Lost 3.14 "Expose"

A couple of weeks ago, our friend John Mace posted the following in the OP of his weekly Lost thread:

As the appointed hour has come and gone, allow me to start the thread.

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Hurley is suspicious of Sawyer’s involvement in an island mystery. Meanwhile, Sun learns the truth about her past kidnapping attempt by “The Others.”

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I tip my hat to Mr. Mace and step aside.

After the revelations we had last week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them step back to the other (or I guess that’d be non-Other) side of the island for a couple weeks.

I remember the promo implying someone is kaput tonight. Any speculation? Charlie is the obvious choice, but perhaps a little too obvious. I’m just gonna sit back and hope it’s him, because it’ll piss me off if anyone else bites it.

Based on the trailer with Sun lashing out at someone, one would think it’s Sawyer because he’s coming clean with something related to “working for the Others”. It could be a quick edit to mislead us though. Personally, I’d like to see it be Charlie after she learns that he was the one who knocked her out, put a bag over her head, and dragged her out of her garden way back when. I barely recall, but it was partly Sawyer’s idea to stage it to look like an ambush by the Others, and Charlie was doing it to make a fool out of Locke by “framing” the Others for the attack as well. I don’t often hate characters, but Charlie is useless and detestable, even if he is a recovering drug addict we’re supposed to have sympathy for. Little shit deserves whatever he gets. I’m sure even a pregnant Asian girl could kick his ass. Go Sun!

Spoiler-filled podcast this week:

[spoiler]“The Others are a lot badder than you think they are.”
-Carlton Cuse

“There is no actual wish box.” -Damon Lindelof

“One of the two character’s (Patchy; Ms Clue) might
still be alive.” -Carlton

Hurley: “Dude, Nicki’s dead…”
Sawyer: “Who the hell is Nicki?”


So, apparently Nicki == Season 3 Libby Lite. Although apparently at least Nicki rated a flashback of her own. Even though she’s had maybe 10 minutes (or less) of cumulative screen time this season in previous episodes.

Welll… Nicki’s a murdering bitch.

So now Paolo bumped off Nicki, perhaps?

HAhahaha – Nicki: “Promise me we’ll never end up like them.”

What do you mean, like… dead?

Hey, the producers were right!

I do like Nikki and Paulo much better now.

Taken on its own, it was a great little story, one of teh best individual episodes in a long time.

As a part of the series, a complete waste of an hour.

Battle of the dead castaways. It was Arnnzzzzzt!! (“It’s Arzt, you idiot!”)

Ah, so that’s why Paolo was in the bathroom for a while back in the episode earlier this season – when they went to the Pearl with Locke.

And the Others know about the Pearl then. But I thought they didn’t know about the Swan, but the Pearl shows them surveillance of the Swan. Or maybe the Others just didn’t know about the effects of the button.

“As far as superpowers go, yours are kind of lame…” hahaha

So they’re not dead – just paralyzed? And getting buried?

Damn. That was dark even for Lost.

Oh, creepy!!! That was just brutal!

They found the plane and the Pearl way ahead of everyone else, cool.

Well, the question is are they shallow enough to dig themseleves out (and will they suffocate before they wake up enough)

Did Paulo ever use the walkie? There doesn’t seem to be much evidence either way.


Tales from the Crypt. Great episode. It didn’t solve any mysteries or answer any questions, but it still kicked much ass. :smiley:

Are these characters somehow going to come up later (either literally or figuratively), or is this a demonstration that the island punishes evildoers?

Talk about not communicating well with others. We thought Jack/Sawyer/Kate were bad. Hatches! Monitors! Planes! Walkie-talkies! Not a word!

Made me giggle :slight_smile:

I think that was one of the coolest endings to an episode yet.

Well, at least now we know it wasn’t just the “cool kids” who never shared any information with anyone else.

As soon as they showed Arzt with the spider I had a feeling that was the source of the poison. I had a twinge of suspicion about paralysis because of the way they kept showing us Paulo and Nikki’s eyes and I thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if they were actually just paralyzed and aware of what was going on?”, but I didn’t even consider them being buried alive. You know that hole didn’t look that deep but they sure had a lot of extra dirt on top., I guess they wanted to make sure they stayed dead.

By the way, I think Vincent was trying to tell the other castaways that Nik and Pao were still alive … that dog knows things. :wink:

Sooo. Nikki and Paulo were . . . wait for it . . . it’s coming . . .


What a surprise.

You know who the real con artists are? No, not Sawyer and Locke’s father and all the rest of the con artists on the show. The real con artists are the writers! They conned me out of another hour.

I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind having the ability to see Charlie die over and over again.