Lost 5.7 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"


Ben: “John, you can’t die. You’re too important! We need you! The island needs you! I need you on my side! You’re super special!”

John: “Okay, let’s go see Eloise Hawking”

Ben: “Oops. You’re expendable.”
It seems like John is dying too soon. Jack hasn’t had time to grow his beard out yet, but he’s got the full terrorist beard when he sees John’s (ahem… ermm… Jeremy Bentham’s) obit.

I don’t remember how Walt got off the island, maybe that happened in an alternate timeline or in an in a parallel reality or something, but when he got back to civilization wasn’t his story about what happened in conflict with the story that the Oceanic Six told?

I think it’s important to Ben specifically because he sees it as leverage he can use with Sun.

I wonder if Ben thinks John found out about Ms. Hawking from Widmore… or if he suspects where that info really came from (Christian Shephard, possibly surrogate for Jacob?)

Walt’s Daddy killed two innocent people to buy his ticket off the island – Ben gave them the boat and the heading on the pier, end of Season 2. I think they probably didn’t go straight to the news outlets with their story.

And another whoa…that scene with John seeing the guy who killed him.

Well, John Locke got resurrected from a coffin on the plane. Is it possible Christian Shepard is alive as well?

I think Christian’s (and possibly his daughter’s) resurrection seems to be different than Locke’s. Father and daughter get to hang out in the Jacob shack and seem in the know. Locke just knows that he is important but still doesn’t understand why.

If Christian Shepard was brought back to life on the plane, why wouldn’t he have wanted to see Jack and Claire? I could see him being seduced by Jacob , but not as soon as they crashed.

Exactly. That’s my feeling on it as well.

So why in God’s green earth did the revelation that Locke knew about Eloise all the sudden change Ben’s tune about saving Locke? I can’t think of a scenario where this would make any difference.

Also, didn’t they embalm Locke’s body? Isn’t that standard procedure?

It’s not automatic–Muslims and Jews aren’t embalmed AFAIK and are buried the next day–but all I can say is that if he wasn’t he looked pretty damn good for somebody who’d been gone a few days. That mortician is a magician :wink: for covering up the car-crash and ligature wounds so well that they vanish when his client is–uh–up and about again.

Well, we don’t really know how long it’s been since John talked to Jack.

Oh yeah–the woman who played Helen is the marvelous Katey Sagal.

Oh no, he killed Locke! YOU BASTARD!!

Well, I’m a little more upset about Abaddon, since I knew Locke would be back. Has anyone touched him, is he physically there? If he has any gnarly powers now he doesn’t know about them, but his leg and his scraped face are totally healed. Of course, that could be the Island.

I was a bit distracted, but I thought Ben was just working Locke for information. Specifically, he needed to find out how to get back. Once he knew, Locke was expendable.

Still, it would’ve been great if they had to remove the sutures from John’s eyelids and lips after the 316 crash.

Cesar: “What’s your name?”
John: “MMMMMMPH!!!”

And only Frank Lapidus can land that sucker in once piece.

Oooh, interesting. I’ll need to watch it again, under that line of thought. Maybe it’ll be more obvious.

I don’t know, he definitely seemed worried about Hawking. Perhaps she knows something about Ben that he doesn’t want Locke to know. They don’t seem like friends, more so that they are just working towards a common goal.

Orientation transcript | Lostpedia | Fandom :smiley:

Oh yeh… no need to cite that line for me :wink: … After the airing of that film in the show, and Locke said that, that’s when it really occurred to me, these are my kinda people.

One of the most memorable lines ever in that show.

Ben (IMO) NEVER wanted to save Locke–he just wanted info on what the hell Locke was up to. Who knew that the big lug would spill everything 10 seconds later.
One thing I’ve never gotten–in the first or second Locke flashback he was calling a dial-a-hooker/phone sex lady. Was the phone-sex lady Helen? Or just someone Locke latched onto?

And Jack is STILL a whiney emo-punk. Geez. Shut UP Jack.

And, regarding the teaser from next week, I dunno about you but the reunion of Kate and Sawyer is like at the BOTTOM of my list of things I wanna see. They hug, they cry, they say “But I thought you were DEAD!” they boink…who cares? Let’s learn about Smokey instead.

BTW: My theory is that while Whidmore wants to get back to the island, he’s perfectly willing to let Locke lead—Ben, on the other hand, wants to be in charge and he doesn’t care who he kills to do it.