LOST 6.5 "Lighthouse"

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Previously on LOST: Un-Locke took Sawyer to the cave with everyone’s name and number written on the wall. Alterna-Locke decided that he didn’t need to see Jack again (if only I could do the same :wink: ). Dead-Locke was still dead. And Bizzaro-Locke am very happy. Tune in tonight for Crazy-Claire, Mirror-Universe Jin and Earth 616 Hurley. Namaste.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Hurley tries to persuade Jack to go with him on an unspecified mission; Jin has an encounter with an old friend.

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As the final season plays out, I want to take the opportunity (before I forget) to thank Trion for (and before him, John Mace) for organizing the Lost threads. Such great resources always readily available. I always check the Dope a few times on “game day” to see when the thread goes up. Always a slight buzz to open it and bookmark it for the week’s discussion. When the Dope went subscription for a cup of coffee, the Lost threads were my justification for spending the cash.

Thank you, sirs!

Thanks for the thanks! I’m just glad I have enough time now to participate in the threads even if I don’t have time to start them.

On the official Lost Podcast, Damon & Carlton said we’d get one more insight into the numbers… Although, I’m not sure if they meant tonight or another episode.

Well, let’s see… This is episode 5, so I’d probably expect to see it in episode 8, 15 or 16. :slight_smile:


Aw shuck. ‘tweren’t nuthin’. :slight_smile:

Jack has a son! What a twist!

I’m getting tired of this alternate reality stuff. The best way to explain the mysteries of the past seasons was to add another dimension!

I’m either going to be very depressed or very annoyed at the end of this season.

The ghost of Jacob is back! Giving Hurley more instructions!

Hurley: “And I just lied to a samurai!” hahaha

he turns up wherever he wants, like Obi Wan Kenobi… BWAHAHAHA!

Hurley rules.

Skull-baby! Claire’s new kid!

The Jack side-flash story is not all that interesting so far…

what a look by Claire – “Now’s your turn”

Claire’s friend is the smoke monster!

I can’t remember if Jin knows that Kate took Aaron on the helicopter.

Jin should tell Claire that the temple people don’t have the baby, right?

Lighthouse. symbolic much?

Cool – Hurley getting pretty insightful with Adam & Eve. “What if we traveled to dinosaur times, then died and were buried here? What if these are us?”

David plays Chopin’s “Fantasie Impromptu”? I played that, in college…
Is David playing at a recital right now?

David has pics of him and his dad up in his room.

I don’t remember seeing that building before…

Claire seems seriously CFL crazy to me. Poor temple guy.

I’m glad Hurley brought up the “skeletons are us” theory. I was waiting for someone to say that in the show since I’ve thought that since season 1.

A big lighthouse on the island – I was just going to say what Jack just said – why have they never seen it before? heh. At least he asked. Unusual for him.

Claire does her Gimli impersonation: “And you have MY axe!!”

I think this might be the first Jack-centered episode since the first season where I felt sympathetic to Jack.