Lost 3.3: Further Instructions

I assume this episode will take us back to the Lostaway’s beach camp, perhaps to the time right after the “system failure” event. With so many separate story lines that have to be addressed, the writers need several episodes to move the whole plot forward now. Anyway, to recap from last week: Sawyer seems like he’s hatching an escape plan. Sayid’s rescue plan failed miserably-- they lost the boat and shot one of The Others, so they can expect some retribution. Jack is left wondering if the Red Sox really did win the World Series. :slight_smile: Does the title refer to new Dharma instructions for the now defunct Swan Station?

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From the ABC “Lost” website:

Further Instructions: The fates of Locke, Eko and Desmond are revealed after the implosion of the hatch.

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A mild spoiler from TV.com concerning this week’s flashbacks …

The flashbacks will be Locke’s, and Ian Somerhalder (Boone) is listed as a guest star.

While Desmond, Eko, and Locke, are all escaping a hatch plan.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. :wink:

Let’s hope the show starts to gain some traction. The first two episodes of the season really left me wanting.

Mainly, I’m looking forward to see my favorite dude, Hurley, again. I’ve really missed that guy.
And I want to know why the Hatch Guys didn’t die when the whole thing blew/imploded/?

Maybe we’ll also find out why Charlie (and pretty much everyone else) seemed totally unconcerned with the fate of the Hatch guys in the season finale. Claire asked about it almost in passing, he shrugged it off, and then they changed the subject and got all kissy-face. I’m still confused about that.

Personal taste, of course, and a lot of people agree with you, but I really like what they’re doing this season.

I’m just excited for pantsless Desmond. Bring it on!

Nobody will have any idea. Betcha big money on that one.


So why is John suddenly mute? Is he just taking after Mr. Eko? No speaking for 40 days?

I like Charlie’s one sided dialogue with him. “You’re not taking drugs, are you John? Because we have a zero-tolerance policy. You might have to start punching yourself in the face…”

So we start this one off with a psychedelic-paste vision quest. It’s Eko he has to help, I’m sure. That’s why the Jesus stick fell on him.

Because the show is still airing on the west coast

I think Locke’s muteness is just a side effect of the implosion – one of those weird inexplicable things like his being able to walk once he crashed on the beach. I guess he’ll have another flashback later this year where we find out what happened after he failed to kill the cop kid.

And is it just me, or is Desmond a time-traveller Terminator-style?

Hell, the show is still airing on the East Coast, but it aired an hour early where I am. Don’t read my post until you’ve seen the show!

No wonder I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. :slight_smile:

So Eko got kidnapped by a polar bear?

I thought it was interesting how the “vision” showed everybody in the airport, but in a situation parallelling where they really are now.

They really give off a culty vibe, Locke’s old family.

Maybe flashback-Locke’s a Branch Davidian now.

Hurley almost got skewered!

Anyone else think that the “polar bear” roared just like Battle Cat from the old He-Man cartoon?

Ah, I’ve missed getting my dude quotia filled.

I’m guessing that flashback-John’s protege is going to be a Boone parallel. He probably got little flashback-Eddie killed.

Yep – it is starting to seem a little Waco-ish.