Lost 5.11 "Whatever Happened, Happened"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

Whatever Happened, Happened
Kate takes drastic measures to save Ben’s life when Jack refuses to help.

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Place your bets! Is it true that Whatever Happened, Happened? Or did it happen differently? And what happens when that happens?

Personally, I always assume it’s wise to agree with the title of the episode.

Starting this early because my afternoon looks crazier than a Dharma science experiment. See you all tonight after the show.

I’m gonna agree with the title as well: whatever happened, happened. I’m guessing that the island won’t let little Ben die, which, coincidentally, is why I think he was so pissed when Locke showed up and Ben got cancer—almost as if he took the secretmagicawesome island mojo from Ben. In other words, Ben always got shot by futurepast Sayid.

Pure speculation, of course.

But I do have a related question: Does anyone, beyond Ben, know that Locke was paralyzed? John kept that pretty close to the chest, if I recollect right.

Rose knew.

But Why did Locke keep that information to himself? Once weird things started happening on the island, everyone would have believed him, and might have listened to him more.

<Samuel Jackson> “Check out the brain on CMKELLER!” </Samuel Jackson>

Didn’t Locke tell Walt too?

In fairness to Locke, the entire first two or three seasons were filled with me screaming “JUST TELL HIM/HER WHAT HAPPENED!!!” while the characters kept pointless secrets from each other. At least that’s how I felt.

Abaddon knew, so presumably Widmore does as well.

Speaking of Widmore, wouldn’t he have been watching our Losties well enough to know that they are all on this flight to “Guam” together? Don’t you think he had minions on the plane?

Cesar’s pretty fishy.

I’m not all that happy with the shooting of Ben, in that while sort of shocking, it seems really really unlikely that baby Ben will die, especially given the title of the ep. And I definately don’t want to spend lots of time dragging out a medical drama where Ben hangs on and on and on and finally makes it: that just seems like a waste of time when there are so many other more interesting plot threads to delve into.

…canceled tonight. Apparently. :confused:

I am booing. Loudly.

I can’t be loud enough.

Perhaps this was done on purpose…two weeks ago was the only by-week they had scheduled.

Just because this is the Dope, I’m demanding it…


I suppose it warrants mentioning today’s April Fools Day

**as far as my knowledge, sorry.

…something tells me I read it on DarkUFO’s website, but I’m not certain.


And as long as we’re doing the Lost related April Fools jokes:

Still on the schedule over at ABC.com

Hmmm… wonder if Kate will end up leaving Aaron with Cassidy…

Heh – Cassidy is pretty perceptive