Lost 9/29 (unboxed spoilers)

Personally, I believe it was because he was unsure if what he was preparing was fit to eat, and was trying to get someone else to taste it first to make sure it wasn’t poisonous. Notice how shook up he was when the pregnant girl stopped and looked pained for a moment, until it was realized that the baby was kicking?

There was a scene about halfway (?) through where the kid is looking at a Spanish comic book while sitting next to his dad. He turns the page pretty fast, but on the first page he was looking at is a big white bear.


These people are dumb as a bag of hammers. Last week nobody pointed out the obvious fact that with all the wounded on the beach, having the only doctor go exploring was stupid. This episode nobody pointed out the obvious implication of finding a polar bear on a tropical island - the island must be inhabited.

White collar crime’s not dramatic enough. She must have killed someone, but either she’s innocent or it was some situation where the murder was justified.

The Korean guy obviously has control issues with the woman, whatever their relationship is. The buttoning of the shirt was intended to set up the scene where the woman sees Kate wading in her undies (which gave us a panda as well as a polar bear this episode) and contrasts her situation with Kate’s.

I suspect the Korean guy is worried that on a (presumably) deserted Island, that his woman is going to be raped.

He’s not just conservative or protective. He’s thinking, “an island full of men – eventually, someone’s going to want to get a piece.”

Interesting episode – a mysterious signal from somewhere, a la “On The Beach” or “28 Days Later”.

Unlikely that Kate is white collar criminal. In the preview for next week, they show the marshall worriedly saying, “where is she? where is she?” I wonder if that would be his first reaction if she was an embezzler.

Funny scene with the Korean guy and the fat guy. I like that fat guy’s style, “I’m totally starving right now, dude, but, I’m not eating THAT.”

I didn’t fully get the signal. There was a french woman speaking and then a english voice saying “iteration” and saying the numbers. Was the english part of whatever she was using to broadcast?

I just hope this doesn’t end up being “The Island of Random Bears.”

I thought the Korean woman was telling Kate to come back, because they had the transmitter working.

Shouldn’t those bodies be getting ripe by now?

I thought the Korean woman was trying to tell Kate to cover up, but the only reason I saw for that scene was to show Kate in her teeny undies.

Has anybody noticed that there’s a lot more eye candy for the ladies than for the guys? Maybe that’s why they feel they need to appease the guys with some bikini shots?

I got the impression that the marshall may have been a little too interested in Kate, not because of her crime but possibly because of how she looks in her teeny undies.

As for the Korean man, was that sea urchin that he was fixing for everyone or some other weird sea creature? Urchin is considered a delicacy and he may have been trying to ingratiate himself to the others but it may also have been a matter of politeness. Although I don’t think he could really feed too many people with that. I don’t think he was worried about it being poisonous, I think anyone would react nervously if they just gave food to somebody and they acted like they were going to vomit. But aren’t pregnant women advised not to eat raw seafood?

Yeah, the polar bear thing was brushed off rather quickly, that’s also why I feel they may be editing a lot out to fit the time. “Oh, a polar bear.” shrug “okay, let’s keep going”.

Still this is the only thing I have looked forward to for this TV season and it has me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen.

My first thought that since it was a black man and he’s Korean, the writers are trying to foreshadow racial conflict. Most likely resolved in week 7 with a group hug.

Seems like she understands more French than she speaks - kind of like me and Spanish. I don’t know how to say much of anything except “Where is the bathroom?” but when I was in Mexico, I found I actually understood a lot of the Spanish that was being spoken around me. Since she said she spent a year in Paris drinking, she probably “picked up” enough French from overhearing other people’s conversations to roughly translate.

I am wondering if there is some kind of arranged marriage thing going on with the Koreans. Not that he and she are supposed to get married to each other, necessarily, but that she is supposed to go get married to someone else, and he is her chaperone. Maybe he is trying to keep her “pure” until they get to her intended.

I knew I shouldn’t started a thread on this, that there would be an existing one…sigh.

Anyway, from the thread I am now asking to be shut down:

Terry O’Quinn’s character took both a deeper (we know the answer to the “genius vs. dingus” question now) and creepier turn. Secrets to kids - come across like a pedophile much?

