LOST 6.15 "Across the Sea"

So it looks like MIB is not Aaron. And his “crazy mother” is not really his mother. Crazy mother bashed real mother Claudia’s head in with a rock. What a lovely woman.

Tunnel of Light?

Is this like Battlestar’s “God”, the thingy that explains it all?

So . . . is THAT what Locke actually saw way back in season 1?

Interesting . . .

I have a feeling we will never learn Smoke Monster’s name, like he doesn’t have one.

So they can hurt each other, they just can’t kill each other?

Right now, seems like MIB-junior’s motivations aren’t bad ones – he wants to know the truth and find out where he came from.

Good observation. It didn’t hit me right away.

so do they have to keep MIB on the island just because he now knows about the Secret Magic Light?

So MIB and his buds are digging the wells, it appears? Around the magnetic spots.

He still calls her ‘mother’, even though he knows she isn’t. Heh. So I guess that’s the “crazy mother” that he was referring to when he talked to Kate.

She has a thing about apologizing to people, then connecting their heads with rocks…

We better get more explanation on this than just, “I’m rigging up some stuff and then I can leave the island.”

Why is he special and not Jacob?

Jacob’s coming across as kind of a simpleton. Can’t lie, isn’t special, has an age-inappropriate bond with mommy.

I think I’m seeing more and more of the man behind the curtain, and I ain’t likin’ it. My hopes of it maintaining it’s highbrow track seem to be dwindling to lame mumbo jumbo, and offhand explanations.

I’m taking the light, adding water, and then I’m outta here. Oooof.

So crazy mommy filled his wells in and killed all his island peeps?

Jacob seemed really whiny in the “drink this and become like me” scene.

And I’m guessing that the comment MiB made to Ricardus about Jacob stealing his body was a bunch of BS, eh?

ETA: unless he meant Jacob took a body he was going to use.

Man, I’m starting to side with MiB.

You know how frustrated we get when Cuse and Lindelof don’t give us answers? Instead of an hour a week, imagine it every single day. For thirty years. From your own mother.

So, with 10 minutes left in the show, I’m *still *sympathetic to MIB, and thinking Jacob is . . . kind of a wuss.

C’mon guys, end this one well . . .

But I want to go and get some power converters!

Well this is just dumb. the writers are being real self indulgent jerks here.

I am calling this episode a FAIL.

“Thank you.”

So, was she stuck there forever until he killed her?