Lost 3.15: "Left Behind"

Kate feels like the third wheel now. The little familiar look between Jack and Juliet.

So where has Danielle disappeared to since two episodes ago? Last we saw her, she was looking at Alex from he cover of the bushes.

breaking my long-time lurker-dom

Gotta say, the wet shirts and mud wrestling was a nice touch. I’ll stay on Team Juliet. :wink:

So Kate says to Jack that they all left their little village because of her? WTF?

And did the smoke monster just take a few pictures of the girls cowering in the tree and split?

Now the only logical thing for the Losties to do is pack up the beach camp and move to the abandoned village where they are safe from the monster and stuff, right?

And what about those little silver airplane toys?

Maybe it’s just because now that a party of Losties found them, the Others’ village is no longer a secret? So they need to head off for parts unknown – don’t want their whereabouts known. Although, I guess they could always just argue “Let’s kill Sayid and Kate, and keep Jack here, don’t let anybody go back.”

But Ben may have gone ahead and promised to Jack (or Locke) to not harm the other Losties, so they’d either have to keep them captive indefinitely or let them go (which it appears they opted to do). Shipping out since their village had been discovered.

Why is it Kate’s fault that Jack & Juliet are stuck? Isn’t it because of that fuckwit Locke, who blew up the submarine because he wanted to stay? None of the Others actually cared about Kate, right? She was just collateral so Jack would stay and fix Ben? Or am I missing the forest for the trees?

Or, “Let’s turn on our fence and plug anyone who tries to hang a ladder over it.” Unless they have a backup-backup base or a hatch that can hold 50 people.


I thought it was odd that Julliette didn’t know about the TCM, but I remebered the others lie. Even if Juliette is an ex-other (I’m not convinced this is the case. It could be true, or she could be another attemp at infiltration) she still is suspect. Though I can bel;ive they know of teh TCM but not the details.

I thought about “hey, lets move everyone to the village.” It may be brought up. (who am I kidding, if it is brought up it will be mid season 4)

Next week Sayid demands answers! (though previews are notoriously decieving)

p.s. Kate’s mom was one of Sabrina’s aunts on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”
p.p.s My guess is they went to Alcatraz (they still have the sailboat plus I believe another boat)

I swear Sayyid’s the only guy on the goddamn island with two brain cells to scrape together.

I mean, am I the only guy here who saw last season? Or this season? Or earlier taht same episode where Juliet handcuffed herself to Kate in a half-assed attempt to ingratiate herself?

I’m really hating the others. And not in the way the writers want me too.

Maybe Danielle is following the Otherly Migration, and she’ll start laying traps and picking them off one by one, until she gets Alex back. :wink:

I don’t think Juliet is a spy. They already know the Losties’ life histories and blood types. And they are all stranded on a beach catching fish, breaking open coconuts and living in tents, so it’s not like they are building secret weapons to attack them with. What useful information could Juliet surreptitiously acquire?

First of all, it’s Kate’s fault because she came back and brought Locke with her. If she hadn’t led him back there, he wouldn’t have been able to destroy the submarine and Jack would have gotten home.
Second, it might be difficult to lead the Losties to the abandoned village because hey, the path there goes right through Smoke Monster Territory.
And last, the Others are leaving because 1)the Losties know where they are and 2)they have Locke and want to take him someplace else to do whatever the hell they’re going to do with him.

Coming in for my weekly “Does Sayid rock, or what?!” post :slight_smile:

I mean he may be wrong, Juliet may be on the up-and-up. But totally, Menocchio, he is the only one with his thinking cap on.

This is why they were waiting to show Sayid in the final scene … saving the best for last! I absolutely love his incredulous stare. :slight_smile:

I’m still not convinced that Juliet isn’t a double agent and that this is all just a part of the Others’ plan to infiltrate the Lostie ranks. Ben knows he couldn’t infiltrate or capture, so now they’re going to go straight for the psychological double-cross and Juliet is going to be his agent provocateur. She’s basically got Jack on a leash, and he’s got all the clout. She’s in a position now to not only feed them whatever information she wants, but to also sway Jack’s influence on the entire group. It’s all one big con. The writing is on the [hatch] walls. Thankfully, Sayid and Kate know better. He’s got the brains, and she’s got the feminine instinct that something is up. I’m not so certain she’s feeling like a “third wheel”, I think she just doesn’t trust Juliet any further than she could throw her, and I don’t blame her.

I wonder what happened to that mention of someone “working for the Others” that’s been tossed around recently. We were supposed to believe maybe it was Sawyer, then Nikki & Paulo, and now … ? They like to insert snippets of dialog into the trailers which are completely out of context and this is how people get disappointed about “not getting the answers they were promised”. If you don’t allow hyped up soundbytes on a trailer to dictate your expectations for the next episode, then you won’t be upset when you find out they were nothing more than red fish biscuits. :smiley:

Looks like they are promising a lot next week. No I won’t mention anything from the preview…

I’m not one who cares about getting answers every week. However, if they promise a bunch of answers they better deliver or I’ll be pissed. I’ll still watch but I’ll be pissed.

I must have missed something. How did Kate break Jack’s heart? Did they do the in and out thing or what? How did Jack find out, and when did this happen? Recently?

Way back when Sawyer and Kate were locked up in the cages on Othertraz and being made to do hard labor, Kate got all misty when she found out they were gonna kill Sawyer and gave him a pity-screw. Jack saw it on the closed circuit video feed from one of the little hatches. Much scowling ensued.

She had sex in the cage with Sawyer while Jack was watching on the video monitors.

I kind of liked this episode. It was a nice mix of Beach drama with mythology and flashback character connections. I’m still a little confused about what really happened to Juliet. Did she get gassed, then drag kate out into the jungle? Did she wake up in the jungle next to Kate and happened to have handcuffs? Was Juliet told she would be left behind or was it a surprise? How did she not know they were all leaving when all the other Others seemed extremely well prepared?

A question egarding Nigel Tufnel:

I know he was in Spinal Tap but I don’t remember the movie that well. Did he get killed in the movie?

Some Easter eggs - Cassie, obviously in the flashback, confirming that it really was Sawyer’s baby. Kate’s Mom says if she sees her again she’ll call for help, explaining why she did that in the other flashback when Kate came to see her in the hospital. The Numbers on building blocks. The sonic gate code is 1623. Kate’s hat says “cowboy up”. The game “Mousetrap” is in the game room, which Locke had one mentioned as his favorite game. Sawyer’s reading “Watership Down” again, I guess he ran out of books.

I’m wondering too if the Losties will try and move to the Barracks. It has electricity, running water, shelter, and a nice smoke monster proof fence. Plus it would probably be cheaper for them to film there than on a beach :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree, although the producers have said they have no control over the promotional aspects of the show. When the trailer was saying we’d see 3 huge mysteries solved for the Jack tattoo episode, the producers made fun of it saying they weren’t sure what that was supposed to mean, that at most one real mystery would be revealed. So ABC ? the writers/producers of Lost.

And actually with reference to the general pace of the show, I think it would do them a lot of good just to tell us, you know, we’ll find some answers to these major questions at this point in the series. Obviously they can’t tell us everything in one epsiode in terms of the island mysteries or there’d be no show left. But giving us an idea of when to expect certain things would make the audience a lot more patient I think.

It’s a joke. Nigel’s famous line in Spinal Tap is that his amp “goes to 11” because it’s one more than 10. Reread the comments in that spoiler again and it should add up.

Well, technically, Jack only saw them during the cuddling-afterwards stage, I believe. Fortunately for him, he didn’t have to witness the “main event”.

Unless, of course, he’s in to cage-match porn.