Lost 2.3: "Orientation"

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Do we find out who The Others are? How many tail section survivors are there? How does Desmond get out and leave Locke in (the hatch)? This one should be good!

From the on-screen guide regarding this episode:

“Orientation”: The hatch begins to yield its secrets to Jack, Locke and Kate. And the survivors of the attack on the raft wonder just who’s holding them captive.

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Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. I’m sure we’ll get a couple of answers, and I’m even more sure that even more questions will pop up.

Plus, Michelle Rodriguez makes me happy in my trousers.

Seems to me that ABC hasn’t show as many previews for this episode.

Thought I’d post this interview with one of the co-creators of Lost: Damon Lindelof. It’s mainly for the new comic he’ll be writing for Joe Quesada (Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine), but there is a lot of Lost talk in there as well. Some very enlightening stuff. There’s some Lost stuff in the beginning, but the bulk of it is in the last half. No real spoilers in there, but he does talk about tonight’s episode, and the future of season two…

Check it out!

Tonight should be a good one. I’m dieing to find out who it is that captures Michael and gang. Tail section guys doing a Lord of the Flies routine…or perhaps sick with whatever it is that makes folks go nuts on the island? The Others? Someone else?

Need somemore time behind the hatch tonight as well…lots o questions there.


I really should have made this post in this episode’s thread rather than last week’s.

That interview has some interesting and potentially frightening discussion of how much power the network ultimately has over the show. When I read him talking about suddenly feeling so much sympathy for Chris Carter it makes me think “uh-oh”. My greatest fear about Lost is that it would get X-Files syndrome (going on forever while giving clues to a mystery that had no resolution), so this makes me nervous.

That said, I hope tonight’s episode is more revealing than last week’s was. I liked last week, but I’m really ready to learn some stuff and move the plot forward now.

I couldn’t agree more. However, I have faith in Damon and J.J. Abrams. They seem full aware of the lessons learned from X-Files and Twin Peaks. It seems they have a great love for telling this story, and I think they are taking the right approach in laying out major events over the course of many seasons, then organically fleshing in the main body of the story. As long as they have an underlying foundation that they can use to dictate what happens to the characters and story telling, that’s all that matters. If they have that, there’s no way they are going to start writing plots ad hoc (ala X-files). They’ll just invent new plots drawn from their established rules and past events.

For me, the show couldn’t be any more intriguing, and the journey has been a blast. Can’t wait to see what’s in store… keep the faith.

They are, but like he said in the interview, that doesn’t stop the network and from meddling with them in ways they can’t control. ABC owns the show, so they can come in and say “You can’t end the show so find a way to keep the plot jogging along, no matter how lame” and the producers can’t stop them. I have a certain amount of faith in the producers, but absolutely none in the network.

I just want to know what awesome lines Hurley is going to have this week. He always has the best lines.

Last week’s preview showed him inside the hatch. I want to know how the hell he got down there. :slight_smile: Maybe his first line will be “Dude, did you know there’s a door right by the golf course?”

At which point the producers just quit, and go on every talk show and magazine around bad-mouthing the destruction of their show by the network. Nobody has to work for them.

Of course, that would mean never working in TV again, most likely.

Yeah, but how does that help the show not decline into suckitude?

The show probably won’t tell us. Hurley will just show up down there, without explanation. We’ll get a lot of information about the hatch, but we’ll have to add to the Questions thread, “How the heck did Hurley get into the hatch shelter?”

Anybody could fall down the shaft, even Hurley. The biggest ( heh ) question will be, how do they get him out?

The interview was very interesting, and I decided to snip the final answer, specifically to those who’re annoyed that they’re being strung along without getting answers (see: Lost finally lost me thread)

The biggest question to be answered in this episode regarding Hurley is…will he die of a stroke when he sees all that tasty food in the storage room?

“Dude, what do I eat first?”

My hope is that they’ll wrap up most of the mysteries before they leave, then hand the gutted remains over to ABC.

I remember Hurley mentioning that he was thought of as a warior, or something to the like. That could explain his desent down the hatch.

Better yet, solve all the mysteries, have them rescued and leave while all the actors have 2-3 years left on their contracts.

ABC planner1: Ok, all the characters get on another plane together. Then they’ll crash land on an island… no an atoll… where wierd stuff happens.

ABC planner2: But why would they all be on the same plane again?

ABC planner1; That’s part of the mystery. We’ll answer that in season 13.