Lost 1.5 "White Rabbit"

It’s Wednesday night – time for another hour with Gilligan, the Skipper, too, the millionaire and his wife*, the movie star, the professor and Mary Ann.

<*>They could be anyone. Anyone!

So what does this episode hold for our castaways? Lost Media’s blurb tells us (in part)

Time to learn more about their “family tradition” of medicine, I suppose, and maybe something about the vodka chugging, the flying lessons and the cold shoulder Jack gave the memorial service last week.

Charlie, we’re counting down to sweeps; enjoy that heroin while it lasts. Oh, Sawyer, you nut, in what way will you be a pragmatic asshole today? Are we taking bets on the likelyhood of **Shannon ** and **Boone ** having a crazy, incestuous past? Someone boil some water and lay out the airplane blankets – last week’s “next weeks” showed Claire in some kind of distress. Will **Locke ** do a happy jig now that the fickle finger of symoblism is about to put the heat on someone else? Stay tuned!

It looked like the heroin ran out in last week’s ep. Withdrawal is gonna be soooo much fun! Charlie better have some more tape ready because the next four letters are gonna be P-A-I-N. :smiley:

I’d just like to state, for the record, that I predict a Sawyer/Claire hook-up. The asshole and the passport-eulogy angel…it’s like television soap-opera destiny.

Shannon is the only character I can’t get into, mostly due to the actress. Can somebody say “overacting”? I saw her on an episode of Law & Order: SVU last week and she was just awful.

Hey! There’s a note on the Lost Media page that says ABC has picked it up for Season 2! Wooo!

Aside to Glory, in case you didn’t see my post at the end of the last thread: I have Walkabout (1.4) on tape, in my office at work, if you want to stop by and pick it up sometime. I think you still have my work email?


I thought, from the Topic: line, that you meant you had lost your copy of version 1.5 of the movie White Rabbit. (Wasn’t that the movie with the “blowjob for art’s sake” in it?)

I think that was The Brown Bunny you’re thinking of…unless, of course, you’re familiar with a version of Alice in Wonderland that I’m not.

can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait
It frightens me how much I’m enjoying this show. I should back off lest I set myself up for disappointment when it turns out they’re on Dr. Shrinker’s island and the scary thing in the woods is a humongous cockatoo.

Yeah, I know. I haven’t been all worked up over a show since Buffy finished. And it’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to go unspoiled. Maybe there’s some kind of addicting message in the secondary audio track…

Oh, and I forgot to include this in the OP: Even the kids at Penny Arcade are in on the speculation.

Did anybody else catch that? When (I think) Charlie was talking to Jack, the same two people walked past his right shoulder twice.

…Must have been a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.

Just tuned in, what have I missed?

The brightness on my TV was set so low that when Jack went into the woods again and found the doll and then the coffin, I could barely see anything. I reset the brightness but missed a lot. Was all the other stuff around there just stuff from cargo?

I haven’t read a word of this yet…Back in a few hours. I love “getting Lost” on Wednesday nights!

Empty coffin? Curiouser and curiouser…

I’m too lazy to look it up, but someone complained / noticed that there were no animal noises (birds et al). There were definitely some in this episode.

At fisrt I thought Jack found another crash / previous settlement, then I figured it was just cargo. Now I’m not so sure.


So what did Jack DO that his mom jumped all over him about and caused his father to stop talking to him? Boo for not enough juicy details. And why was he busting the crap out of the coffin? Because it was empty, or was Jack finally taking out some pent-up anger at his asshole father?

This ep firmed up my like-atude for Jack. The whole “you don’t have what it takes to lead” was actually a bit weak, IMO (although I got the point of Jack’s reluctance to take charge), but I was totally impressed with Matthew Fox as an actor. Thumbs up!

Can anybody tell me what happened at the very very end, when Jack was talking to Kate? This is the second week that my Tivo has cut off the end. Kate was asking him where he was today, and Jack was coyly avoiding telling her, and then I missed the rest…plus next week’s reviews. Stupid Tivo. :mad:

(On preview: N9IWP, I noticed the same thing about the jungle animal noises. Also, for some odd reason, the ethereal music in the moonlit, deserted clearing made me think of the Myst video games…)

When he first got to the area near the waterfall, my first thought was “The tail! He found the tail!”

Guess not… but it sure looked like a chunk of plane. Cargo area?

I missed the discussion between the asian couple - what were they talking about?

And why so much trouble with water? It’s rained a few times since the crash - did nobody think of putting things out to catch rainfall? That cooler, for one, would have made a great bucket.


Just subscribing so I can keep up on discusions.


Sooo…why is Jack the only one who can jump in to save the drowning people? Seems to me that if someone else had participated, both of them could be saved.

The coffin bit pissed me off a little, actually. A real coffin – especially an expensive one such as would be pushed on a bereaved son who just wants to get out of the country – would be heavier and would splinter less readily than the prop coffin they had. It would also be composed of more than just wood veneer like the one they had; there’d probably be some styrofoam and other ingredients as well. But I’m just a weirdo. Magic of Hollywood, magic of Hollywood…

There were some sweet moments with Charlie and Claire (who is a woo-woo creduloid, I note) back at the beach. On one hand, I think they’re hammering the “Junkie/Criminal/Asshole With a Heart of Gold” trope a little heavily in this show, but I guess there are enough assholes hanging around Midsection Beach for me to accept Charlie as a heroin enthusiast who happens to be a nice guy as well.

Speaking of assholes, how much did I love Sawyer in that scene with Shannon? A lot, that’s how much. Despite Jack’s little “ask not what your fellow castaways can do for you” speech at the end, I think the writers are setting up a good-sized confrontation re: Sawyer’s setting himself up as the “Red” Redding of the survivors. Communism’s clearly the way to go in a situation like this – how long can/will Capitalist Running Dog Sawyer hold out?

I did not expect the thief to be Boone. I guess after his involvement early in the episode, I sort of wrote him off for the duration. My mistake. How much of the incident was “theft” and how much was “Oh gosh, here’s some water,” do you think?

Like Antigen, I question why they weren’t collecting water in the first place. It’s rained several times. I had just assumed there was a fresh water source somewhere near the beach. I know I’d make water my primary concern after the first day or so if there were no stream nearby! (Deep breaths, Junie. Magic of Hollywood, magic of Hollywood…)

I felt exactly the same way. In high school, we took a tour of a funeral home and learned that many coffins are wood shells over steel boxes. They are riveted shut! You can’t open most models without power tools. This also bothered me on Smallville.

As for the water, am I the only person who knows that wherever there are plants, you can collect water, especially if you have enough tarps to make a shelter? We learned about that in grade seven science class, we had to draw a diagram showing how to do it and everything. It was agony looking at all that lush greenery around, and them all freaked out about collecting water!

I can suspend disbelief, but sometimes it feels like I am being asked to have more suspension than an SUV.