Lost 9/29 (unboxed spoilers)

Well, what do you think Kate did? I’d guessed early in that sequence that she had been the prisoner, but her flashback was … wow.

Also, Charlie: What were the flight attendants talking about when they kept looking up the aisle at him? It’s not illegal to be strung out on a plane these days, is it? Because they couldn’t have known he was carrying contraband. (Junkie he may be, I liked his shoes. :))

They were probably concerned because he was acting nervous and agitated.

That polar bear looked kind of cheesy, like a big muppet. But a pretty good episode otherwise.

I missed the first five minutes. Can I get a recap?

And good news for everyone who missed the premiere. ABC advertised they are going to rerun the first two episodes this Saturday.

The background music is becoming increasingly annoying. It seems as if the producers aren’t sure if the audience is following what’s on screen so they told the musical director to play lots of ominous music.

My quick impression is may be Kate is an embezzler, or other white collar criminal? I don’t think her offense would be violent. As far as Charlie, in the beginning, maybe the flight attendant just remarked to her fellow attendants that he was nervous. When he got up and started running for the bathrooms, that’s probably when they got suspicious and thought he was planning an attack maybe?

My question is, what was the Korean guy doing, elaborately preparing his catch, walking all over the beach trying to get people to eat it, when he wouldn’t let the Korean woman have any? Why was it so important to him that her sweater be buttoned all the way to the top? Why, why, WHY???

But in the “next week” teasers, the marshall said she was dangerous, and she looked rough as all hell in the mug shots they flashed up. That guy was such a dick to her on the plane, and she still put the oxygen mask on his face. I was rooting for him to die when they flashed back to Jack working on the wound.

I wonder how they’ll resolve (if it can be resolved) his weird conservatism when he can’t speak with the rest of the passengers. Of course, I doubt he’d care what they had to say anyway – they’ve just run around and had fistfights and bled on each other; he at least managed to come up with something to eat. (Though maybe the Baby Lady will have food poisoning next ep…) I think he wants to ingratiate himself with the rest of the group so they’ll be less likely to question his dominance thing with his wife. I wish those two would talk to each other so we can get the subtitles back.

Assuming he doesn’t know English; I’m betting he does. Then again, I thought the monster would be a dinosaur, so what do I know. :wink:

I wonder what the deal is with the redneck guy who took the Marshall’s gun? I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but there’s something bothering the hell out of him.

One thing that’s bugging me so far: I anticipate the cliche of the Iraqi guy and the Redneck guy eventually getting into a situation where they have to depend on each other to survive, or something like that. It’s set up for that already, and I hope that the writers are going to resist that obvious temptation and give us something new there.

They really out to find the other transmitter. After all, it contines to have power aftyer 16 years of transmitting…


Actually, what I would LOVE to see is them have the Iraqi guy REALLY turn out to be a terrorist, and the redneck be something totally unexpected like an intelligence agent or something, because we’ve been set up with the expectation that this is the standard cliche of the paranoid American redneck and the poor, persecuted minority.

I knew from early spoilers that there would be a prisoner that would be somewhat “unexpected” so I suspected it would be Kate. I’m thinking that her crime would have to be pretty serious though for a U.S. Marshall to have retrieved her from Australia.

I agree that the stewardess was probably suspicious of Charlie because of the way he was acting, not because they suspected anything in particular. Then again maybe she did suspect drugs. Speaking of which, I am pretty square so what kind of drug is it that you rub on your gums?

They didn’t really show that much of the polar bear directly or for very long so it was really hard for me to form an opinion on whether or not it looked fake.

I am really wondering if they had to cut out a lot of stuff because it seems like a lot of stuff is skipped over really fast but later there is references to it having been discussed. For example, when Jack was asked if there were any survivors in the cockpit he said no. Later when the polar bear attacked someone asked Charlie if that’s what killed the pilot and he said the bear was tiny compared to that. So at some point they did tell everyone what happened. There were other instances of things like that.

It seems that Vincent is indeed the dog that we saw, unless they throw a twist later and say “Vincent was a black lab not a yellow lab”.

When the kid, Walt, walks by the older guy (Terry O’Quinn) how did he know Walt’s name? Were they introduced before? Did he hear the father calling for him? If so I missed that, it just seemed strange to me that he knew the kids name. I liked how he responded to the kid when the kid said his mother had died a couple weeks ago. He didn’t say “I’m sorry” just “You’ve had a bad month”.

Finally, in the previews for next week it shows Terry O’Quinn’s character in the jungle looking up at something in the trees. It looked to me like I was seeing something like the camoflage in Predator but I talked to someone right after the show and they didn’t see that. Was my mind playing tricks on me or did anyone else see that?

Someone said they liked the Korean guy, but he seems like an ass. I hope he gets eaten by the monster.

Actually, half the fun of this show is trying to figure out who the redshirts are. That is, who’s going to die over the next few months.

I think the Asshole knew about the pilot somehow but had been pretending he didn’t. He slipped up after the bear incident.

And if I had to guess, I’d say Charlie’s a heroin afficionado.

Well, when Charlie said that they cut to a shot of Kate looking nervous, so I took that to mean that Jack, Kate and Charlie had agreed, perhaps tacitly, not to mention the pilot or what happened to him so at not to worry the others. And then Charlie blabbed anyway.

And it seems highly implausible to me that Jack would see a well-looked-after, collared Lab on an apparently uninhabited island, without knowing there were dogs on the plane, and not bother to mention it to the others.

I liked that they didn’t explicitly explain that part. O’Quinn’s character spent the entire first episode listening and not speaking. He probably learned many things we didn’t see him learn.

The Korean man and woman are NOT married to each other; I’d bet money on that.

What was the Korean woman trying to tell Kate, with all the talking and pointing? Kate seemed to understand her, but I sure didn’t.

But I think it was the Lifeguard that asked if that was what killed the pilot, not the Asshole.

With everything that was going on and considering he had been barely conscious when he saw the dog, I think it’s possible he could forget to mention it. Besides, maybe he’s just not a dog person/

Yep, I saw it too. I hope that when/if the “monster” is revealed, we get to see more than that.

Also, when they returned from their hike, they were asked if they found the cockpit and if there were any survivors. After sharing A Look, they agree that there were no survivors. I don’t like “The Redneck/Asshole” at all. Something is just off with him, but then I have to think if maybe the writers are doing it on purpose and, as it so happens, he’s really some great guy or something.

I agree that the Korean couple is not married; brother/sister maybe?

I’d been wondering when Terry O’Quinn was going to speak.

Why was Pedicure Gal insisting that she couldn’t speak French but then she could translate it? Is she too afraid to have to take on some responsibility or handle pressure?

I thought the Korean woman was trying to get the other woman to come and have something to eat.