Lost 4.9: "The Shape of Things to Come"

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It’s baaaaaack! 5 more episodes this season. Remember that the new time slot is 10PM (you central/mountain time folks can figure out whether it’s 9PM where you live).

Carl is dead. CFL may be dead. Michael resurfaced on the freighter where Desmond and Sayid went in the chopper. Ben has rescued himself, at least temporarily, from being chained in a room. Where will the writers take us from here? Let’s hope this is a good episode!

From the preview on Lostpedia for this episode (actually from my TV listings, as Lostpedia doesn’t have anything yet):

** “The Shape of Things to Come” **: Locke’s camp comes under attack, and Jack tires to identify a body that has washed ashore.

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Hells yeah! I can’t wait. I need my fix.
ETA: I hope this episode is worth the wait.

While we wait, another interview with Lost’s Damon Lindelhof and Carlton Cuse. No spoilers for future episodes.

The guy who writes the TV column in the local paper says that, according to the Lost podcast,

We learn more about the smoke monster in this episode.

Shoeless, if they give us ANYTHING on that, it will be a good episode.

I can confirm that the Podcast did say what Shoeless says it said.

Yeah Lost! I’m doing my Happy Dance.

Woo hoo! It’s back!:smiley:

A body washes ashore, eh? Charlie’s perhaps? Mikhail’s?

Over here they have several user submitted Lost theories, with commentary from Cuse and Lindelof. One of them they commented was very close to the mark. I’ll spoiler it just in case:

[spoiler]There is an off-island presence for Dharma that is working to get back onto the island to finish their work with the Valenzetti Equation. Ms. Hawking (the white-haired time-traveler who crossed paths with Desmond) was a former Swan worker and developed the same ability Desmond has. Ms. Hawking accidently got this ability during the original incident. She survived by finding her constant — Brother Campbell — and left the island. After leaving the island, her visions developed, and she has seen what needs to take place in order for Dharma to regain control of the island.

Her visions include a complicated pattern of people that are required to be on the island in order for a set series of events to occur for Dharma to return to the island. With the help of others, including Christian Shephard, Richard Malkin, Nadia and Libby, the group ensures that specific people are on the plane in order for the series of events to occur.

Desmond must reach the island to cause Flight 815 to crash; Locke must locate the hatch to keep Desmond alive. Desmond must influence Charlie to turn off the jamming device. Jack calls the freighter.[/spoiler]

Being a big fan of the Ring Lady episode, I am looking forward to seeing how this develops!

Gee, thanks.

Hoooorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Oh man, I’m going to have to double-check the popcorn and frosty beverage supplies.

I hope we get more Charlie!

Holy cow.
I’m in! See you all later…

Ooo, that’s awesome.

It was Eckley.


Alex is gone forever


Well, between Danielle and Alex I guess we’re tying up loose ends pretty damned quick.


We’ll find out next week if Danielle is alive or not. I hope she is alive.

I like Ben. He’s always got something up his sleeve. And even when all his scheming and getting himself captured and beat up ultimately fails him… He can still summon the goddamn smoke monster down on your ass.

Hell of an episode. Two people lost in space in time. The last of the tailies steps up. Big old body count, a visit to Iraq before the surge fixed everything, and I’m not even to the closing sting yet.

Was that three red shirts biting the dust?

Favorite moment, shotgun in the piano bench.