Lost 5.15 "Follow The Leader"

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From the on-line description for tonight’s episode:

Follow The Leader
Kate and Jack are at odds; Locke solidifies his position as leader of the Others; Juliet and Sawyer are scrutinized.

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Last week Faraday got himself killed trying to change the future with a hydrogen bomb. That kind of thing almost never ends well.

For the rest of the crew, Dharma fun time seems to be over. And we’re gearing up for the season finale, so there’s sure to be a lot of moving the pieces around on the chessboard to prepare for next week.

Statistics show that 90% of all Change the Future With a Hydrogen Bomb businesses close in the first three months! :slight_smile:

Anyone have an idea whose flashback we are seeing tonight? I’m guessing Jack, since we haven’t seen one of his in a while. Or the flashing is from 1977 to 2007.

Actually, I’ve heard a rumor that it’s:

Richard Alpert

I hope so.

Man, that would be cool. And we may actually get some questions answered.

Anyone think the Losties’ attempt to hit the History Eraser button causes The Incident that starts this whole ball of wax rolling? Yet another case of causing something by trying to prevent it.

That’s definitely been my feeling.

I predict that the bomb will *become *the failsafe system.

I predict that Kate will get shot and to bring her back to life, Jack manages to reboot the entire show so that there was never a button for Desmond to push so flight 815 doesn’t crash–which is why the island wanted them all back in the first place: unless they’re all on the island, it can’t be rebooted (Michael’s body might be close enough for the reboot’s area of effect).

Of course that screws a lot of people, but this is Jack and he doesn’t care.

Plus, it matches with Daniel’s stunning/stupid revelation that “What happened, happened. Unless TROO LUV intervenes.”

I’m not spoiling anything by saying that there’s a hilarious little Hurley-being sheepish sequence tonight (saw it in one of the officially released sneak peaks). Watch for it.

Be pretty hard to explain the survival of Desmond, Locke, Charlie, and Eko at that point though. Since when do nukes IMPLODE?

I think the theory discussed by the producers of the show was that little things always get course corrected back (a person avoids dying for a day, but dies some other way later), but Daniel’s theory was that HUGE changes could not be course corrected: blow up the island, and there’s no possible way for the universe to “course correct” to bring back the swan. Of course, it might just as easily be that the universe doesn’t allow big changes in the first place.

I want to know what’s up with Claire! We haven’t seen her since she was in Jacob’s cabin with Christian. Although if we get a Richard Alpert flashback/forward, that’d be cool, too.

Eloise, about Jack: “Does he know what he’s talking about?”
Kate: “He thinks he does…”

Hahaha – nice.

Chang: “Who’s the President of the United States?”
Hurley: “Alright dude, we’re from the future…”


Cool – full circle. Locke sent Richard over to pull the bullet out of Locke. Sweet.

And he looks so smug about it now.

That was one of the best Hurley moments I’ve ever seen on this show.

Sayid to the rescue!

Agreed. Especially considering that this was the question Hurley was worried about when they first joined the Dharma folks. (AND that it’s something that a person from the future ought to know, of course).

Dammit! I really thought Kate was a goner. I was so happy for a second. :frowning:

Well, sinister little statement by Richard… “I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.”

Okay, earlier Richard said (about our Losties in the past): “Yeah, I met them back 30 years ago. And I watched them die”.

My guess: He watched them somehow be involved in “The Incident”, and he thought that they died in the energy release – but actually, that energy incident will be the catalyst that zaps them back to the future. He will have assumed they died – but there will be no bodies, because they will have disappeared.

Well, I guess Kate’s giving up on her plan to find Claire…

Another prediction: Next week in the finale, I suspect that the “What’s in the shadow of the statue” group (Ilana’s people) are going to attack John’s little pigrimage.

Hmmm… so Locke doesn’t like Jacob’s style of leadership, and he’s going to stage a coup?

To paraphrase Frank “Sully” Lapidus, that sub ain’t going to Fiji, is it?