Lost 3.15: "Left Behind"

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So, what happens with our intrepid band of rescuers back in Otherville? Are Paolo and Nikki really dead? Do Kate and Juliet get into a cat fight? :slight_smile: And who is “left behind”-- Jack? Tune in tonight to find out. (Thanks, Trion, for picking up the slack for me last week.)

From the ABC “Lost” website:

Left Behind After discovering that one of her own has betrayed her to “The Others,” Kate is left to fend for herself in the jungle with Juliet. Meanwhile, Hurley warns Sawyer to change his selfish ways and make amends with his fellow survivors or he may face a vote of banishment.

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I live to serve.

So did Tim LaHaye write the script for this episode? :dubious:

John Mace how about information from the producers about past episodes? Boxed or no?

Since I am leaving for a while I won’t wait for an answer but copy what I put on the end of last weeks thread, including spoiler boxes (even added an extra one). Gives no new information but clears up a question from last week. Unless he is lying.

I think the way you did it was perfect-- spoiler box it, but tell folks it doesn’t spoil future episodes so people can make up their own minds. That’s what I usually do.

When in doubt, spoiler box. It’s not that hard to do.

When in doubt, spoiler box.

Got it

(earnest whisper): With special guest star, Kirk Cameron.


I wouldn’t call his stuff “writing.” :wink:

Huh – so Kate met Sawyer’s ex-con-partner-girlfriend-thingy. So the question is, will that chick really help Kate, or is she running a longer con on her?

Voting to banish Sawyer. Ha!!

So, is John Locke officially an Other now? Did he go through Othernitiation?

“Is that fish? Did you try to gut one yourself? How have you not learned that by now?!!”


Not looking good when the the B story is so much more interesting and entertaining than the A story so far…


So was Kate saying that to Juliet, or to us?

“Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what’s going on.” heh heh

Well, this little dialog between Kate and Juliet is kind of chilly.

And here comes the TCM!

Okay, now they are just pandering with the wet t-shirt chick wrestling.
But in other news, monster-thingy! Yay!

So Juliet’s never heard of the TCM, and she’s been living here for 3 years on the island?

So did the Others drop them off in “Dark Territory”? How close are they to the Black Rock?

I wonder if the “banishment” thing is just a ploy by Hurley – maybe he just made that whole bit up in order to get Sawyer to start being nice.

Yes, it seems odd that Juliet didn’t know about the TCM. Perhaps she wasn’t allowed to wander much?

I am enjoying the Sawyer/Hurley show.

Hmm…Kate’s mom is kind of cute.

I think Ben steers the TCM - and that’s why it’s never gone near Juliet. It seemed to me that it backed off after polaroid’ing her.

This is all Ben’s “See what happens when you don’t sit at the cool kids’ table” lesson to Juliet.


So if Kate and Locke and Sawyer and Danielle can climb over the sonic fence, why can’t the TCM? It sure seemed able to go pretty high when it was slinging Mr. Eko around in the treetops.

Heh – so Juliet was the one who handcuffed them together? I suppose Juliet woke up first, saw Kate there with her, handcuffed herself to her, then pretended to still be out cold?

So where’s Jack? Did he get to go with John and the Others, wherever they went?

HA! I called it. Hurley was totally scamming Sawyer. :smiley:

“We all looked to you. Then you totally tried to steal the diamonds, but we all wanted to look to you.” hahahaha

“Sucks for you, dude”. Sweeet.

Maybe it needs a foot on or near the ground and wouldn’t have been able to get itself completely over?

As for the rest of the ep…

LEAVE? You have houses with running water and electricity to go lay under palm leaves on the beach?

Now, can someone explain to me how Kate “made them leave”? I have the feeling that the writers had written themselves into another corner and their explanation for our heroes was for them to have the bad guys pack up and leave…