Lost 2.3: "Orientation"

I’m not going to spoiler box this, because it’s merely speculation, but I always took his statement about being a kind of warrier as a reference to either roleplaying or video games. We’ll see.

That’s how I took it too, and it seemed like a significant enough statement I hope they don’t let that dangle forever.

Locke seemed to have a role-playing thing going on too as I recall. Wasn’t he called “Colonel” by his geek friends? Who knows, maybe the two things will become interconnected at some point.

Hurley does own Locke’s company…

i believe it was just that one guy he played a game with during his lunch break. (I think it was Risk, but I’m not sure). His boss uses the title too, but sarcastically.


No computer = we’re all gonna die. Cool!

They better explain why, though, or I’m going to be pissed.

Is this the same Helen we learned about in Locke’s last flashback?

That’s why IT people don’t bring loaded and cocked guns into the server rooms.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

So she picks the shotgun, loads the shotgun, gets it all ready to fire, and whacks him on the head with it? :confused: :smack:

Why not just grab a big ole can of tuna to whack him with? Why not a damn rock?

Awwww, yeah. I feel some answers comin’ on!

A secret film shall explain all!!

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch my friend, this is Lost we’re talking about.

Yes, my second thought was that the bullet ricocheted and destroyed the projector.

The film is called “Orientation”?

Hello and welcome to the button-pushing family here at Hatch-Co!

Heh – Locke: “We’re gonna need to watch that again.”

What we always say after a “Lost” episode? :wink:

The hatch is really Deep 13. Push the Button, Frank.

She’s acting as a mole for the Lord of the Flies people. She’s with them. The way she looked at Sawyer’s gun.

Well we know she was on the plane, she was chatting Jack up at the airport. But I’m biased towards her because I think she’s incredibly hot, so I must disagree with you here.

I think those folks are probably the tail section survivors and will turn out to be okay – but are overzealous now because they’ve been attacked by the “Others” themselves. So they don’t trust anybody. I don’t think they are actually the Others.

So I wonder if Locke will end up staying down the hatch as Desmond’s replacement.
Hahahahhaa – Hurley found the food!

How about now? :smiley: