Lost 5.15 "Follow The Leader"

I’m thinking that Locke thinks Jacob doesn’t exist and that Richard is the man behind the curtain.

Yes, Locke met him, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been Richard faking or something.

Eloise looks really good in a wet, low-cut shirt. Kate is so stupid, someone should have just shot her.

And Juliet, had she faced the other way while climbing into the sub, would have shown us some of the most impressive cleavage ever seen on TV.


Kate is a stone-cold bitch. Screw bringing Boone and Shannon and Charlie and whoever the hell else all died, back to life: She doesn’t want to go to jail! And that’s more important!

Also, as MrWhatsit pointed out: “Did she just say, since when do we shoot 10-year-old boys and blow up hydrogen bombs? Gee, maybe since we started letting people get shot so you can get back a toy airplane?”

I hate Kate.

Ditto. But I loved the expression on Juliet’s face when Kate was escorted into the sub.

ETA: What is up with the misleading previouslies? I’m sure at least one of those scenes for next week was actually footage from last week.

Juliet seems to look at Kate with the same look of disgust that I look at her with.

I’ve had the impression that Locke thinks Ben is the man behind the curtain.

However, flashing back to the voice he heard in Jacob’s cabin that first time (“Help me!”), I wonder if Locke planning to kill Jacob is intended more as an act of mercy, rather than a coup. Perhaps the Other leadership has been using “Jacob” as an excuse, but he’s really some imprisoned soul/being/spirit/time-shifter/weirdo. Dunno. Just thinking out loud here…

I’m think john is really gonna kill Richard. My idea is that Richard trapped Jacob a long time ago and since then he’s been acting as “jacob”. Obviously Ben is in on it, not sure if Widmore knew.

I also think that Richards longevity is directly tied to whatever he did to Jacob

So how does Christian Shepherd tie into Jacob? We know we saw him in Jacob’s cabin. And he seems to be a force for good, or at least one that’s on Locke’s side – pushing him along into what he needed to do to get where he is today. And not to forget the comment, “Since when did listening to Ben Linus get you anywhere you wanted to be?”

And while he said he couldn’t help Locke physically get up and push the wheel, we have seen Christian plenty substantial – like when he picked up the 1977 Dharma new initiates picture to show Sun and Lapidus.

On John killing Richard… I’ve always seen Richard as kind of a good guy. Okay, yeah, he helped wipe out the Dharma compound in the Purge, but he’s always had more of a level head, when other Others are quick to shoot first and ask questions… never.

This show is mind blowing. I just can’t decide if it’s mind blowing in a good way or a bad way. It is so going to depend on how they end up wrapping everything up! There are too many story lines going right now and I can’t keep track of them. For instance, I completely forgot that we are still missing Claire and that Jack’s dad is alive-ish and kickin’ around somewhere.

I was doing okay with all the story lines hooking up until Sawyer, Juliet and Kate got on the sub. Actually since we’ve heard that there is a HUGE surprise coming, I could have seen Sawyer and Juliet just going back to 1977 wherever (thus leaving the show) and living happily ever after (they are so damn cute together!) But then that evil Kate had to get caught and that threw a wrench into my whole line of thinking.

I did think this was an excellent episode. Lots of stuff explained and I can see a hell of a cliffhanger coming. So next week is the season finale, eh? DAMN. I’m really going to miss this show again.

I’m so enjoyably confused!!!

Hurley’s being stumped by Chang was priceless, especially because of him worrying in a previous episode about needing to know all that stuff during orientation.

My favorite parts were Ben’s continual looks of shock every time Locke did or said something.

Richard’s bottle ship - the Black Rock?

I thought the tunnels were Dharma, based on the maps and the game. Are there Dharma tunnels and Other tunnels?

Geez, Kate is a fickle bitch. Jack is one of those morons who, once he latches onto an idea can’t let it go even if it’s totally wrong, but at least he’s got the courage of his convictions. Kate? Does what’s good for Kate at that exact moment regardless of long-term goals.

While I hate Kate as well, I think her objection to the plan was Aaron, not jail.

Heh–and young Whitmore’s hippie-wig was to wigs what Dick Van Dyke’s British Accent in Mary Poppins was to Sir John Gielgud.

