Lost 1.3: "Tabula Rasa" (some unboxed spoilers)

Thought I might get this show on the road early, since there’s a chance I might not be in when the episode’s on.

Burning questions!
What was Kate’s crime?
What did Sawyer’s letter say?
What’s the secret, Locke and Walt?
Who’s broadcasting on Radio Free Tropical Island?
Will Jin’s charming bonhomie open the door to Sun’s heart?
How long before Hurley gets hungry for sea urchin?
Will Charlie get lucky and find a field of opium poppies?

Let’s follow the conventions established in the last thread: Unboxed discussion of current and previous episodes is cool, as is unboxed speculation based on facts from those eps. However, please box spoilers for upcoming episodes and speculation based on those spoilers.

I am also curious about Kate’s crime.
I wasn’t going to watch Lost, but my brother got me hooked on the replaying of the first two episodes last Saturday.

I hope we get to see Vincent. I missed him last week.

From White Rabbit:

Who the heck is this guy?

Maybe this week we’ll get …
Anyway, I am feeling very sick but I am afraid to lay down because I might fall asleep and forget to set my VCR and sleep through it.

Oooh, nice site.

[SPOILER]That’s from an episode titled “White Rabbit”. Hmm … a reference to Wonderland? The guy’s in a couple other pictures and he sure doesn’t look like someone who just survived a plane crash. Rather spiffily dressed.

There’s some pics of the Korean couple and he actually is looking at her rather tenderly. There’s also a couple good pics showing their wedding rings.

I checked out the promotional pics for this episode and look!
They found Vincent! … Or have they? Dun dun duuuunnnn!

How long before it occurs to somebody that the entire group could live off Hurley for a week?

One thing I liked was that Said’s math was correct in the scene where

he multiplied the number of iterations of the message by its length, coming up with about 16 years.

I also did it in my head, but not nearly as fast. Sometimes a movie or show will have a math problem as a plot device, and then the writer will just pull a number out of the air instead of spending a few seconds with a calculator.

Given the episode title and the song of the same name, I bet that’s the point Charlie goes into withdrawal and starts hallucinating.

What the heck, you can see what I titled the link in the spoiler box. Sorry guys, didn’t know it would do that.

Here’s my spec on Kate

I think she may have performed a mercy killing.

Some heavy stuff in there this week. I was half-hoping Kate would have left Ray in the burning truck, because it’s sort of done to so blatantly establish a criminal as redeemable that way. Also, Jack? For not letting her tell what she did, you are off my Christmas card list.

I like seeing Sayid establish himself as a leader, and it’s cool that people trust him – racial and background issues aside, it’s just neat to see people establishing roles like that. Though I wonder what sides will be taken the next time he and Sawyer tangle.

Hurley, you are my avatar on this show. My heart belongs to Dominic Monaghan, but you’re the man. And he’s fast becoming the person on the island who knows the most. He’s always around, always kind of helping, and he stumbles into all this knowledge about the other survivors. Something to watch; what is he going to do with all those facts?

Speaking of my boyfriend Dom, not much Charlie in this episode. The Sharpie fixation is cool, though; given his real-life penchant for doodling and scrawling on himself, it’s clearly something he brought to the character. I wonder what about the show and the character they’ll telegraph that way.

Did you see that last shot in the “next weeks?” That scar on Locke’s face was a fresh wound… I knew he was the person who was already on the island!

I love Locke for what he did tonight. I didn’t think much of his saying he was making a whistle, but as soon as he pulled it out and blew that first note, I was all, “Awww!!!” :slight_smile:

I thought tonight’s show was very good.

What was going on there in the last shot of him? His eyes looked weird. He has got to be the most interesting character of the bunch. The thing that has me worried though … I think I’ll put it in a spoiler box.

I looked through the photo gallery on the site that Jack Sayid linked to and there are no pics of Terry O’Quinn’s character in the 6th episode. I sure hope he doesn’t snuff it.

Redneck guy actually made me feel sorry for him.

The exchange with the Marshall and Kate confirmed my earlier speculation about Kate’s crime. He just assumed she would put him out of his misery.

Sorry for the double-postings, I was hoping some other Lostees would post.

Anyway, I could not remember what Tabula Rasa means so I did a search and found this;

*Tabula rasa, or “blank slate”, is the basic idea that individual human beings are born “blank” (with no built-in mental content), and that his or her identity is defined overwhelmingly by events after birth. However, there are two meanings of the term in modern usage, and these meanings are fundamentally incongruent.

The original Tabula Rasa is a theory that the (human) mind is at birth a “blank slate” without data or rules for processing it, and that data is added and rules for processing it formed solely by our sensory Senses are the physiological methods of perception. The senses and their operation, classification, and theory are overlapping topics studied by a variety of fields, but most notably neuroscience, cognitive psychology (or cognitive science), and philosophy of perception.
Tabula Rasa (Latin for “clean slate” or “blank slate”) was first advocated by John Locke

John Locke (August 29 1632 — October 28 1704) was an Enlightenment philosopher. An Englishman, Locke’s notions of “government with the consent of the governed” and man’s natural rights (life, liberty, and estate) had an enormous influence on the development of political philosophy. His ideas formed the basis for the concepts used in American law and government, allowing the colonists to justify revolution. Locke was one of the British Empiricists, which also included David Hume and George Berkeley.*

Terry O’Quinn’s character is named Locke.

In the flashback to the car-chase scene, I got lost. What exactly was going on? It looked like he was trying to run them off the road–why didn’t the farmer stop? And what was Kate doing with the wheel?


Aghhh, I Tivo’d the episode and the last minute or so got cut off. The place where it stopped was when Walt and his dad were walking along the beach with Vincent while that song was playing. In the foreground was Locke. We see his back, and the camera just starts to pan around (I assume to photograph his face), and that’s when the Tivo recording stopped. What happened after that? What expression did Locke have on his face?

AAelghat, it wasn’t so much his expression that was worthy of note, but his eyes, at least to me, seemed a bit off. Some kind of colored contacts perhaps for effect. It seemed like he was observing everyone else and not terribly pleased. Everyone else was interacting with someone else (even Sayid and the redneck - can’t remember his name - had a moment) and he was the only loner. Maybe it means something, who knows what the writers want us to think.

He had a pretty blank look on his face, a* tabula rasa* if you will.

I’m pretty sure that “Tabula Rasa” or “blank slate” refers to Jack’s statement that they “all died 3 days ago” and deserve a fresh start.
That statement also plays into my belief that the mystery behind all this is supernatural in nature.

A man that well-dressed can only be Mr. Roarke.