LOST 6.11 "Happily Ever After"

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Desmond is back on the island. Richard is back with Team Jacob. And I’m not convinced that the episode title is entirely acurate. Join me in eyeing it suspiciously as we prepare for tonight’s “Lost”.

Episode Summary for tonight:

Desmond wakes up and realizes he is back on the island.

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Can someone please remind me where we last saw Desmond? I am drawing a complete mental blank on this. I know he’s been AWOL for most of the season, but where was he prior to that?

IIRC, he walked out of the Lighthouse station as the O6 planned their flight back to the island.

Scratch that. Looking at Lostpedia…

Desmond was looking for Faraday’s mother and went to Widmore, who told him she’s in LA. He and Penny agree to go to LA despite Widmore’s warning to go back into hiding. The LA address is the church with the Lamp Post Station under it. He lectures Faraday’s mom, Eloise, about wasting his life, and walks out. The next day, Ben shoots him at the marina, but Desmond tosses Ben overboard. Desmond goes to the hospital and promises never to leave Penny again.

Desmond then appears at the submarine.

Ah yes, OK - I remember the hospital scene, but wasn’t sure if there had been something after that. Thanks!

I don’t get the skepticism about the title - it seems straightforward enough. I look forward to seeing all the plot threads resolved tonight, the characters going on to live happy lives, and the remainder of the season produced as a sitcom set in the LA metro area.

Sitcom? Please. We’re going with a Miles/Sawer buddy/cop show with Faraday as the scientific consultant and Hurley as Huggy-bear.

I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

Maybe Jack will rent an apartment in Santa Monica with Kate and Claire, but Jack will have to pretend to be gay to appease the suspicious and cantankerous landlord.

And that landlord, of course, will be John Locke. Or maybe a memory-wiped Ben Linus.

Would the horndog best friend living upstairs be Richard Alpert? Seems a better choice than Charlie Pace.

Desmond was also briefly seen aboard Oceanic Flight 815 in the sideways world, but seemed to have disappeared when Jack came back to sit down.

Very intriguing.

Nope, Ben & John are both high school teachers. With that wacky Artz over in the science wing. (Ka boom!)

Glad it’s a Desmond episode…one of my favorite characters. I’m hoping this episode ends with an actual answer about how and why he’s there though. I feel like it’s too late in the series to be opening up more questions.

I would sooo watch that.

I would not only watch this, I’d build a Hurley-as-Huggy Bear shrine in my background.

Locke would have to be the tough as nails Captain who always threatens to take away the detectives’ badges, yet has their back when the sleazy Police Chief, played by Ben Linus, brings the heat.

Ana Lucia would be the tough-talking hawttie who is secretly sensitive on the inside.

Sayid would be the shadowy criminal mastermind who is always 2 steps ahead of our intrepid crime fighters.

Jin would be murdered before the credits. Sun is the main suspect. She is exonerated twenty seconds before the closing credits when it is learned that her Dad killed Jin because of sheer cussedness.

I’m all for that show!

Where do I sign up?

Juliet would be the forensics expert they always go to for CSI-type stuff, and of course there’d be lots of innuendo/sexual tension between her and Sawyer. Followed by sarcastic comments from Miles, of course.

Kate would guest star in an episode as the murderer – but one who gains sympathy from Sawyer because her victim was a total SOB who deserved it. Miles, of course, would not fall for her shenanigans. At the end, Sawyer would figure out a way to let her escape. Miles and Locke would suspect he was responsible, but have no way to prove it, so they drop the investigation. At least until next season, when Kate turns up yet again, under unexpected circumstances. Uh-oh!

Wow, this show practically writes itself!