Lost 5.12 "Dead is Dead"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

Dead is Dead
Ben must try to call the smoke monster to atone for sins of the past.

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Just last week, I said something about trusting the title of the episode. And now we’ve got an episode titled “Dead is Dead” with John Locke up and walking about.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Either way, tonight looks to be interesting.

Just thinking here, but maybe the reason Ben and Widmore know that they can’t kill each other is because they’ve both seen each other at a later point in their personal histories? i.e. whatever happened, happened. Though of course, we don’t really know for sure how much Ben and Widmore even know about time travel in general.

Just noticed that the spoiler text from the first post is showing up in the mouseover on the main page…might want to add some filler text to the beginning for future episodes…

This makes sense. Widmore saw Locke back in the 50s, and was funding Daniel’s research. Ben knew that turning the wheel would move him in time. They both have some knowledge of how the time travel works.

Damn! Sorry about that guys. If a passing mod could add a few lines, I’d appreciate it. And I’ll make sure that’s fixed next time.

Note that the final “secret” scene of this season is now officially called… “The Fork In The Outlet”

I sort of wanted “Baby Diaper covered in Barbecue Sauce” to win myself.

So they have a horse on the island, in Other Village!

Ben’s going to be judged by… the Monstre…? :smiley:

“I killed him? Really, because he looks fine to me…!”

And now Ben is planting suspicions in the rest of the Ajira 315 bunch. Ha – what a rat.

Ben: “That’s why I did it. It was in the best interests of the island.”
Locke: “I was just hoping for an apology.”


Damn, Ben!

“My main man” guy!!!


That … was pretty awesome. And there’s still 42 minutes left!

Whoa. Ben, why does it still surprise me that you are a homicidal asshole?

and wow. in the flashback Widmore is more of a homicidal meanie than Ben!

John is really eager to see Ben get “judged” by the Smoke Beastie! Almost gleeful, in a reserved way.

And Ben ejects Widmore from the island! and Ben may be a maniac, but he did love Alex.

And of course Ben was lying to John – “I figured this would happen.” (about him coming back from the dead).

Or is he lying to Sun? “Dead is dead. The fact that John is walking around again… scares the hell out of me.”

Because he did give Jack that whole speech about the Resurrection and Thomas the Doubter, back in the church in L.A., after they saw Ms. Hawking.

Ben: “Dead is dead.”
Monstre: “ooooh, look who knows so much… as it happens, your friend was only mostly dead…”

Locke is in Gloat Mode.

Nice – Desmond beat the crap out of Ben. :slight_smile:

Now… which item in the grocery bag stopped the bullet?

Damn, Des!

Yeah, Ilana was on the plane for a reason. Probably one of Widmore’s people – like some folks were speculating in the last thread (that he had some people on the plane).


Michael Emerson doesn’t need the bad special effects to pull off the scene. Seriously, I wish they could have done the Smoke Monster scene differently, because when you can tell they were directing the actor to ‘look right here!’ it takes you out of the scene.

Monstre, last episode Ilana told Sayid she was hired on behalf of someone that he had killed - I’m guessing the victim was one of Widmore’s peeps.