Lost 5.16/5.17 "The Incident"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

The Incident
Jack’s determination to formulate a plan of action is met with resistance from those close to him; Locke assigns Ben a difficult task.

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Season finale time. Who will live? Who will die? Will they answer any questions? Will all previous episodes be removed from the continuity by a massive hydrogen bomb? And who is Jacob?

Kate, Juliette and Sawyer are on a sub headed off the island. Jack and Sayid are going to blow everthing out of the timeline. Hurley, Miles and Jin are lurking in the vicinity of the docks. Ben, Sun and Locke are off to kill Jacob. Desmond is still back on the mainland.

Personally, I think it would be cool if Jacks plan works and the season ends with Oceanic 815 landing safely in LA. That might be a problem to pull off though. Aside from getting all the relevant actors back, getting a 10 year old Walt is especially problematic.

But, I don’t want it to end. The 8 month hiatus is unbearable.

I’m thinking Kate’s gonna spill the beans about Jack wanting to ignite Jughead, and this will somehow persuade Sawyer and Juliet to abandon the sub, for whatever reason (maybe because if Jack succeeds, then Sawyer & Juliet will have never met?)

I think they’re gonna end the finale with the bomb going off, but it’s not gonna have the intended consequences. It’s already been hinted at, when Richard said in 2007, that he knew the people in the picture, and he saw them all die.

So, we know something BIG is going to happen (hence the title of these episodes), and it will appear that Jack, et al, will all die in the resultant BOOMage. But, really, I think they’ll be propelled, yet again, trough time.

I’m prepared to be totally surprised though, and can’t wait to see the set-up for next season, that we’ll have 8 months to mull over.

I just put the finishing touches on converting our bedroom and put up the new flatscreen yesterday just for tonight’s show. And now I’m ready to eat my soul.

I’m also wondering about Locke’s last line from last week, “I’m going to kill Jacob.”

This is just speculation, but I’ll spoiler it anyway in case it actually pans out…

Jacob wants to be killed. Didn’t he whisper “Help me” to Locke when they had their first encounter? I think Jacob needs to be killed for some reason, and Locke is the only man who can pull it off. And Locke knows this, cuz the island told him.

I did love Ben’s horrified face when Locke told him that, so matter-of-factly. One of the best Ben reactions EVAR.

I watched The Practice on and off for years, but must’ve missed the episode(s) which won Michael Emerson an Emmy!

Can’t wait for tonight, even though the wait after will be a slog (sorry Monk and Burn Notice, it just won’t be the same).

Super pumped for this. Two fun images (nothing from the show itself or spoiling the finale) which were posted over at Penny Arcade:

Locke vs Jacob

Doctor Strangejack

I’m going to spoiler this since it has to do with the new Star Trek movie.

[spoiler]When I was watching the new Star Trek movie I noticed what I thought was some similarities to Lost. And since Abrams has worked on both I started to wonder if there maybe something not so much connecting the two, but using the same time travel situations.

For those who have seen the new ST movie, the evil guy was able to come back in time and totally change everything so that what did happen will not now happen to the people of the past. Not that I can write that how I want it, bit maybe the flight 815 group end up coming back to 1977, then staying there much like Spock did. While the original Spock remembers everything that wouldn’t of happened, the new Spock will not remember all of that because they are two different people.

Maybe the bomb will go off, keeping the 815 from crashing, but the original 6 will live in the past remembering what happened, but now it will not happen. They might even be able to meet themselves, similar to Miles, and not have anything bad happen.

I don’t know if that will actually work, or if it even makes any sense now. But while I was watching the movie it worked out in my head. [/spoiler]

I just hope I can stay up. My daughter got up at 4 this morning and wouldn’t go back to sleep.

Anyone else get the impression that some of the major answers begin to be revealed tonight? I’m excited.

This weekend, I was looking over some old Lost threads, and unanswered questions from Lostpedia. While we really have cleared up a few of the mysteries, there are still a few core mysteries that will likely only be solved toward the end of the final season.

Instead of focusing on individual mysteries, I think you need to think about it like broad categories. You may solve a certain fragment of the mystery (“what brought down the plane?”) but they seem to be delaying the payoff of the roots of each category (in this example it would be "why are THESE particular people on the island?)

Here are the four categories as I see them:

  1. Affiliations- This is really the biggest one, but it boils down to the question “What are the teams and what do they want?” Dharma- Why were they founded, what did they want to accomplish, where are they now? Degroots, Hanso, etc. The Numbers could also fit here. The Others- Who are they? What’s up with all Egyptian stuff. What’s the deal with the big honking statue? The Significance of the Survivors of O815- Encompasses all the connectivity and significance of the events that put them on the plane. Overall- Ben vs. Widmore. The coming war. All of these mysteries are really one mystery with many facets.

  2. Paranormal Abilities- Walt, Aaron, the Psychic, Desmond (maybe the Numbers fit in here). Essentially, why do certain people have certain powers and what makes them special?

  3. Jacob and the Island’s Magical Properties- Healing. Smokey. Where is it? When is it? Why are there ghosts? What’s the deal with Jacob’s lists? What is he? Should he be in category #2 or is so part of the island’s magic? (I believe we will
    learn a heck of a lot more on him tonight.)

  4. The Timeline- Destiny vs. Free Will. Did Sayid ALWAYS shoots Ben? Did Greedo shoot first? Etc.

Almost everything in this show would be clear if you answered Who is on what team, why are some people super-powered, what is the source of the island’s power, and what’s the deal with time?

Everything else is probably minutia. Who really cares “What Kate Did?” That was always filler.

When I moved to the UK I didn’t have SKY tv and got too far behind to start watching again when I did get it. I figured that I’d missed too much to make any sense of it. I finally bought seasons 1-4 and while I really enjoyed 1 and 2, I’m at the point in season 3 where Ben and Locke are talking to the empty chair (Jacob) and the implication is everyone is really dead and this is hell and it’s getting too weird even for me.

Please tell me it’s worthwhile to stick with it?

Michael Emerson was on the radio this morning here in Detroit and he said the following, which I’ll spoilerbox just to be safe(no huge spoilers though)

  1. When asked if we will learn about Jacob, he replied, “Oh, yes. You will get to see his world.”

  2. When asked about Richard’s agelessness, he said, "Tonight, you will learn how Richard fits into human history.

He also said he knows nothing past tonight’s finale.

It is.

And they are not all dead, so don’t worry about that lame ending.


I have the opportunity to go out and (probably) have a really good time tonight, and even though I have DVR and could watch it tomorrow, I’m thinking about cancelling my plans just to see the show live tonight.

Nothing better happen to Juliet and Sawyer. Kate and Jack can get it though.

Is tonight really a two hourer, or is the first hour just another recap?

Recap followed by two hour finale: The Incident Parts I & II.

Thanks. Wow, I’m all atwitter. And I don’t think I’ve been twittery since my first kiss…or was it my first beer?

And the hell with you guys I think Kate is one foxy chick - much prettier than what’s her name (Sawyers chick.)

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I’m so psyched for the finale but so bummed that it leads up to the last season in 8 whole, frickin’, long ass months!!! I could be dead and never find out what happens. Do they know the stress?!!?!?

I don’t generally plug in my little TV…I catch the episodes the next day online but I think I’m going to have to plug in and watch live so I can be online and chat with everyone! I hope my expectations aren’t too high!!! Are any of you planning on being online and chatting live?

Y’all disappeared ‘cause y’all are already watchin’, huh?


Just the Coles Notes pre-show so far.

Is Carlton’s comparison between Ben and Hitler tasteless? I personally don’t care, but it still doesn’t seem the most politically correct thing to say.