Lost 1.20: "Do No Harm"

First the rules:

Will Claire have the baby?
Has Locke finally “seen the light”?
Will Boone live?
Is Mike’s raft ready to rock 'n roll?

So many questions, so few episodes left…

Like: Now that Locke has seen the light…what happens next? :smiley:

Man, I can’t wait for tonight!

Aside: How do I get rid of the “dot” in front of the first item in the rules list? All I do is copy the rules, and then use “quote” and “list” tags around them. I don’t add any bullets-- honest!

That is one of the bugs I mean features of Windoze. Always willing to do your thinking for you…thank you, Redmond! :smiley:

Have you tried previewing your post and trying to fix it there? Or tell Locke it’s a threat to the island. He’ll get it erased or converted by next week, for sure.

Two versions of vB ago, the <list> tag without any <*>'s (bullet tags) basically functioned as an indent. As of the last version, the <list> tag assumes you’re starting a list, and puts a bullet in front of the first line even without a specific tag. On the other hand, there’s now an <indent> tag that works the way <list> used to but without the bullet assumption.

(Doesn’t “The Bullet Assumption” sound like the next book in Frank Miller’s Sin City series?)

Anyway. Dump the <list> tag. Don’t need it for that.

Regarding Locke and the light in the window, IIRC, the TiVo episode summary saysLocke disappears. So I assume whatever happened after the light comes on for him, only he knows about it, and neither the rest of the castaways nor we will find out until…
New episodes will resume as of the May sweeps.

Gaaaaaaaaaah! I thought it was supposed to be all new through sweeps!

Oh, well. At least when I go to Vegas, I won’t miss a new epi.

According to this week’s TV Guide,

Claire will be having the baby tonight.

I don’t think Boone’s going to die. I’m not sure if I really don’t think it, or if I’ve convinced myself I don’t think it because he’s pretty, but I think it’s more likely that he’s going to be the recipient of Locke’s former paralysis. The island giveth, and the island taketh away.

Interesting idea!! And I bet we get treated to:

Locke is just gone with no explanation and no look inside the hatch for us. Maybe the writers will throw us a bone and end the ep with a shot of Locke smiling in bliss as he walks around inside the metal object.

PS: Thanks, Cervaise. I didn’t know of the <indent> option.

That would be awesome. And frustrating, but never mind that now. :slight_smile:

And this is the latest at TV Tome, which is nice for episode titles and basic info without giving big spoilers. For those who are spoilerphobic, the only thing currently on the site is the TV Guide-ish blurb about tonight’s episode, and the titles and airdates for everything through the end of the season.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you:

The season finale is 2 hours!!!


Rouseau is back!!!

I do. He’s toast, probably tonight.

Please excuse the off topic post, but I’m feeling very forlorn.

I just recently came to the conclusion that I must have missed the Hurley flashback episode. I’m not sure how this happened, but from what I’ve read I missed a really good one. Anyone know if it’s scheduled to be shown again?

Dude, how could such misfortune have befallen me?

You did miss the Hurley episode, but I don’t know what epsidoes are going to be rerun in the next few weeks.

Personally, I’m hoping for the first Kate and Sun episodes. I havn’t seen those yet.

On a radio promo today for the show, I heard…

… a baby crying. Flashback or Claire’s?

You never know until the 8:02 ending…

If you can’t wait for the re-run, I still have it on my TiVo. Let me know if you’re interested and for a couple of bucks to cover postage and VHS we can work something out. It’s a good 'un, too. :slight_smile:

Where have I seen Jack’s fiancee from? She seems familiar.

Will Locke carve a hospital bed for his little buddy?

And Hurley’s not hurling or fainting! Go Flounder!

Julie Bowen from Ed.

Thanks Cervaise. I’m going to do some checking around but if it isn’t on sometime in the next couple of months I’ll take you up on your kind offer.

Is there a time limit? Will you be ditching it anytime soon?