LOST 6.12 "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Mouseover spoiler space.

Both Desmond and his alternate universe counterpart seem to have some idea what’s going on. Which means one person knows more than everyone else combined, times two. And one of those has gone off with evil Sayid to evil Locke’s camp.

Tonight it looks like we have a Hurley episode based on the title alone. Yay!

Episode Summary for tonight:

Hurley agonizes over what the group’s next move should be; Locke is curious about the new arrival in his camp.

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Is that line about Desmond being the only one who knows what’s going on yours? It cracked me up.

That’s all mine. :cool:

I predict that there will be no answers in tonight’s episode.

I predict we will get 25 minutes of an amusing but unnecessary Hurley ALT story, interspersed with 10 minutes of on-Island business culminating in Hurley talking to Dead Michael and Dead Libby, which may or may not provide something in the way of actual story progression, and a bit over 5 minutes where Desmond meets Smocke and they have an aggravatingly vague conversation alluding to their plans but giving no specifics.

Also, I imagine Enlightened ALT Desmond will show up at the end of the ALT Hurley story to recruit him into the we-have-to-escape-the-Matrix team. Which ought to be interesting.

BUT…we might get more insight into The Numbers.
Or not.

I thought the numbers were pretty much explained back in season…3? 4? I wouldn’t bet on getting any more info, though who knows?

I don’t even care about answers anymore, honestly. I’m just enjoying the show.

I’m guessing well see…

Libby in the Alt Hurley time line. They’ll be married.

Two big questions (that’ll never be answered) remain.

  1. Ok, the numbers have to do with the number of years before humanity blows itself up. So why do they cause bad luck to people around those who know The Numbers? What stops the bad luck? It does stop eventually.

  2. Who, exactly, was broadcasting the numbers? (It was either Dharma, the US Army or…well, someone else before the Crazy French Chick changed the recording.) WHY were they broadcasting The Numbers? What did they hope to accomplish?

I have no (zero!) hope that either will be answered, but honestly, they’re the one “minor” mystery that really fascinates me.

They do?

Yeah…it was in the off-show stuff. Remember the guy in the pilot who got sucked into the plane engine? He wrote a book called the Vanzetti(?) Equation. Some guy (Vanzetti) figured out that these numbers represent the time humanity has left before extinction.

The Dharma guys were trying to change things–that was their ultimate goal. It wasn’t just a bunch of hippies screwing around, it was a bunch of hippies trying to change the Vanzetti(?) Equation.

A Hugo Retrospective! lol

Wow everything in the alt-verse resolves around either Jack’s hospital or that museum…

OMFG Boom !!!

I know you don’t want to believe to Michael, Hurley, but I have a feeling he’s right!!!

Holy shades of Arzt!

Dude. Ka-BOOOM.

Don’t argue with Hurley.

Loony Libby in the side-flashes remembers Hugo – but was he ever in the nuthouse in that timeline? Probably not. Which means she remembers him from the island timeline (but pre-island) – some more crossover here.

OK–hate to ask but what blew up? (Or, judging by the Artz reference, who)… I’m ashamed to say I glanced down at this discussion on my laptop, and missed it!

About 5 seconds before that happened, I suddenly got a very bad feeling. It was like, "Oh shit, oh no, don’t tell me they’re gonna actually do it ag–"BOOOOOM!!

That was just evil.

Ilana: “I’ve been preparing to blow up for my country/island all my life”

They should have thought ahead and had RICHARD carry the dynamite. Or Jack. We’ve already seen that they can’t blow themselves up with it.

Does Desmond really think MIB/Smokey is John Locke?

Hahahahaha – Hurley played them. He agreed, so that he could blow up all the dynamite – along with the Black Rock. sweeeeet.