LOST 1-21-09 "Because You Left"/"The Lie"

That is EXACTLY what I just said to MrWhatsit. (Not that I needed to; he’s very good about dishwasher safety.)

Woo fricking Hoo! Hell of a start to the season.

Neil got fire. (snicker)

I love watching Hurley explain this thing to his Mother.

Four seasons of Lost summed up in a minute. Hurley sounds like me when I’m trying to tell people about Lost.

son of a bitch! (tm Sawyer/Jack) - I had to run an emergency errand. Left when Hurley saw Ana-Lucia, got back when Sawyer, Juliet et al were running from fire arrows. Can someone, anyone, fill me in? I realize this might be hard, given all the confusing wonderfulness of this episode.

Wow! Talk about momentum.

It should stream in the morning on abc.com, if not sooner.

…They went a completely different direction than I was expecting. And I am so happy that they did.

You didn’t miss much. The source of the flaming arrows is a mystery. RIP Frogurt.

It seemed pretty slow for a season premiere. Some cool stuff at the beginning and the end. The only thing I read beforehand was a little interview thing where the producers said “wouldn’t it be cool if Sayid was like Jason Bourne doing all his cool killing stuff with Hurley as a bumbling sidekick?” All Sayid did in the episode was get carried around.

The problem with this story telling style. I just watched it and remember a lot of what happened but not the order. There are sites that recap all the episodes. Someone will have a link.

Thanks anyway guys. I am an adult. I can delay gratification until it streams on ABC. and I really liked the episode. Like that we still don’t know if Ben or Widmore is a worse bad guy. Glad for the urgency to get back to the island. Good to see Daniel not being an idiot. Esp good to see all these characters and these wonderful actors again. I missed it, I admit.

I’m with those who don’t remember things from years ago that were or were not explained. Like, at one point there were two islands and there were slaves moving rocks around at gunpoint on the smaller island for some unknown reason. I guess the two island thing has been abandoned.

I’m glad it’s back and I’ll try to hang in there, but I really wish this was the last season. I feel like it’s about played out and I’d hate to see it get into “Prison Break” territory were it’s just prolonged to the point of absurdity.

Great kickoff… as good as ever, if not better.

One thing I’m grateful for. No more flashbacks. Those were getting OLD.

Love the idea of the islanders just randomly (or maybe not so randomly?) popping around in time. It’ll be cool if the writers keep cleverly intertwining them with the events of the last few seasons. But, I’m sure Faraday will figure out a way to put an end to it.

That pendulum chalk device mysterious omniscient lady was using is cool. Must be an island location calculating device… I think Galileo built it.

How’re they gonna bust Hurley out of jail?

That lady…Mrs. Hawking from Desmond’s flashbacks?

Will we find out she’s Daniel Faraday’s mother?

Oh Hugo. You shoulda listened to Ana Lucia. She warned you to stay away from the cops!

Wasn’t that the same woman who tasked Desmond with saving the world?

ETA: Ninja’d by Rushgeekgirl. And can Hurley really trust Anu Lucia, what with her being either a hallucination or a manifestation of Craphole Island (possibly, maybe)?

ears in fingers…la la la la la…not reading the thread

Um, I had NO IDEA that it was starting, and since my TiVo has been replaced since the last time there were new episodes I didn’t have a season pass, so I missed it. How long does ABC.com wait before showing new episodes?

kicks self

I loved the “greatest hits of Lost” factor to it. Hurley’s 4-season recap was the highlight, of course, but also the return of the Boone-killing drug plane, Ana-Lucia, Ethan and the original Hatch. That was fun. I half expected Adam and Eve to drop by.

I had utterly forgotten about Frogurt; I still don’t remember where he came from. Who were all the people who suddenly appeared just to get shot or run into the woods? Were those leftover Others?

Actually, don’t bother answering that. They’re all redshirts as far as I’m concerned. Just glad to have Lost back, woo hoo!

And he was even wearing a red shirt! It was obvious from the moment he opened his mouth that he was going to be killed, I just didn’t know when it would come.

I’m hoping we’ll be getting the greatest hits of the island this season.

Want to know about Dharma? The building of the four toed statue? The Crazy French Lady’s Science boat? You will be there!

[quote=“Rushgeekgirl, post:34, topic:482345”]

Will we find out she’s Daniel Faraday’s mother?


We already know she is from Daniel’s flashback episode.