Lost 3.17: "Catch-22"

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OK, so Juliet has successfully won the trust of the Lostaways. Too bad Locke is off with The Others, because he’d probably dooubt her. Is there any hope that Sayid sees thru her deception? I hope we get to see some of footage of Locke and Ben, and maybe find out what they’re up to, but I somehow doubt it. I bet the writers are going to keep us in suspense wrt that storyline for awhile.

From the ABC “Lost” website:

Catch-22 Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle after experiencing one of his future-prophesizing “flashes” – but is he purposely placing Charlie’s life in harm’s way? Meanwhile, Kate turns to an unwitting Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet.

Based on that description, I assume that…

This will be a Desmond centric episode and the title refers to his being unable to help Charlie no matter what he does. Could this be the episode where the writers kill off Charlie? We can only hope…

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My traditional post to Herc at AICN (spoilers)

I’m curious about

The new character Naomi, Carlton Cuse tells E! Online, “does not appear in a flashback, she is not an Other, and she is not one of the survivors of Flight 815."

to paraphrase The Electric Company: What is it about Naomi?


Informed speculation:

She’s a member of the DHARMA Initiative who has come to the Island to find out what happened and why they lost contact. She parachutes to the Island with the latest supply drop.

I boldly predict that on tonight’s episode, somebody will con somebody.

Maybe that Sawyer fellow. I seem to remember something about him maybe being a con man. Let’s have a nice detailed flashback about him conning somebody.

Hope they don’t waste time on those dull island mysteries. Who cares about that stuff? I want more character development. Maybe Hurley fixing up another car. That’d be great!

I think last week’s episode has re-ignited the spark in a lot of the viewers for this show. Note that last week’s thread is still active, and is higher on the page than this thread (before I made this post, that is).

Why do you watch the show? Seriously.

Hoping for it to improve. But ratings are continuing to fall so I don’t know how much longer it will matter.

You might wanna read this:


How many more episodes are left this season? The ain’t it cool site lists 23 total, bit if we’re on 17, then there’s seven left. I thought they said last week there was only five left though. With seven left then it runs until the week after memorial day. I just want to make sure I don’t miss any of my recordings as I’m going away in the middle of May.

At least you don’t have to waste time coming up with more material for your posts. You have succeed in getting my eyes to glaze over when I hit your posts. Was it your intention to make your input completely irrelevant by posting the same crap over and over?

The show regained the Top 20 weeks ago and has stayed there, so clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

And everything that I have seen at least implies that ABC is trying to get the producers to commit more seasons than they want to.

I’ve seen you post similar things before. Really, if your complaint about the show is that characters are deceptive and that the audience isn’t in on the deceit until later in the plot, there must be a whole lot of fiction out there that is just too repetitive and boring for your refined taste. I think there’s an episode of Gilligan’s Island somewhere that meets this standard.

Well , the answer to that question is complicated.


Cut to me when I was 37 years-old . . .

Well, IMDB lists them up through May 23. And I would assume epsiodes 22-23 will be a 2-hour season finale, shown on the same night (like in previous seasons). So that would really make 6 weeks left (counting tonight), assuming this number of episodes is correct.

IIRC, the Super-Dramatic Voice-Over Announcer said “… only five episodes left until the season finale …” or something like that, and I believe the finale is a two-parter airing over two weeks, so that would make EVERYBODY correct. As far as this is concerned, anyway.

I just re-watched the preview and it said “only 5 more episodes until the shocking season finale”. I take that to mean 6 more total. I don’t know if the finale is 2 hours or not, but let’s hope so.

Also, at the very end of last week’s episode, Ben says to Juliet: “See you in a week”. Given that it’s about 3 days between episodes, Island time, this means next week’s episode should see Juliet and Ben back together again in some fashion.

In which the reader learns how randwill’s father tricked him into watching “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, a movie about con artists. This twisted the knife even deeper in their relationship, his being conned into watching a movie about cons, when his father knew full well how much randwill has despised tricks and cons ever since the tender age of 8, when…


Cut to randwill at age 8, where we learn how his mother tricked him into taking the role of the daffodil in the school play, and he had to wear that flower costume in front of all his friends.



I must have missed the last part then. I think I’ll be at home for the last episode so it shouldn’t be a problem.

just so I can understand a bit better, are you posting in these threads just to piss people off or do you really think you are adding something?