LOST 6.10 "The Package"


Interesting, even despite the annoying V graphic (that may now be indelibly burned into my screen), I could read the subtitles and her writing on the pad of paper just fine. I was watching in widescreen HD though… all of you that couldn’t read the subtitles, were you watching in SD?

Yeah, in standard-def, the V logo was sitting directly on top of Sun’s pad of paper for at least one of the shots.

Also annoyed by the V. The subtitles were okay but it did cover Sun’s notebook.

Loved that the Russian lost his eye again. Nice touch.

Yeah, when did we see Mikhail before? And how did he lose his eye(twice)?

He was the bad ass Other working for Ben. He was responsible for Charlie’s death via the hand grenade under water. I think he had a eye patch the whole time we saw him, I don’t recall seeing how he lost it in the original timeline.

When they pulled Desmond (AKA “The Package”) out of the submarine.

Ditto. I wrote my first nasty e-mail to a TV station ever saying “If I was ever going to watch “V”, you guys just left such a bad taste in my mouth that I never will now.”

That said, I liked the return of Room 23 and at least a handwaved explaination. Two more Dharma secrets and I’ll be happily done with them (What was the room of wishing that summoned Locke’s daddy and How/Why was Ben able to summon Smokey?)

Sigh… The magic box was a metaphor. The Others nabbed Locke’s dad and brought him to the island.

In a world where time travel is a donkey-wheel push away, where there’s smoke-monsters, where there’s little kids who can kill birds with a glance and guys who can speak with the dead, why would you think that the magic box was a “metaphor”?

If this was CSI:Miami, yeah. No prob. It’s a metaphor. But LOST? Not so much.

Oh, and ABC’s response was a form letter saying that they get a lot of e-mails and can’t answer 'em all, but if I want to be on a reality show, here’s how. :rolleyes:

Because Ben said it was about five times. And even though he’s a liar, he said it with the sound of “Locke, quit bringing this up. I was bullshitting you about there being a real magic box.”

But that was Ben saying that. If he said “The sun rises in the east”, I’d be looking west for the dawn.

Yeah, Ilana basically said what we’ve all said, that Ben was lying because his lips were moving. Of course, this one time he wasn’t lying.

Jin, Jin, don’t dip your wick in the company ink! How old is Sun supposed to be, can her daddy find and close her secret account like that? I was happy that Jin finally got to see Ji Yeon, although not happy that Widmore knows about her. I don’t if the little dear was mentioned last season at all.

I’m confused–if Smokey can’t fly to Hydra Island in smoke form, how was he there when Ajira 316 crashed to be able to impersonate dead Locke? Of course, maybe he can perfectly well.

Not a super exciting episode, but not bad either. Honestly, it was nice to catch my breathe a little after last week’s tour de force! Like the Mikhail appearance and the reloss of the eye. Nice to get a little more info on Room 23. Not sure why Widmore thinks showing Jin Desmond will be somehow revelatory. Interesting that Jin apparently did some electromagnetic survey work for Dharma. So…in the altverse Jin is delivering the watch and money for his own assassination. Was he delivering it to Keamy in our verse too? Did he have $25k in his suitcase also? Was he going to be killed?

I guess he took a boat the first time too…

Well, whaddya know, that was a hell of a lot better than I expected. Never been a big fan of Jin/Sun episodes, but this one was fun. I didn’t even mind the flash-sideways stuff. (Although that may have had less to do with the plot and more to do with the BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW Sun unbuttoning her blouse scene.) There were some great lines, too! I loved Miles’ crack about Hurley following the smell of bacon grease.

So what did we learn in this ep that we didn’t know before?

  1. Smokey has a weakness in that he can’t cross water. Well, except in a boat. Or a plane, apparently. Which is pretty much like the rest of us who aren’t Olympic swimmers. So yeah, not that much of a revelation really.

  2. Widmore is definitely not on Smokey’s side. He seems to have a plan to either kill Smokey or trap him permanently on the Island, a scheme which apparently requires a drunken Scotsman. Also I’ll bet he’s looking for the Frozen Donkey Wheel, which would explain why Tina Fey was interrogating Jin about the old Dharma maps.

