LOST 6.15 "Across the Sea"

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Previously on Lost: Sun? Dead! Jin? Dead! Sayid? Dead! Frank’s probably dead too, but I don’t think we’ve had confirmation on that. In any event we have fewer characters to keep track of as we head into the final stages of Lost.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Locke’s motives are finally explained.

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Huge spoiler, that if true, tonight’s episode is going to be HUGE

Just in case, a second spoiler windowMajor mysteries to be solved in this episode include the identities of Adam and Eve, how the Man in Black became the Monster, who built the frozen wheel, and how Jacob became the protector of the island.

:eek: What’s your source, stpauler? I would be both astonished and pleased if we actually got answers to all of that stuff.

Isn’t it pretty well-known (and promoted) that tonight’s episode focuses on:

The story of Jacob and MIB’s history on the island (and I believe no regular characters appear in tonight’s episode). It’s one long Jacob/MIB story. Should be thick with island mythology.

This is going to be an all world episode!

I’m not believing Frank’s dead until I see a body.

I just literally became lightheaded.

I’m calling the death of Kate, Hurley and Sawyer in this episode. Or at least one of those three. I’m thinking that the Lost writers feel they can kill these people off and resolve their conflicts in the Alt-universe.

Jack stays alive because he has to look after the island. All the other candidates will die.

I’m with Caricci on feeling dizzy after reading the spoiler. Maybe the Lost writers were saving a lot of answers for one episode just to give it full effect.

I’m just going to sit in front of the TV now and wait for Lost to start.

Not really a plot spoiler, but as to the credits of tonight’s episodes with my own analysis:

Spoilered for the sensitive.

No main cast members will appear in tonight’s episode, so I doubt anyone in your list will die.

DarkUFO, he’s been pretty spot on this season.

While you’re probably right, keep in mind that we all thought that about Richard’s as well.

I wasn’t going to until I saw the interview with Jeff Fahey. He said Frank is 100% worm food. Not even an ATL happy ending.

Jesus, please, oh Jeebus, Buddha, Krishna, Cthulhu, whichever - let us see “Bad guy puts gun to Kate’s head for the seventeenth time to force Jack/Sawyer to put down their gun” only to have it end this time with Kate’s brains splattered all over a nearby tree.


I’ve read some vague spoilers about this one too, and if even half of it is true, we’ll be getting some serious answers tonight, at least mythology-wise.

Here are my predictions, just for the heck of it, and spoiler-boxed, since it’s all based on the previously mentioned spoilers, interviews, and especially the two “sneak peek” scenes:

[SPOILER]I predict guest star Allison Janney, credited only as “woman,” will be the “original Jacob,” who is perhaps the physical embodiment of the Island itself. The pregnant woman seen in sneak peek #1 is Jacob/MIB’s mother, shipwrecked on the Island (of course). At some point, maybe in childbirth, young mom dies and Janney’s character raises Jacob and MIB as her own. Later, when they’re about 12, Jacob and MIB discover they aren’t the only ones on the Island (sneak peek #2). These “Others” are either the survivors of birth-mom’s shipwreck, or native Islanders (meaning Janney’s character lied when she said she was alone).

And here I begin officially pulling theories from my posterior. The Others live at either the statue or the temple, and serve an ancient, dark god: none other than Smokezilla. Maybe they are “claimed” by Smokey in much the same way Sayid, Claire, and Crazy French Lady’s team will eventually be.

MIB becomes lured to the dark side by the Others, and turns against his “crazy mother” and Jacob. MIB is somehow killed – maybe by Jacob – and Smokey is then able to take on his form, absorbing his memories and experiences, just as he will do with Locke centuries later. Ergo, the MIB (Titus Welliver) we have seen so far is not the original guy any more than his current incarnation is John Locke. It is Smokezilla itself that is “evil incarnate.”

Since we know Jacob/Smokey end up the sole inhabitants of the Island, that means everyone else dies, probably by killing each other (a scenario that will repeat itself through Island history). Janney’s character may die as well, passing the mantle of Island Protector to Jacob. He is charged with making sure Smokey, now in the form of his dead brother, never escapes the Island.

Two big questions I haven’t addressed: who made the Frozen Donkey Wheel (and why), and what are the “rules” of the game Jacob/MIB are playing with humanity? I honestly haven’t a clue on either, but I can’t wait to find out![/SPOILER]
Now, in only a few hours, I get to see how spectacularly wrong I am.

Well, next week’s episode is called “What They Died For”, so who knows?

I believe it’s “What They Dived For”. And then the entire episode is an argument about whether it’s “dived” or “dove”.

Now, everyone knows that the runway seemed kind of short and deadly for a trans-pacific passenger plane. Maybe it’s all about building a treadmill so the plane can take off on a short runway?


Only if the Widmore tries to kill the smoke monster with a 1920’s-style death ray with strains of Rio by Duran Duran playing in the background.

And Ben Linus leans toward the camera and says, “Hi, Opal!”

Here is my friend’s theory. Not spoilered because its is most likely crazy wrong.

She watched the pilot today, and thinks the smoke monster went into Rose on day one. She died on the beach and smokie entered her.

Talk amongst yourselves…

Well, since Locke is obviously the smoke monster, I’d have to say your friend is dead wrong.

Woman, to Claudia: “Every question I answer will just lead to another question. You should get some rest.”

How appropriate. Is that a sneaky message to us from Lindelof and Cuse?

So Jacob has a twin, and he appears to have disturbed the island lady. So… MIB, I assume? Jacob’s twin brother? Perhaps we were on target calling him Esau at the end of last season (brothers).