Lost 5.7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Locke’s mission off the island as Jeremy is revealed.

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Wednesday. John Locke turns the wheel of fortune and Vanna White shows him the fabulous new life he’s won as a guy named Jeremy Bentham. Only it doesn’t last long and he winds up dead. What happens in beween? Find out tonight. Probably.

Wiki entry on the real Jeremy Bentham.

I suppose this is when we discover he was only “slightly dead.”

Well, looks like Flight 316 did crash (or at least end up entirely on the island). Although from that overhead shot, it looked pretty intact. Emergency landing? Looks like a lot of survivors.

And Jack, Kate, and Hurley are the ones who disappeared. :wink:

Well, Locke ended up in the desert, too. Was it Tunisia where Ben landed after his Wheel Mitzvah?

Ooooh! Abbadon’s Medic Tent… And now here’s the boss man. Hi Charles!

I knew it! Ben tricked Widmore into leaving. :wink:

Weird. Charles wants Locke to succeed in bringing his friends back, and also Ben wants to make sure the O6 gets back. So why do they both want that?

Is Caesar the guy from Three Kings? The “my main man” guy who tortured Mark Wahlberg?

Well, maybe that’s just it. Widmore wants Locke back; Ben wants the Oceanic 6 back. Different people, same trip?

If you need to reach me, just press 2-3. More of the numbers.

Widmore: “I haven’t tried to kill you. Can you say the same for him?” heh

Back to the wheelchair.

It’s Waaaaaaaaalt! Looks like it’s been more than 3 years for him.

So why did Widmore say he thought Locke was special? Why is Locke so touchy with Abbadon?

Me, I just don’t trust Widmore. Why should I believe he was ever leader of the others? I really think he’s just as manipulative as Ben.

Oh and I just need to mention I love Sayid in this episode so far.

Hurley: “I see dead people…”

(about Abbadon): “He’s evil!”

Hahaha – Hurley is awesome…

Wow. So much for Evil Abbadon!

Guess Ben got him…

It would be great if lostpedia weren’t down, since I have hardly any memory of who Helen Norwood is. I remember Locke talking to someone – the phone sex operator – named Helen back in the first season, but I have a feeling there was more. Was there every a Helen Norwood-centric episode? Was she involved in that weird pot-farm episode from the beginning of season 3?

Also, how long has lostpedia been down? Is it only a temporary thing?

Helen was Locke’s girlfriend - I think he met her in some group therapy setting, after he was conned by his father but before he lost use of his legs. She was played by Leela/Peg Bundy (what’s her name?), and they broke up because Locke was obsessed with getting justice from his father. I assume that Locke asked the phone sex operator to call herself “Helen” because of her. Don’t know about Lostpedia, sorry.

Nope. I’m wrong. Or Ben is conning Locke.


whoa! oooh evil Ben is back…if indeed he ever left.
and apparently Jin being alive is, uh, important.