The polar bear that was shot - doesn’t seem to be the same type of thing that got the pilot and can’t knock down trees, so clearly a more complex explanation will be called for. I still lean towards the “isolated lab conducting biological experiments” angle…

The other thing occupying the transceiver bandwidth - what could run for 16 years or so unattended? No batteries? C’mon…

Again - with a polar bear on a tropical island and a continuously-powered transceiver, they must put two and two together and realize that someone is on the island…

As for the Korean guy - so far, I am inclined to think he is just being culturally conservative - expecting modesty, assuming to be the Man in Charge, not trusting non-Koreans, but still politely prepping and offering food…I can see the possibility that one or both speak English - I vote for the woman, simply because of the plot-twist implications of Mr. Conservative Authority having to trust Rebellious Woman to translate for him…

He can tell the kid his secret because no one would believe the kid if he repeated the secret. What’s the secret? Well, he still gets my vote as the guy who was already on the island before the crash. He just strolled into the wreckage site and played along with the drama.

I think JavaMaven1 had it right about the Korean guy. He was looking for a poison tester, not offering a meal. If his tester didn’t keel over then he and his subservient partner could eat in safety. I mean c’mon, he wouldn’t even let people take shelter with him during a rainstorm. I can’t see him serving up food on a platter for people after that.

Am I the only one who thought, “Yay, food!” when they shot the polar bear, only to be disappointed that nobody hurried about trying to figure out how to clean and/or cook it? As weird as it was that there was a polar bear, that’s what I was more concerned about. Didn’t the preview for next week have a scene in which one of the characters tells them they’ll have to hunt for food? Should have eaten the animal you already shot, you morons!

That’s exactly what I thought. I know there’s logistical problems getting it down from the high ground, but that’s a lot of meat for forty-odd starving strandees.

Kate is not likely to be a plain ol’ white-collar criminal, given the marshal’s claims that she’s dangerous (from the preview for next week). I’m kinda hoping that it’s not a crime of self-defense or anything–I want her to be a real, honest-to-God criminal. It’d be a nice surprise.

That would be fun, but no dice. He was on the plane; in Jack’s flashback in the pilot episode I saw him sitting behind the black lady.

Nah, I don’t think so, after all, didn’t the woman in the 16 year old message say that she was the last survivor?

Shot down twice from two different angles. I may have to concede this one. :smiley:

And it’s obviously been so helpful to the lady who got stranded…

I realize it was through a probably-bad translator, but did it sound to anybody else like the french-speaking lady wasn’t particularly surprised that everybody else was dead? She didn’t say, “Everybody’s dead,” she said “everybody’s dead now,” like, “Okay, play time’s over. Come get me off this freaking island,” like the people she was transmitting to knew she was there.

“Hey, lady, if I have to walk around in the tropics with a sweater buttoned all the way up to my throat, if you’re going to be wandering around in your underwear the least you could do is go around the point so that every man on the freaking island doesn’t drop whatever he’s doing to ogle you like slackjawed moron.”

Wait a minute. I’m not reeady to buy into this. In the first place, it’s a big island. The woman could have been isolated from the other survivor(s) and been mistaken in her beleif that she was alone. Second issue, if there is a battery that can support a continual broadcast for 16 years that would be a far stretch. Somebody had to babysit that transmitter to keep it going somehow. (crude windmill hooked up to a generator maybe?)

In fact some sort of power generation would be the only way that the radio could stay on. I would doubt the shelf life of spare batteries which would still require a babysitter to swap them out. Wind or photovoltaics would still require some sort of occaisional maintenance.

As far as Dominic Monaghan’s character goes…

I wasn’t aware you could get much of a buzz ingesting heroin that way. Snorting, sure, but you never see him do much more than rub some on his gums and tongue.

Any thoughts? I confoosed.

I think it’s less about getting a buzz and more about keeping the come-down shakes away, or taking the edge off. I think he realises that that little packet has got to keep him going for a while, so he’s better off not taking a proper hit (not to mention the fact that they probably wouldn’t even be able to show that on non-HBO American TV, would they? :wink: )

Anyway, IANAJunkie, so I may be wrong, that’s just the way it appeared to me.