Anyone else going to watch this? “Lost” ABC at 8pm
It Premiere’s tonight. I admit I’m mainly interested in watching it because I’m a huge fan of Dominic Monaghan, but it looks like it could be a cool kinda series.

Actually I’m mildly interested in seeing it. I like the whole ‘isolated main characters’ thing in movies/tv.

I’m practially hopping up and down and squealing with anticipation.

Well, not really, but it’s the only new show I’m watching. Except maybe The Mountain, and then only if they have hot women running around in bikinis, which is unlikely seeing as how it’s set at a ski resort. That’d by the same reason why I’m watching Lost, by the way. That and the hobbit (boyoboy, this guy better do a gangster movie or something like that, or he’s going to be typecast for the rest of his life…). Or he could do a TV series.

I’m Tivoing it. I’ll give it a few weeks. Like a previous poster, this is the only new fall network TV series that I care to watch. I’m finding that most of the new shows that I really enjoy are on cable, FX (Rescure Me), Bravo(Things I Hate About You), and HBO (Deadwood).

I’m Tivoing it. I’ll give it a few weeks. Like a previous poster, this is the only new fall network TV series that I care to watch. I’m finding that most of the new shows that I really enjoy are on cable, FX (Rescue Me), Bravo(Things I Hate About You), and HBO (Deadwood).

Corrected the spelling of Rescue…

I heard about it through TORN, and then saw a trailer and it looked interesting. At the very least, it should be different from the reality shows and crime dramas that are currently flooding the airwaves, but like Meatros, I like the isolated/deserted island survival theme - it looks like each character is going to have a storyline with his/her own struggles. The mysterious creatures in the woods will either be suspenseful or cheesy, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not hokey.

I’m taping it (it’s on at the same time as Smallville, and I have my priorities!), and I’m hoping to squeeze it in before CSI:NY starts at 10. (Yes, I’m a television whore.)

I really dig the idea, I’ve been looking forward to it since I first started seeing the previews, but I have to wonder–how long can they stretch the show out? We know the deserted island thing can run a couple years, but boogeymen in the jungle can’t stay scary for that long, can they?

Add me to the list of those who have a TiVo pass to this show to see how it is for the first few weeks.

I’ve also heard very good things about Veronica Mars, premiering tonight on UPN. Apparently it’s like “Buffy” starring in “Karen Sisco” — tough young woman assists her private-investigator father. Excellent buzz on this one.

Dominic Monaghan is my boyfriend. We’re getting married.

I keep thinking of the Langoliers and I suspect they slipped through some kind of time/space thing and the “creatures” are actually dinosaurs. Because they’re, umm, back in the age of the dinosaur. My mom says aliens, because that dog sure as hell can’t make a big racket like that.

I wasn’t completely disappointed and (because I don’t have TiVo, bastards), if I happen to remember, I’ll watch next week.

Liked what I saw, wanted to see more of a complete story and can’t really see how it can be a series, but am interested.

The biggest issue for me is that for the types of tension they are setting up - will they be rescued? What is the Thing(s)? What about that dog? - I typically want resolution in a 2-hour movie format. Much past a few ep’s and I either get distracted, bored or assume it will be cheesy.

Granted, JJ Abrams has done better than most with plot-twist suspense curveballs - Alias kept me engaged for 2 seasons - but it’s Spy-Intrigue stuff seems better suited to episodic TV than the premise of Lost…

My first thought when I saw the dog was that it looks pretty well taken care of. I’ll go out on a limb and say one plot twist will be there’s another group of people already established there. I don’t recall ever hearing Yellow Labs being indiginous to South Pacific islands.

Maybe the dog was on the plane. It’s certainly possible, though yeah, a more boring answer than yours.

Overall, I thought it was OK. Matthew Fox seems a hell of a lot different in this show than he did on Party of Five. I think it’s the buzz cut and the sense of purpose. The first half hour had me riveted if only because there was so much stuff going on all the time, some of it pretty hard to watch. Like any of the new shows I’m giving a chance (LAX, Lost, and Jack & Bobby), it’ll get a few more eps.

I figured the dog was a passenger on the plane in the cargo area and survived the crash.


This was about the only new show I was really looking forward to seeing, partly also due to Dominic but also because of the uniqueness of the premise. I was hoping it would be a two hour premiere so we would get a bit more background. I have seen spoilers from people who saw early previews of it and it was two hours that they saw. I guess ABC thinks two hours of The Bachelor is better programming. gag

Anyway, here’s some spoilers I heard about. It’s been a while since I read these so I may be forgetting some things and I also can’t guarantee that the people who claimed to have seen it actually saw the whole thing but the things I heard about the first hour proved to be correct.

There’s polar bears (that’s what the guy was shooting at in the preview), big mean warthogs and the big crashing thing(s) in the jungle still isn’t seen in the first two hours but one spoiler I heard said that it is not dinosaurs.
The preview showed Said trying the transmitter then saying that something else is transmitting - that is supposed to be the remains of another crashed plane from several years earlier.
Charlie has a drug problem.

Kind of intense for the supposed family hour. They should probably show it later in the evening.

Hubby insists that there were two-by-fours burning in the campfire. Two-by-fours? Was the plane hauling a load of lumber, or does hubby need glasses?

I suspect it will be dinosaurs. If not that, a giant monkey.

Because monkies are fucking funny.

Crap. I thought it started next week :frowning:

No phone, no lights no motor cars,

Not a single luxury,

Like Robinson Crusoe,

As primative as can be.