Lost 1.9, "Solitary" (SPOILERS)

Greetings, castaways! I must have been kidnapped by aliens this week or something, because how is it Wednesday already?

Anyway, it’s Sayid’s big week. Have you braced yourself to perhaps see him in uniform doing what “communications” officers do best? Will we find out about his mystery lady from the snapshots Claire found in the wreckage? How about that goose egg on the back of his head and who(what?)ever put it there? What will come of his self-imposed exile?

Elsewhere on the island, will Shannon be such a bitch now that she’s low on life-giving oxygen, or will she communicate her disdain solely through mime now? Will the Americans convince Charlie and Claire to imagine up a friggin’ Thanksgiving for them? What information, skill or metaphor will Locke yank out of his ass this week? Will Jack die for everyone’s sins already and get it over with? Stay tuned!

Lost threads spoiler policy:

I can hardly wait!

So many questions!

In the teaser ad, which I just saw again, a woman seems to be torturing Sayid. Why? And who is she?

Will Sawyer be any different this week after his revelations to Kate? Has Kate shared this confidence with anyone else, or is she keeping it to herself? Will her attitude towards him change?

I eagerly await tonights episode, I find myself more and more into this as the weeks go by.


That opening musical score with Saayid on the beach… I half expected to see the Statue of Liberty poking out of the sand! Very cool.
Nothing else happens. Will be back with pithy and witty comments as the mood strikes me. Thanks for clearly stating spoiler rules up front. We need that in every thread from now on.

New redshirts: Ethan, Hives Guy
The Woman is asking about Alex. Obviously, this implies that an Alex has infiltrated the LOST group. Remember, Alex could be a male OR female name.

Woman and Saayid have a prior relationship?

Wow, that lady’s cray-zee!

I’d just like to take this opportunity to grumble about stuff from the “Next week on Lost” stuff being unboxed. Am I the only one who tries (in vain, it seems) to avoid knowing what’s in the previews, since they’re often spoilerish?

SDMB’s time stamp is off by a good 12 minutes.

Larry, yeah, I’m afraid you’re probably in a minority. If it airs on ABC, open game. Funny thing, too, on teh syndicated ET, on the CBS station here in OKC, Saayid spoiled a plot point for this week in the interview.

Why is Saayid carrying 5X7s and not 4X6s or 3 1/2X5s?

Sorry, I was just following the rules in the OP. Didn’t mean to ruin anything for you. I figure that since they’re right after the show, and they air a million times during the week, it wouldn’t upset anyone if I mentioned them.


Early Hurly scene is good. He looks a wee bit slimmer…

Nah, I thought maybe Alex wandered off somewhere and never came back. Crazy lady is paranoid and thinks “they” got him. “They” being the product of too much salt and sun.

Hey, does anyone read Arabic? What was written on that photo?

Could be. I’m open. Would still fit either way. (Alex)
In Saayid’s backstory, it looks like he was trying to fight terrorism. He doesn’t seem to fit in with the group he’s a part of. He believes in a greater good to fight for. The rest of his group are thugs.
Wake up, little Suzy! Damn, I say I say, Damn!
New revelations from the Woman (Danielle), Black Rock was a place. There are more than one bears. She fears something else even more but doesn’t believe in monsters. She looks odd without her headcrest.

Question: What was the power cable attatched to under water? We know the other end was Danielle’s hut.

Possible Answer: (Previous Q) Danielle’s map shows it to be an island. Is it correct?

This is why you wait to ask these things when the episode is over if they don’t answer it ;).

Another answer:

“You’ll find me in the next life if not in this one.”

I’ll leave it to you to apply it to the right question.

Next new LOST in 2 weeks. Previews indicate it may tie in to something Danielle said. Either that or I have a vivid imagination.


Danielle told Saayid that there are “others.” She hasn’t seen them, but she can hear them. Saayid seemed to be hearing voices in the wind. His imagination based on vivit with Danielle? Or disembodied spirits of LOST souls? Or some sort of psychological experiment gone far wrong? Also, who is molesting Claire in 2 weeks? Inquiring minds want to know!

Whooo! That one just added about a million new questions.

Alex is her child. Not son, not daughter. Child. Anyone in the castaways about the right age and look to fit NCB’s infiltration theory?

So it appears to be an island. Are we sure that’s this place and not the island they were headed for on their scientific mission? Sayid also grabbed some other documents that might have more info on them to be revealed later.

“He was sick.” Sick how? Sick in the head and dangerous? Sick physically and in pain, so she shot him out of mercy? What exactly would the signs be that she told Sayid to watch for?

“If we’re lucky, it’s one of the bears”. So there is something worse than a bear out there, but it’s not a “monster”.

And… I didn’t catch a preview for next week at the end! Better not be a re-run! I just couldn’t handle something like that!

Okay, I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 7:00 and I don’t really have time to write out a reasoned reaction to that episode, but oh my shit!

And I’m supposed to wait two weeks for more?

Child is enigmatic, too.

Born on the island? What age when stranded if otherwise? Could be anywhere from 15 yrs old to late 20s.

Next week being the day b4 Thanksgiving, apparenently ABC will be showing something else.

“If we are lucky it is ONE of the bears” :eek:

Danielle is almost as good as Delenn in NOT answering questions. “They” are the source of transmissions? Where is the power coming from? What / whwre is the black rock? (hopefully marked on the map Sayid stole.

“Child” could mean something besides biological offspring. The tree crushing monster?

Will Sayid go back to get Nadia’s picture?