Lost 3.11 "Enter 77"

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OK, after last week’s little comedic excursion, maybe we’ll get back to developing the story a bit more this week. From the previews, it looks like we get to meet Eye-Patch-Guy (either in someone’s backstory, or in the present, or both). I wonder if future Dharma drops will include some gas for the new Dharma-VW-bus… :slight_smile:

From the ABC “Lost” website:

** Enter 77** Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a strange structure and its mysterious inhabitant.

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Wow, early start for the thread today!

I’ll probably only get around to watching it tomorrow, but I’m expecting a good episode this time, maybe with a little plot progression. We’ve had a couple of character episodes, and it’s time for some action. I’m intrigued by the reappearance of Eye-Patch Guy, and also (from the ABC preview)

they seem to be in another hatch, with Locke messing around with a computer, and I’m dying to know what that’s all about.

Herc at AICN’s spoiler filled review:

(He gives it 4 stars)



It speaks volumes that the possibility of “a little plot progression” is something worth noting.

I’m also amused by the official capsule summary, provided in the OP:Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a strange structure and its mysterious inhabitant.It’s like the mythology has gotten so complicated that they can’t really say anything concrete any more in the capsules.

By this point next season, I expect the preview summaries to read something like this:

“A number of the island’s residents go somewhere and face danger after doing something with some other people. Meanwhile, other residents stay behind, and face other danger.”


My goodness my will power is weak. It only took me a few seconds to click. To my credit, I was able to close the window after only reading a little bit. I am so excited! ::rubs hands together excitedly in anticipation:: hehehehehe!

Can someone in the know spoiler whom the backstory is about tonight? My guess is


I’m resisting all other spoilers, but I do like to know that.


Thanks. That should be more interesting than had it been about the person I was guessing!

When did Locke become such an idiot?

Sad for Miss Klugh, they bring her back just to kill her.


Old Guys + Computers + “click here” = bad news

This is why God invented the Geek Squad.

On another note - is Sayid awesome or what? Did you see him ASKING questions?! Seriously, I trust him to save everyone’s lives more than anyone else on that island.

Just goes to show, no one on this show has a clue… :stuck_out_tongue:

He asked about the hostiles, and while he let it sit at a denial of knowledge, at least he didn’t accept “it’s complicated”. He should have pressed more for what Dharma was doing and why they started the Purge.

Of course, by that point he probably had already tagged this guy as untrustworthy, so never mind.

I just got my DVR back from the shop today, and it’s no better than it was when it went in over a week & $300 ago. :frowning:

I didn’t know that when I picked it up, and not until AFTER the VCR died this evening. :frowning: :frowning:

I may have to stay up late and watch **LOST **LIVE tonight, commercials and all! The horror! And no replay! :eek:

Yeah, I know we didn’t see Kate or Sayid tell Locke the place was wired, but it stands to reason they would have, and then the result of pressing 77 would be self-evident. This seems like a writing screwup.

So did Sayid really torture the woman or was he just pretending to cry because it was what she needed to hear?

John isn’t allowed to touch buttons anymore. Bad John!

Big guilt complex, reminded him of Nadia, wanted to be released, wanted someone to kill him(see guilt complex). I think the cat got to him, myself. Or do I just like fluffy cats?

Now, does Nadia the kitty live with Kate’s mental horsie? Did the cow blow up?