Lost 4.9: "The Shape of Things to Come"

I think I liked it. A lot.
I’ll be back next week.

Woo! Smoke Monster!

That was all kinds of Wow.

Wow, a bad guy calls a bluff. Killing a defenseless kid is not something you see on network TV very often.

Did anyone catch what Ben showed the doorman (a gun? it looked cylindrical)?


Sooo…somehow, Ben winds up APPEARING in the Sahara, wearing an Arctic-style jacket?
He can control the smoke monster?
And he and Widmore CAN’T kill each other? Why the fuck not? Is that a time travel thing maybe? Causality?

Wow.Great episode!!

Why do they need Hugo to find Jacob?

Is it just me or did Kate seem awfully cheerful and extra smiley?

Same ASP collapsible baton he hit the Arab with in the Sahara.

I think it was a gun, but did he actually show it to him or did he just have it handy in case the doorman balked?

edited: or a baton :slight_smile:

I think Ben lost access to Jacob when Jacob stated speaking to Locke - and then Locke lost Jacob to Hurley.

Why? We don’t know.

As for Kate, she’s a beautiful woman…who needs to know that her buckteeth aren’t her best feature.

Definitely had it ready in case the doorman didn’t buy his bluff. Fortunately, he did.


The rules of course. Widmore changed the rules but they are still there.

Ok I got nothing.

My comment after Ben ends up on the Sahara, “Wow, Ben really is a badass!”. Man that was excellent. He was obviously trying the old manipulation on the mercenary and did not expect him to actually kill Alex, the look on his face when that happened. Wow.

Yay, for the Smoke Monster! But still no answers!
I think this is some sort long-standing, maybe ancient war. Ben summoned the S.M. by going to some very old stone wall, perhaps the S.M. is a relic of the island and not a creation of Dharma’s after all? I know Ben was supposed to have been born off the island but have we ever seen how many toes he has?

Was the body in the water really the doctor? Can’t remember what he looked like.

Why would Widmore want to kill Nadia? My theory is that Ben had her killed in order to recruit Sayid to be his assassin.

Any ideas on how Ben ended up in the Sahara?

Well, he was wearing a heavy Dharma coat and appeared to be shivering when he woke up. Obviously not the sort of garb you’d trek through the desert with … one would imagine he was somewhere cold and Dharma-related before suddenly appearing in the desert. The Arctic, perhaps? Maybe there’s some kind of magic Dharma time and space teleporter in the Arctic! Sorry, I got nothin.

Fantastic episode.

I was always kind of disappointed with the Smoke Monster but this time it was badass. More muscular; been working out maybe? Good show.

Yes it was the doctor. He is played by the guy who is the weasely boss in CSI, Eckley. It was him.

Same place Charlotte found the polar bear remains.

Also, when he turned up in Tiqrit (sp?) he had a bag with ID and I assume money. Did he have that with him in the desert? If not where did that come from?
This guy is the best I’ve seen at coming out on top regardless of how desperate the situation in which he finds himself. He might be evil personified, but you’ve got to admire his amazing abilities.

That was a “Holy Shit” episode! I did not expect Alex to die. I was sure that they were going to reveal it to be a hoax or something. At this point, I figure that what we’ve been told about Rousseau’s past is probably more-or-less true, which shoots down a theory I had that Rousseau is really Annie, Ben’s childhood friend. (I now think that Annie died before the Purge, because of something the Dharma Initiative did, and this is what caused Ben to betray them to the Hostiles.)

It seems like Ben and Widmore had some sort of agreement, which presumably involved not harming each other’s loved ones. That’s why Ben thought it was safe to send Alex, Carl, and Rousseau off to the Temple while the mercs were around. They were supposed to be off-limits. Now the agreement has been breached, and Penny (and maybe Desmond) are going to pay the price.

Did anyone notice what name was on the coat Ben was wearing when he appeared in the Sahara? It was Hallowax !!! He was wearing Edgar Hallowax’s coat! I think that the little metal rod might have something to do with how Ben got off the island. His story about using Desmond’s boat is a blatant lie; he must have somehow teleported off, and maybe that that little rod is a control device of some sort.

Who is Edgar Hallowax?

The guy who recruited Ben’s father into Dharma, I think.


Holy crap, that was an excellent episode!!

I did not expect that guy to actually kill Alex! You almost never see that sort of thing happen in TV/movies. Wow! And so that means Ben didn’t plan the ambush of Rousseau and Carl after all.

Michael Emerson is all kinds of awesome!

That rod was a standard ASP police baton. I have one on my belt.