LOST 6.17 "The End"

I won’t be watching the show but I’ll be reading the thread. I didn’t watch after season three but I’ve enjoyed reading about it, here and elsewhere. I’m kicking myself for not sticking with it, but I lost faith.

What’d really be cool for us lookie-loos – and I know it’s a lot to ask – is if someone would post a brief recap early in the thread. That’d be awesome.

A good recap thread can be found the next morning on the Lost page of Entertainment weekly. Even if someone provides it here, you’ll probably enjoy that one too.

Nothing to say, except LOST wouldn’t have been the same without all of you these last six years. It was always my first destination after each episode.

Let’s all sit back and have fun as the rubber meets the road…

Also, I think that noise behind the trees… Dinosaurs.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I’ve become increasingly pissed off with this show over the past season or two, but I’m still going to be oddly sad to see it end. And I’ll add my voice to those thanking Trion and John Mace for the threads, which I think I’ll miss a lot more than I miss the actual show.

I forget who it was, but I believe “Defcon Penguin” to be one of the best phrases to come out of this forum.

And yes, thanks Trion and John Mace!

Tell him that he’s playing a twin…but not John Locke’s twin.

You are correct.

4 1/2 hours blocked off for it not including Jimmy Kimmel. So, a serious block of network time taken up for this. I see why Sunday makes sense.

Two predictions:[ol]
[li]The final shot will be of an eye closing.[/li][li]Jack will figure out that the only way he can defeat the smoke monster is by becoming one himself.[/li][/ol]

I’m drinking bloody marrys tonight, but I’ll be calling them bloody kates. Either way, delicious!

Thanks for six years of discussion on LOST! I stopped watching somewhere in season three, but ducked into the threads now and then to see what was happening. :slight_smile:
Started back up this season to see how it all ends. I hope they end it well. crosses fingers

Also: more thanks to Trion and John Mace! The indexes have been especially helpful and awesome.

Another one checking and thanking **John Mace **and Trion for starting these threads each week. I’ve never participated much in them but I’ve been a big fan of the show and I’ve loved reading all the reactions and speculation from fellow Dopers. You’ve all made the show immeasurably more entertaining.

Random thought: I’ve been watching the interview/recap show and it occurs to me that I’ve never heard Naveen Andrews speaking in his real voice before. I knew he was actually British but he sounds nothing like Sayid to me.

Hey guys. In it with y’all tonight.

On my parents’ 24" mono audio RF connected TV. Ah, what I do to come visit family.

Seatbelts! Heeeeeeeeere we go…

“Why don’t you come down off the mountaintop and tell us what the burning bush had to say for itself?”

Sawyer gets such great lines.

Sawyer: “Doesn’t sound like Jacob said anything about anything.”
Hurley: “That’s kind of true, dude. He’s worse than Yoda.”


I’m so glad someone finally openly mocked the ridiculousness of the name “Christian Shephard.”

What did Hurley say just before the title screen?

Wait a minute. If Sawyer et al haven’t yet gotten Desmond out of the well, why wasn’t Desmond there when not-Locke and Ben looked for him?

edwino, in this thread, post 103