  3. Smokey getting off the Island will apparently result in the end of all humanity. Not sure what benefit he would get from that. Hmm, maybe he just wants to be alone.

  4. Smokey needs all the remaining candidates to Come to the Dark Side before he can leave. Which seems to confirm another poster’s theory in last week’s thread that the candidates are collectively acting as a “stopgap.” He can’t kill them, according to the “rules,” so it’s either convert them to his side or, perhaps, get them to kill each other. Which may not be too difficult, considering these people’s tendency to pull guns on one another pretty much constantly.

  5. Mikhail is just not meant to have two eyes in ANY universe.

  6. V!!!

Then why would you think he was telling the truth when he said there was a magic box on the island in the first place?

OK, let’s see if I’ve got this straight.

Jacob is a good guy, yes?
But Ben works for him.
That’s Ben, the father-killer and Dharma-gasser.
And if Ben works for Jacob, do we assume that Jacob gave the OK — or, indeed, ordered — the mass Dharmacide?
Jacob also lures people to the island for Smokey/MIB/Flocke to kill.
Hmmm, if Jacob’s the good guy, he has some funny ways of showing it.

Here’s another one
Jacob is trying to keep MIB on the island.
Ben and Charles Widmore are mortal enemies.
Ben works for Jacob.
But now it’s Charles who is trying to keep MIB on the island.
Does that mean Ben is trying to assist MIB other than being manipulated into killing Jacob?

Oh, yeah, and if Ben is working for Jacob, how is it that he has a way to summon the smoke monster?

Perhaps wisdom comes from another show in which the lead character notes, “Everybody lies”

And, naturally.

“It’s complicated”

I don’t have DVR, and it doesn’t look like I’ll have a pop-up version next week, so can someone explain this to me?

How did Sun end up shot?

Perhaps I’m the only fool left expecting the story to at least make some kind of sense but I must call dog poop on a couple things.

Can anyone tell my why Paik would send Jin/Sun to the United States to have Jin killed??? Do we need to be reminded that Paik is, if not the “godfather”, a very powerful figure in the Korean mafia. Why send Jin/Sun to the U.S. and pay some smuck $25,000 when you could do it in house for free in Korea useing someone you already have on your payroll and do it “in house” and oversee that it’s fricking done right. Also unless Sun was going to be killed too why leave your daughter stranded in a foreign country where she does not speak the language, and she has had her “secret” bank account closed, and her husband has been murdered. Better yet why let your daughter travel internationally with a man she is not married to if you are so concerned about her “honor” in the first place??? Stupid stupid stupid really bad writing even by lost standards. However I did love that Mikael got his eye shot out but I am dissapointed that Keamy didn’t offer to make anybody eggs. The man might be a sociopath, extortionist and a murderer but I appreciate that he takes pride in his culinary skill. “Do ya want some eggs? I make really good eggs”

Second dog poop call is that while however I did like the whole Locke/smokie and widmore size up/showdown it was stupid. What did smokie go over there expecting? For widmore to say “oh sure we got your man and we’ll give him back if you want and then we’ll take down this sonic fence and you can come over and we’ll have a cup of tea and then we’ll make a big campfire and sit around and sing songs and make smores” PLEASE!!! I have a good idea smokie since you’ve been on this island for eternity I’m sure you realize theres dynamite on the black rock. How about you go over there and distract widmore like you did but this time have zombie sayid take some dynamite and blow the fricking crap out out the fence a ways down the beach while no one is looking??? Oh what’s that Jacob won’t let the dynamite go off. Well the fence is like 6’ tall on very thin tripod legs stuck into very soft beach sand it won’t be real hard to knock over. Maybe smokie can’t touch the sonic fence but zombie sayid can. Then you can turn into a magic puff of smoke and go over there and kill every one but the 3 candidates you need. It’s really that simple. Maybe I’m overlooking something and oversimplifying but I’m telling ya it’s really that simple.