Lost 1.6 "House of the Rising Sun"

Good evening, castaways! I managed to finish moving house a little early, just so we could have this hour together. What’s on our plate for tonight?

  1. For starters, what’s up with the fisticuffs Michael and Jin were engaged in during last week’s “Next Weeks”?

  2. I’m the only one who remembers there was a polar bear on that island, aren’t I?

  3. What will come of Jack’s discovering water farther inland?

  4. Locke knows who Charlie is. I didn’t peg him for a big rock fan, but then I didn’t peg him for a delusional parapalegic, and look how that turned out.

  5. Jack’s dad: Alive? Dead? In limbo? In the Hall of Presidents? I have to wonder what his mom was referring to when she said. “You can’t say no. Not after what you did.”

I think my TV was damaged pretty well during my move, but I still get a picture. So what if Sawyer will be kind of purply-green in the bottom third of the screen? I’m not missing Lost!

Haven’t read a word here…Just want to be able to come back later tonight.

I missed the first ten minutes. Could someone tell me what happened? Is the oriental guy in the yakuza? Is the woman’s father? What caused the fight?

I get the feeling that Sun’s father is a powerful man, and not all of his dealings are completely legal… IIRC Yakuza is Japanese, but Sun’s father might be in teh Korean equivelant.

what caused the fight wasn’r revealed til later. Michael found a watch in wreckage, which turned out to be Sun’s father’s. Jin had to get it as a matter of honor…

We saw Kate in a bra! and some dead bodies!

Does anything else matter? :slight_smile:

Best line of this episode:

Charlie says “I found this” and hands Kate her shirt.
Kate: It was full of bees.
Charlie: I would have guessed C’s.

(Charlie is a bit generous, I think B’s was correct.)

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I’m looking forward to watching Sawyer and Sayid’s relationship develop. Notice they ran toward Michael and Jin from the same place on the beach, and they’re siding together on more important issues. What common ground will they reveal.

I think Locke is going to be the locus of some eventual discord among the castaways. Just as there’s a divide between the beach group and the valley tribe, I think there will be a rift between the rationalists and the “I have looked into the eye of the island, and it is wonderful” crowd.

And it looks like Charlie’s in the woo-woo crowd for now. But will he be after next week starts the Sweeps Withdrawal Festival? He’s off in the jungle – where’s Claire? They like each other, and she could help him, but I bet she had to stay back on the beach.

Now that I think about it, Locke seems to be gathering a base of power from certain members of the group. Witness his command over Jack’s “quest” last week and his control over Charlie’s hope/stash this week.

Straining my suspension of disbelief:
[li]Why not set up the settlement back in the valley and rotate teams on the beach every few days to maintain the signal fire and keep a lookout for rescue vessels?[/li][li]After last week’s MDF coffin and this week’s acoustic guitar, I’m starting to think flimsy woods are +10 against this island.[/li][/ul]

But hey, Jack remembers the polar bear, too. I’m not alone!

Sun has got to be kicking herself in the ass every single day she’s on this island. Man, does it ever suck to be her!

But I think that a rotating beach shift will soon form…

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Why didn’t Sun leave when she had the chance? Seems like she went through an awful lot of trouble making plans to get away, learning English in secret (not an easy thing, considering how well she spoke), only to chicken out at the last minute.

I too wondererd why Jack didn’t propose rotating teams to stay on the beach while the majority of the group lives in the caves. Of course they need to keep the signal fire going, but they don’t all need to sit on the beach all the time to make that happen. I’m starting to have Lord of the Flies flashbacks.

Straining my suspension of disbelief:
[li]Why not set up the settlement back in the valley and rotate teams on the beach every few days to maintain the signal fire and keep a lookout for rescue vessels?[/li][/QUOTE]

my very first though when it became obvious this was an all or nothing deal - did these people never learn the advantages of compromise?

Well, at least they did tell Jack about the polar bear at some point.

I agree, that they really only need to keep a few people on the beach and they could take turns on watch. Splitting into two separate groups is not a wise choice either. As much as I love this show sometimes the people do not make the wisest choices or talk out all their options. Then again this is a new situation for everyone and maybe they will get better at it.

I see Locke as the prophet for the Island. He’s trying to get others to believe as he does. He is very perceptive, maybe it wasn’t that hard to figure out that Charlie was Jonesing but he was the first one who seemed to take notice. I thought it was pretty cool that he knew who Charlie was and Charlie was willing to forgo a hit for a little recognition. I had a feeling when he was trying to get Charlie to hand over his drugs that he already knew where his guitar was.

*As for the suspension of disbelief on wood items surviving a crash landing. The guitar appeared to be in one of those heavy duty plastic or fiberglass cases, I could believe that surviving. And the coffin was pretty beat up even before Jack had his way with it.

I gather that Jin and Sun do love each other but things got out of hand with Jin working for her father. I think he says that he would do anything for her and apparently he has.

So what is Kate’s problem with going to the caves?

I think the cave crowd is the coolest, that’s who I would have gone with. You can only stand so much sand in your shorts and after 6 days on the beach I’d be resembling a boiled lobster, just the lure of shade would be enough to get me to move.

Seems like virtually everyone who survived is a Type A personality (with a few exceptions). Very hard to get Type As to compromise.

I’m glad they brought up the polar bear again. And the old radio message. I was beginning to think they were a one ep throwaway.

Guitars make drug addicts cry, man.

I knew she could speak english! All that forshadowing shadowing paid off, baby.
Forshadowed plot lines, baby.

Forshadowed plot lines, baby.
All right, STOP!

Collaborate and listen:
Who here thinks this seires is an “all in one season” series? [raises hand]

Oooh, I forgot about the bodies. So these bodies are likely at least 40 years dead? The distress message is at least 16 years old. Is this the same group or two different groups of people? And what was that Jack took out of the pocket of the one skeleton? It looked like gems of some sort.

Hey, if they can pull more than one season out of this baby, I’ll be there watching. But I’m like a lot of people, in that I don’t know how they’ll twist this into multiple years. Even if that’s only a few months of Island Time, it’s still a long time to just watch people be marooned.

“He says ‘Ice is back’ and right away he’s lied to you and you never trust him again.”

I keep my d10 and d20 in the same kind of bag, and they’re shiny polished rocks, too. Maybe the Thing In The Jungle is some kind of primitive alien Dungeon Master.

Any theories on what the black and white stones were in the skeleton’s pocket? Why did Jack quickly hide them rather than show them to Locke?

Do planes usually stock axes?

In case of fire! Haven’t you ever seen Airplane?

Urim and Thummin. Some sort of chance game, maybe? Used to decide who went and who stayed…?

I assumed it was part of an onboard safety kit to smash open windows in case of emergency.