LOST 6.15 "Across the Sea"

So Jacob turned him into Smoky-doodle-doo by sending him down the magic light tunnel?

MIB blinked when he was being laid down in the cave.

So I guess Jacob DID steal his body and humanity.

Well, Adam and Eve weren’t anybody we knew, stuck back there in a time shift.

So looks like the original MIB unnamed brother actually died…? And Smoky is some evil released because he went down the magic light tunnel, and took on his form?

  1. What the hell was that?

  2. I was pretty damn wrong in my earlier prediction post.

  3. I like my version better.

  4. What the *hell *was that?

What language were they all speaking at the beginning? Did anyone recognize it?

I’m beginning to fear that, “It’s complicated” is going to end up meaning, “It’s stupid.”

This show is pissing me off. If all the more explanation we get for this stuff is, “Turning the magic donkey wheel makes it so I can leave the island” – WHY? What is the mechanism, there? Why is MiB prevented from leaving the island in the first place? Is it some kind of mysto incantation? A physical limitation? An evil spell?! What!? Throw us a goddamned bone, here! Or, “The smoke monster was created when Jacob threw his brother into the cave.” Um, yeah, OK, why is that, exactly? What the fuck is the light in the cave?

There are two more goddamned episodes left and we aren’t getting answers to any of this crap. It’s all just a bunch of “it was magic!” handwaving. GOD.

I guess he lost his body.

Then why is his body still there today?

I think the idea is supposed to be that something down there became animated by MIB’s mind, while leaving his physical body (dead) behind.


Nah, it’s just the 2000 year old version of “It’s complicated”.


What? No! It was just a normal, electric light lit by Desmond.

Yes, it is. Not that sneaky, but I can see them winking.

  1. Still no name for MiB.

  2. How is it that “Flock” is seeing dead Jacob as a boy?

  3. Smokey is MiB’s soul, I suppose.

  4. This show is so frustrating because it feels like it raises more questions than all seasons put together. Like, what is the Light? Who made the rules? What is the nature of this Island? Etc…

Now it just seems like they’re purposefully saving any answers at all for the finale. And if the all-new answers to the questions they raised just in this episode alone aren’t resolved by the end, well, I fear for Damon’s and Carlton’s life.

What in the holy blue hell did I just watch?

Didn’t Jack say that Adam and Eve were about 50 years old? How does that work?

OK, MIB created the frozen donkey wheel, but then Mama MIB set it on fire. So who built the real one? And rigging it up with light and water makes him travel and he just knows? WTF?

Sure, we got a few answers, but we didn’t get any good answers. I am now officially worried for the finale.

I’m thinking the only answer we’re going to get about why strange and mysterious things happen on the island is going to be…it’s a strange and mysterious island.

I watched Glee instead, which rocked, BTW; so I’m getting the impression I should just delete this off the DVR

This was just terrible.

I want to believe that the writers are smarter than to base the entire premise of the show on several Deus Ex Machinas. I really do want to.