LOST 8.9 "Ab Aeterno"

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OK, gang. Tonight’s episode is going to be a big one. And by that I mean it’s going to run long. Six minutes over from what I hear, so record accordingly.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Richard must make a difficult decision.

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What does the title mean?

Looks like latin, yes? No? Aeterno sounds like “Eternal” to me which would certainly fit Richard’s storyline.

Yep… Looks like Eternal is rooted in the Latin word “Aeturnus.” Cite.

I bet that whatever Jacob did to give Richard eternal life involved him saying those words.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more pumped for an episode. I’ve read a few spoilers (not all), and it looks like we will be getting, at the very least:

1. Richard’s true age and how he came to meet Jacob on the Island.
2. The first appearance of the Man in Black in his original form since last year’s finale, with perhaps more info on his plans/motivation.
3. The story behind the Black Rock.
4. Some kind of explanation, or at least an analogy, regarding the true nature and purpose of the Island.

If all of that is true, this episode may be HUGE. I hope so, because even though I’ve been on the edge of my seat all season, the slow trickle of answers we’ve been getting (usually in the midst of raising more questions) has been increasingly frustrating. Last week’s episode especially, what with Kate and Sawyer both acting like morons and making almost no attempt to get any info out of either MIB or Widmore, despite ample opportunity. (Not to mention the sideways-flash Sawyer story that seemed mostly pointless.) Maybe this time Richard will get sick of the Losties general moping/aimlessness and finally TELL them something about what the hell’s going on.

And if not, we should at least find out where he gets his unlimited supply of eyeliner.

I’m gonna be out of the country for the next three weeks so I hope this episode will contain me for that amount. Knowing who the primary character is means this has got to be a huge episode. I can’t wait.

Wikipedia on Ab aeterno:

Something created “outside of time”? Nah, can’t apply to this show. :smiley:

This should be good. The writers, I’m sure, know they have some pretty high expectations to meet for this ep.

I read a funny interview w/ Cuse and Lindhoff about this. They said (paraphrasing) that when Nestor Carbonell came to work the first time they shot with him, they came up to him mid-shoot and said “Nestor… We really like what you’re doing w/ this character, but what’s with the eyeliner?”

His answer:

He’s not wearing any. That’s just how his eyes look.

Oh yeh? Don’t be fooled!

As much as I want to see flashbacks with Richard, I ope we also get to see Richard in the alternate timeline.

I suppose he either died or got off the island like Ben and Ben’s Dad.

I suppose he would age and die, as well.

Richard! So pumped…but am going to have to wait until tomorrow to watch this.

So they are in Hell. Is it that simple?

It better not be, or I am going to be massively pissed off.

no I think that was a little nod from the writers to fans who had postulated the island is Hell theory

You can’t travel to Hell in a submersible.

Worst. Priest. Ever. He shoulda been a protestant. They don’t give a fuck what their pastors say.

Just to call shot gun on this one: Hurley was talking to Richard’s Isabella.

Now, this is interesting. When we first saw Jacob and Not-Jacob, they were sitting on the island on a clear blue day, watching a ship come in, and many of us assumed that was the “Black Rock.” Well, clearly not, as the Black Rock shipwrecked in the middle of a raging storm.