LOST 6.5 "Lighthouse"

kinda tired of flashing sideways. really would rather stay on the island

don’t smash the damn mirror Jack. the lighthouse needs it

Have I told y’all lately how much I don’t like Jack???

“Does it say anything on your arm about the door being jammed?” heh

Ah, David is auditioning to get in to this school.

Crossed-out names on the lighthouse wheel – more of the candidate list. Dude. Image of people’s past in the lighthouse mirrors. So who’s at 108?

So who is at 108?

Jacob was probably at 108. ‘He said he’d be here!’

Way to go, Jack. Now we’ll never know.

shakes fist Jaaaaaaack. You’re too old to throw tantrums.

Jack’s solution when yelling at somebody who doesn’t have the answers. Go looney-tunes and break stuff. Is this why Jacob wanted Jack to go to the lighthouse? To break his mirrors?

Oooooh… sounds like the Temple is fucked.

With crazy Claire and Smoke monster Locke attacking the Temple, they may, indeed, be fucked.

Maybe the lighthouse was gonna show Desmond & Penny the way to the island. They’re on a boat, ya know.

So they come upon a mystical, magical mirror that can be used to remote-view places all over the world, complete with the Numbers corresponding to names of (I assume) everyone who’s ever been drawn to the Island, and instead of saying “Okay, now we’re getting somewhere!” Jack goes ballistic and breaks everything.

So, if nothing else we now have a definite answer to one of the show’s biggest questions: Jack is, in fact, beyond all shadow of a doubt, a clueless idiot.

You’d think Claire might be relieved at the notion that Kate was keeping her bay-bay safe and raising him, rather than for Aaron to be in the hands of the Others. At least, in her mind. Although, Claire’s mind has now turned to cabbage, so who knows…

Indeed. He is the Peter Petrelli of Lost.

Great shoutout to Martin Gardner’s Annotated Alice.

I was kind of disappointed with this episode. No real answers this week. I mean, what did we really learn?

[li]In the alternate present-day timeline, Jack has a son[/li][li]Jacob was able to use a lighthouse mirror to view the childhood homes of the people he brought to the island[/li][li]Claire and the MiB/smoke monster have become BFFs[/li][/ul]

This doesn’t seem like it gets us anywhere.

In all fairness - Jack said he was broken. And we know that’s true. Expecting damaged people to act sane and sensible makes no sense.

BTW - I’ve gotta say, even homicidally crazy Claire is still cute as hell. You can’t help liking the tiny blonde Aussie. :smiley:

Did the others test Rousseau(sp?) ?
Claire seems more crazy - maybe the CFL mellowed


I think so-he was waving the chopper off the boat before it blowed up, he likely saw Kate/whoever holding the baby*. Why he’d remember that after 3 years and getting blown back to the Bicentennial, I have no idea

*Excuse me: bay-bay

Turnip, not cabbage.

The name at 108 was “Wallace”, but me and Lostpedia have not a clue who s/he is or was.

Maybe not, but I was thoroughly entertained the whole hour. I thought the writing and pacing was great in this one and great diologue. My favorite of the season so far I think.

Could Hurley see what Jack saw in the mirror? Does the mirror show it’s visions to anyone or just the ones who the names correspond to? Would Jack or Hurley have seen anything when they turned the dial to 108? Was Jacob testing them to see which one of them could see things in the mirror? Maybe only the chosen one can see the images in the lighthouse.