Lost 5.5 "This Place Is Death"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

This Place is Death
Locke shoulders the burden of ending the island’s increasingly violent movements through time; Ben is stymied in his efforts to reunite the Oceanic 6 and bring them back to the island.

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Let’s catch up:

Charlotte, Miles and Juliette are bleeding from the nose, which is not a good sign. Jin has joined up with Rousseau’s team - and we all know what happens to them. And Sun looks like she’s ready to shoot someone. Plus the episode it titled “This Place Is Death”. So I’m thinking that it’s probably not about rainbows and fuzzy kitties. Unless it’s a fake out by the producers and it is about rainbows and fuzzy kitties. But I’m thinking probably not. Waddaya think?

Rainbows, and fuzzy dead kitties? I think it’s a good time to get a glimpse of the other survivors- what are Ruth, Bernard, Vincent, etc making of this time hopping. And also bring present day Richard into play- he knows Locke visited him in the 50’s, so he probably knows that the cause of that is happening now. It would be an interesting dynamic to see Richard seek himself out- Imagine a scene with 2 Richards- creepy… Ha, or 2 Bens would be great- both trying to manipulate the other one

Well, for the first time since the beginning of Season 3, I am caught up on the show in time for the new episode. I might have to crack and watch it…all I gotta say is I HATE how they went with that totally lame cliche of “OMFG she’s got a nosebleed” … it’s giving me flashbacks to season 3 of 24 where nosebleed = death.

A new Dharma station called “The Death” is discovered, in which cuteness research is performed. Look for polar teddy bears in the background.

This thread is one of the reasons I reupped my Dope subscription. That and I’m behind a computer all day again.

Anyway, I’m salivating for tonight and hoping that soon, we flash back in time to the Black Rock days.

I’m just hoping that tonight they truly end the “time jumping” storyline. It’s not the story for the whole season, is it?

I also hope the Oceanic 6 and Ben return to the island before the season finale.

Mahaloth: I wouldn’t hold your breath for that one. I have a feeling that the 6 need to return before the time jumping stops (they may have said as much—or at least insinuated it) and think it’s probably going to be a season long plot device. For what it’s worth, I’m rather enjoying it—feel as if they’re finally tying together some of the loose ends and relentless weirdness.


I’m guessing it probably will be, as a device for exposition that will sort out most of the mysteries of the Island. Instead of mental flashbacks (or forwards), we get the characters actually travelling in time to see the history that defines their odd experiences.

If I properly understand comments made by the producers prior to last season, Season 5 will end with the Oceanic 6 returning to the island (they didn’t mention Desmond), and Season 6 will be post-return, all about the island’s ultimate fate and what the role of the Losties is in that scheme.

That opening sequence made me damn near wet my pants. I thought you should all know that.

Say hello to my son/Sun. :smiley:


I got distracted for just a little bit. Charlotte is dead?


Yes, Merijeek, from all indications, Charlotte is dead.

I believe my reaction to this episode was “Ga-huhwha?”

That was a really good episode. I’m wondering what will happen to the flashes now that Locke put the wheel back on the axle. They’re still gonna flash around, since Daniel met Charlotte in the past. Maybe they’ll be less violent/sudden now.

Well, no rainbows or fuzzy kitties, but that was a pretty cool episode.

So some of the mystical island events warn that nobody should come back, this place is death, don’t you dare bring him back etc. And spooky Christian is trying to get everyone back. Does the island have multiple personalities? Or what?

“I didn’t account for traffic”

That Ben… :smiley:

You think that Christian couldn’t help John walk because he isn’t actually physical?


Well it is nice know for sure that Charlotte was on the island before (they certainly hinted at it before).

Sun agrees to go back – did she forget about herd?

They also confirmedhat Eloise is Faraday’s mother (also hinted since he named the mouse Eloise)

The jump from the smoke monter lair - just a few days? Did the four toed people build the temple?


That’s my guess. But I have a tendency to be wrong about these things.

I think that last turn of the Frozen Donkey Wheel (thanks to Locke) will put the Losties at the time of Dharma Initiative’s heyday, as we first saw Faraday working in the mine in the opening of this season. It will probably bring us full circle, and that’s where Daniel will bump into kid-Charlotte to tell her not to come back or she’ll die.

Looks like we can confirm the Smoke Monster has been around since ancient times. And that contact with it, changes you fundamentally (body snatchers?). We know Locke had contact from the first season. Does this mean he has “the sickness”, but nobody knows it, because nobody really knew him before the crash?

This is turning into one of my favorite seasons.

I don’t think it’s contact. I think something happened to them down in the hole, and the same thing would’ve happened to him had he gone down the hole in the first season finale.

Also, I gave hell ya to the smoke monster breaking Frenchie’s arm.