Lost 2.1: "Man of Science, Man of Faith"

Only 1 day left! Season 2 of Lost at 9PM P/EST Wednesday. Note the time change from last season. Sorry, but I couldn’t wait one more day to start this thread. For anyone who wants to “catch up” there is a 1 hour summary program immediately before (8PN P/EST) the “Man of Science, Man of Faith” episode.

Here are the thread rules:

Let the party begin! My “Lost” group is starting out the evening by watching the finale from Season 1 on DVD (Exodus: Parts 1 & 2), then we’ll be ready to see what lies inside the hatch! From what I’ve read, this will be a great episode. I think we all know who the “Man of Science” and who the “Man of Faith” is.

I’ve got thread links to all the episodes from last season for which I started a thread, and next week I’ll add links to the threads I didn’t start, plus keep a standing list of Season 2 thread links as well. I have a feeling we’ll want to do a lot of cross referencing…

Thread index for Season 1 Episodes:

11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23a, 23b

My husband has already turned the telephone ringer off. He doesn’t normally do that for any program that doesn’t feature Bill Cowher or the “SportsCenter” logo. I believe I might have married him in anticipation of this very moment.

Anyone else wake up today like a kid at Christmas? :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for this. It a great show. What will happen to Walt? What’s below the hatch? Who are the others? Ohhhhh, I’m all aquiver.

US TV is really flying high at the moment. Lost, Deadwood, Rome and others are really doing you guys and gals proud.

I am in desperate need of a massage for a crick in my neck that I got when I sneezed. I’m totally locked up. Can barely move my head. My wife was booking a massage for me and I specifically told her that if the masseuse couldn’t see me tonight in time to get me home by 8:00 pm, I’d put it off until tomorrow.

I went and traded in my cable box for a DVR just to make sure that I never miss an episode this season. And, I might add, the line of people who had the exact same thought extended out the door at the cable customer service center yesterday.

You have no idea. I get a nice warm up with the first Red Wings preseason game versus the delapidated husk of the Colorado Avalanche, then I get to switch over at 9 for the Lost season premiere. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m starting to think that Christmas will be a bit of a let down after today.

Since I don’t watch TV, I had to wait until season one was on DVD to see it. It arrived September 12. We finished the entire season on September 18. And that included my mother-in-law visiting from Friday-Sunday, so we could only catch a couple of episodes on Friday and Saturday, after they went to bed.

This is going to be a very long twelve months waiting on the season two DVD and trying like hell to avoid any spoilers.


Oh, I could get a cheap receiver and hook it to my projector if I really didn’t want to wait. But I abhor commercials. And waiting a week between episodes. But especially commercials.

I do the same with 24, watching 2+ episodes a night until the DVDs are done (though never at quite this speed).

Another reason I got a DVR.

On an slightly related sidenote, the projected path of Hurricane Rita runs right over my house. They had damn well get the power back on after the storm before next Wed or there is going to be hell to pay.

I’ve got one word for you: Generator.

It only has to be powerful enough to run the TV.

I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks now. I went out and bought the first season on DvD (only $39.00…pretty good price IMO) and have watched them all again. Sort of the same thing I do with books when the next in a series is coming out. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for you guys to start speculating on the various mysteries that are sure to happen this season. I’m an avid lurker in these threads.


I’m embarassed to say I forgot that it started today :smack:

Bad Ronin, no cookie.

However now that I am reminded, I’m going to make sure the meeting I have with group members at 3:30 moves quickly and hopefully very productively. Otherwise I’ll be calling roommates to double check the tivo is set to record.

And the cable station if their power goes out.

Or, if you subscribe to satellite, your generator will need to be able to power a frikkin’ laser beam to cut through the cloud cover.

I hate quoting myself, but … my husband just called me at work to tell me that he invited some friends from work over tonight to have a viewing party, and can I call to order some pizzas as soon as I get home from work? “Because we’re locking the door and turning out the lights at 8:55 and if Ed McMahon shows up with the Publisher’s Clearing House check he’s just going to have to wait.” My god, I love that man. (My husband, not Ed McMahon.)

That’s exactly what my group is doing tonight. We may even have a newcomer with no idea what’s going on, but we’ll sit him down in front of the recap episode, and he already understands that Thou Shalt Not Talk During Lost.

Not to derail this thread, but I’m kinda looking forward to watching “Invasion” right afterwards. The reviews have been very good, and it looks like one of the better of the new shows. “Over There” will have to wait for a later viewing (thank god for DVRs with multiple tuners).

I am so excited about tonight that my trembling vibrations of anticipation are causing me to give off waves of blinding light. My officemates are wearing sunglasses.

And that’s even knowing what happens: I made the mistake of browsing a short but extremely dense spoiler post on another site, learning way too much about tonight before I really understood what I was looking at. D’oh!

Oh well. It’s gonna be cool.

I just hope that some of the questions from last season are put to rest…I’m dieing to find out any number of burning questions.

I haven’t heard about that one. I started watching another new show on Sunday called Threshold that looks pretty good…I’ll probably be following that one as long as it stays good.