What network exec ok’d putting the actor in that wig??
Plus, the problem with Jack’s idiot REBOOT plan is that he’s never read any science fiction: at best all he’ll do is introduce the Grandfather Paradox. (Assuming that “Whatever happened, happened” law is now gone 'cause of the TROO LUV amendment and we’re not gonna allow parallel worlds 'cause there’s been no hint of them until now) Follow…

Original Timeline

  1. 1977-ish. Candlewick drills into the “pocket of energy” causing the incident
  2. The Swan is built, Radzinsky (or whoever) is forced to push the button for 20 years
  3. Somewhere along the way, the other guy shows up and Radzinski kills himself.
  4. 2000-ish. Desmond shows up and starts pushing the button
  5. 2003-ish. Desmond semi-accidentally kills the other guy and misses a button push causing 815 to crash.
  6. 100 days later (give or take) Some of the 815 folks get off the island and the donkey wheel is pushed.
  7. Everyone but the O-6 starts strobing through time.
  8. Locke pushes the FDW stranding most of the Losties in 1974
  9. 2006: The O6 return to the Island and (inexplicably) end up in 1977.
    1. Daniel/Jack decide to set off the bomb to kill everyone so no-one drills which will stop the incident
  10. Let’s say they succeed. We now go to the New Timeline

New Timeline

  1. There is no incident and most of the Dharmites and Others are now dead and the island is radioactive.
  2. So there’s no button.
  3. So the other guy (Kelvin?) and Desmond don’t have to push anything
  4. So 815 doesn’t crash
  5. So no-one pushes the FDW
  6. So no-one goes back to 1977.
  7. So the bomb isn’t set off to stop the incident.
  8. So the incident happens
  9. Return to Original Timeline.

I’m still wondering what ever happened to Rose and Bernard. :confused:

Also, who’d be better off and who’d be worse off if 815 hadn’t crashed.

[li]Rose/Bernhard-Crash=happily ever after, No Crash=Rose would be dead or dying. Better off Crashed[/li][li]Jack: Crash=dick, well on his way to becoming an alcoholic; No Crash=Dick with a prescription drug habit. Better off, no difference.[/li][li]Kate: Crash=Annoying bitch out of jail; No Crash=Annoying bitch in jail. Better off: From her POF, non-crashed[/li][li]Locke: crash=bitter cripple; no crash: crazy non-cripple. And his evil dad is dead. Better off, crashed.[/li][li]Boone/Shannon: Crash=Dead; No Crash=weird incest thing. Better off: Probably non-crashed[/li][li]Claire/Aaron: We don’t know 'cause we don’t know what’s up with her. Aaron, however is better off Non-Crashed as he’d never have been stuck with Kate[/li][li]Hurley: Crash=Crazy, but has friends; Non-Crashed…we don’t know. Would he still be haunted by The Numbers? Better off: Don’t know.[/li][li]Charlie: Crash=kicked the heroin habit, died a hero. Non Crash=dead in the gutter from an OD. Better off: Crashed[/li]Sawyer: Crashed=he gets Juliet; Non-Crashed, he’s just a con-man loser. Better off Crashed.[/ul]

The same one that ok’d that horrible CGI of the sub leaving the island?

I love how after seasons of Ben and Richard being so cryptic with their answers about the island and manipulating everyone that Locke is beating them at their own game. Keeping them guessing, giving them cryptic answers (the island told me), leading them place to place without explanation.
Locke: Let’s go see Jacob.
Ben: Um, it doesn’t work that way.
Locke: Mmm, sure it does, let’s go.
Richard: Okay, we’ll go tommorow.
Locke: Umm, no, let’s go right now.
Richard: Fine. The two of us will go.
Locke: Wrong again. We’ll take Ben. In fact, we’re going to take everyone.
Ben: What are you going to tell Jacob?
Locke: Nothing. I’m going to kill him.
Ben: WTF???

Yep. After seeing the excellent job they did with the plane breaking in two mid-air the CGI sub was pretty craptacular.

Ha! My wife and I enjoyed the crappy CGI submarine. No, not for any good reason. We just enjoyed it.

Didn’t someone say that the bomb was under the Dharma village? But they swam through the underwater tunnel and walked through a short tunnel that was lit with the blue and green gels and there was the bomb.

Shades of “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”.

The scene where Locke watches himself be helped by Richard reminded me of the film “Timecrimes”, which I’ll bet the “Lost” writers have seen.