “himself” in the 3rd person?

and maybe MiB’s desire to break the rules parallels Locke’s desire to not have his life dictated to him - doesn’t mean it’s not Flocke/MiB

He got smacked around by Locke at the foot. Then, I’m guessing, he was brought to the tree net by smokey which might have left some extra bruises.

She also made a comment about getting together with her mom and his father, or something to that effect. Obviously the non-crash timeline changes start earlier than just Flight 815. Hurley goes by his given name, Hugo, and is happy and lucky. Not everything is different, though – his supervisor Randy is still a dick. I wonder whether John actually has a relationship with his father in the non-crash timeline – and if so, how did he end up in the wheelchair in that timeline?

Sawyer: “I don’t care if you’re the ghost of christmas past!” :slight_smile:

what I don’t get about this is that Reyes has to play “the numbers” to get rich. Doesn’t that already implicate screwy dharma/island stuff?

Smokey: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!!” very Locke-ish… nice.

So who’s the kid who is telling Esau/FLocke he can’t break the rules? Jacob and Esau have a higher-up who is in charge of them? (A higher-up figuratively, if not in height).

Ben still lying about who killed who. He just has to keep in practice. If he doesn’t lie at least once every hour, I think he becomes ill or has seizures or something.

Ben giving the euology - heh. “John Locke was a man… that I killed.”

Hahaha – that was a joke, but he actually said it! “I’m very sorry I murdered him.” Nice…

So now esau is stuck in Locke’s form, huh? At least when he’s not smoking around. Wonder why.
Does this mean he can’t impersonate other people now? like Alex and Yemi and Christian?

He threw out the white stone – a metaphor for disrupting the balance, his inside joke?

This whole episode could be summed up in about a brief paragraph.

I need a screencap of that ceiling.