Lost 4.01: "The Begining of the End"

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Alright, kiddies, are you ready for some Lost? Louder! Are you REAAA–DYYY??

I figured I’d get this going a few days early so we can have some fun. Remember, it’s 9PM on Thursday (E/P time), although there is a recap episode on at 8PM for anyone who needs to catch up. For those who don’t, beware of the ads claiming that this is a “2 hour” event. It does go a few minutes past the hour, so if you’re still in the Stone Age with VCRs, set it to run a few minutes past the hour. Wednesday is a rerun of the season 3 finale, if you want to re-watch it. My group will probably start early by seeing Through the Looking Glass again as an appetizer for the main course.

From the preview on Lostpedia for this episode:

** “The Beginning of the End” **: Feeling that their rescue is close at hand, the survivors don’t know whether to believe Charlie’s final message that the people claiming to liberate them are not who they seem to be…

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So what do we expect from the new “enhanced” version of Through The Looking Glass that is going to run before the new episode?

[spoiler]Be there for the enhanced “Lost” Season Three finale, Wednesday, January 30 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

The enhanced version of “Lost” will include text on the lower third of the screen and will “let viewers in” on clues in the show, as well as give back story to catch new viewers up for Season Four.[/spoiler] http://www.comingsoon.net/news/tvnews.php?id=41261

My main hopes for this season:

  • People will actually talk to each other about such little things as, you know, their only source of modern amenities hatch blowing up, etc…

  • People will act like people, and ask questions about things they should be dying to know about, as opposed to just making pouty face and squinty eyes.

  • Clare will actually utter a sentence that does not include “moy bye-bee”.

  • The Others will actually have a reason for acting the way they do, other than the fact that they are all psychopaths that can randomly not act like psychopaths when the plot dictates it. Why didn’t they just welcome the newcomers to begin with? I don’t think they’ve even come up with a halfway satisfactory answer…

  • Random oddities like the 6-toed foot, the smoke monster, the various parts of the Dharma project will at least be partially explained.

  • No one will utter the words “I can’t, it’s complicated.”

  • Jacob will actually exist, as what happened to John in that shed would be totally lame if they contrived to make it so Ben was actually responsible.

  • The bodies of Michael and maybe Waaaaaaaaalt (actually I have nothing against the kid) will wash up on shore. Bonus points if Michael somehow becomes a zombie and must eat braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiins.


The little one is sleeping. And the last time she woke up durring Lost it was the finale of Season 2 and we were just learning what happens when you don’t push the button.

4 Toes.

Hmmm. I wonder if the edited out some of the footage so as to squeeze some more stuff into the same time slot. I still have the episode on my DVR, so I wasn’t planning to record this newer one.

Aaaagh! :eek:

I have to finish the season 3 DVDs so I’m caught up!

I think we have one more DVD to get through…

I suspect that’s what they’ve done. They don’t seem to by hyping it that much. OTOH, I don’t watch a lot of network tv, so maybe they are and I’m missing it.

that was realllllly funny, thanks

I want to know people’s opinion of the last mobisode.

For those of you who don’t know, the “mobisodes” are short, two-minute episodes that were produced and released over the past few months. One “mobisode” was released each week. It was part of a tie-in with Verizon and for the first week each was only available on Verizon phones, but after a week they were available to everyone on the ABC web site.

These are official, they were produced by the regular staff and blessed by Lindelof and Cuse.

The collective term for the series was “Missing Pieces”. Most of them showed small scenes that took place around the regular episodes. For example, one showed Jack meeting Ethan. Another showed Michael finding Sun burying the fake id she was planning to run away with and so on. Most of them were fairly fluffy.

Until the last one. Here it is.

I don’t think this counts as a spoiler since it is something that has actually “aired”. But what it implies… wow.

Any thoughts?

I’m going to say Jack dreamed it. Notice that he wakes up before Vincent shows up.

I’m really frustrated with the people in charge for making us wait so long for a new season. I remember a few of the biggest plot points, but all the intricate detail is faded in the recesses of my brain, and I don’t have the DVDs or the energy to wade through all our old threads. All those little side-stories and connections and red herrings and possible symbolism in every single frame… it’s all gone.

I’m looking forward to it, and I will definitely be watching till the end, since at this point I need to know what happens, but I don’t know if I’ll be quite as dedicated to investigating all the little details of the episodes and analyzing it all to death. I’ll be watching it and enjoying it as a simple TV show, like any other.

I’ll be in the threads, though, and I’ll try to chime in if I have anything interesting to share!

Unfortunately I don’t think Michael and Walt will wash up on shore, since the web has been saying both actors are slated to reappear in some episodes. (of course this is “Lost”, so who knows.)

I’m still mad at Locke & curious to see how he can redeem himself as a character. Wish Ben had really offed him.

Why is Kate so anxious to go back since she’ll probably go to jail and not be queen bee of a whole island anymore?

I get the feeling Sawyer will opt to stay on the island once the rescuers are seen as not so wonderful. He doesn’t have much to go back to after all.

Really really want Penny and Desmond back together, somehow.

Once I start thinking about it, there sure are a lot of loose ends to tie up. Can’t Wait!!!

How is this working then? My DVR says at 8 there is a one hour episode, then one at 9. Are you saying the one at 8 is just a recap and at 9 there is a two hour episode. In other words is there going to be 2 hours of Lost, 8-10, or 3 hours, 8-11? We’ll watch either way, but I have to know what to expect.

No. I saw an add on TV about the 2 hour “event”, which is actually 1 hour of recap plus 1 hour of new episode. I think they wanted to imply that it was a 2 hour season premier, which it is not. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Holy Shit Let’s Push This To Like 8 Or 9 Pages Before The Episode Even Airs That Way It’ll Be A Big Pain In The Ass To Read The Discussion Later On!

Finally. I was lost without LOST.

Uh huh. You say that now. :wink:

Well it was ABC that’s not clear then. I haven’t heard anything about the hour recap and just thought it was two hours long. That’s good because the baby might not be asleep by 8.


Well, no one is to blame for this but the fans, who complained about the irregular scheduling in Season 2 and hated the split-season last year. You want consecutive, you want a planned ending, this is the schedule that makes the most sense. I suppose they could run September - January instead of January-May, but this way the network gets two sweeps months of Lost in rather than just one.

Heh, I just have the season 3 finale to watch tonight… My mom and I watched the entire series this month! 2 episodes a night, every night.

And all for just 8 new episodes. :mad: