Lost 5.8 "LaFleur"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

Sawyer concocts a lie with some of the other island survivors in an attempt to protect themselves from mistakes of the past.

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Looks like our heroes are back on the island, but when they are is still up in the air. I’m betting that most of them are back at the time of the Dharma Initiative. I’m hoping for some weird science, some hatch action and at least one scene where Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid all smoke pot in a circle. Those scenes crack me up.

A couple of quick notes:

We are getting a rerun next week, but we’ll be back the week after that.

For myself, I have a prior engagement this evening so I won’t be able to watch in real time. I plan on catching it late tonight, so if my comments tomorrow ae along the lines of “Whuzzat? That was weeeeeeird. Coffee!” go easy on me. :wink:

I might actually get to watch it as it airs instead of waiting until tomorrow to view it online. Can’t wait!


I thought the whole point of waiting until January for the show to start was so that all the episodes could be run consecutively, in one straight shot? It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I have to double-check this. I know it’s only one week, but geez, how annoying.

EDIT: Yeah, you’re right. I’m so mad.

Why couldn’t it have been the next week when I was on vacation!?

I’m not sure I can go without my Lost. I cannot believe how addictive this show is!

Heh – Sawyer and the gang have infiltrated Dharma and gotten jobs?

Michelle Dessler is alive and on the island! :slight_smile:

Wow, so Sawyer and crew end up living in Dharm-burbia for three years? So, what are Bernard and Rose (and Vincent) up to for these same three years?

That’s who that is! I’ve been sitting here having a brain fart moment going, “I know her. Where have I seen her before?”

Nice – makes a reference to the Black Rock in his cover story. Good call, Sawyer.

Richard Alpert coming to Dharma-town for a parley? (And he would recognize our gang from the 1950s)

HAHAHA – “Your buddy out there with the eyeliner…”

Sawyer: “You really going to leave me here with the mad scientist and ‘I Speak To Dead People’?!”

Sawyer’s getting sweet on Juliet. “You had me when you tasered me that first time…”

Juliet is far too good for Jack. Sawyer deserves her - and she’s as much of a cool ass kicker as he is.


I don’t think he saw Sawyer or Juliet on that occasion.

Will our folks in the 70’s be able to avoid the purge? What’ll happen when they meet Lil’ Benny Linus? I can’t see Sawyer having trouble taking him for a walk in the woods, if ya know what I mean (and I don’t mean in a Scout Leader kind of way…).


I think you’re right – I was thinking about Daniel and Charlotte, who were captured at the time, and in the Other-tent. But Sawyer and Juliet were still roaming free in the woods. So Richard would have recognized Daniel…

I swear, if Kate screws over Juliet romantically TWICE, I’m going to go ballistic. Juliet is just such a better character. She better not just give up Sawyer! She already backed up with Jack because she saw what was going on between him and Kate.

Well, the Purge doesn’t happen until many years later – 1992 according to Lostpedia (although I don’t remember exactly which episode established that date). And that’s not until Ben grows up – he ought to be a kid around now. Lostpedia lists him as being born in the early 60s. Our gang stopped in 1974 (so when they meet up with the returning Jack, Kate, Hurley, it should be 1977 Dharma time). Ben ought to be an early teen right now… perhaps age 13-15? If so, he ought to be living in the Dharma compound around now, too – wonder if Sawyer and Co have met young Ben? After all, they’ve been there for 3 years!

And Miles. Neither of whom I would have wanted to send out there to talk to Rich.

What would be the motivation for Sawyer and Juliet and the other two guys to assimilate into the Dharma gang and stick around for three years?

What year did Ben kill the Dharmites?

I’m really looking forward to the moment that Juliet snaps Kate’s neck. It will likely be the sexiest moment ever on network TV, and the happiest ending I could get without having to cuddle afterwards.


I think it was sometime in the 80s.