Lost 4.10: "Something Nice Back Home"

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I think most of agreed that the last episode was quite good. Ben’s got things under control again with a little help from TCM, although he did make a tactical error in challenging Kimey to kill Alex. We were treated to time travel and teleportation, as well as learning that Ben speaks (at least some) Arabic and Turkish. Or is that Dean Moriarty…

Looks like Jack has more than a tummy ache, and not just from seeing the ship’s doctor wash up on shore with his throat slit. Good thing Bernard knows his S.O.S.!

From the on-screen guide preview for tonight’s episode:

** “Something Nice Back Home” **:Jack’s health is seriously compromised, forcing Kate and Juliet to work together to save him. Meanwhile, something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles continue their trek from Locke’s camp to the beach.

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I hope we get to find out a bit more about the teleporting and smoke monster.

I hope we get to see Juliet performing an appendectomy, with Jack still awake giving her instructions.

thats what his problem was? his appendix burst?

I think they mentioned it in the previews for this week’s episode.

If it had already burst, he’d most likely be dead. I suspect it is about to burst, and needs to be removed before it does. (Of course, that is not to say that the writers won’t take artistic license with medical details.) Removing an inflamed appendix is relatively minor surgery. Treating someone with a burst appendix is a whole 'nother matter.

ah. well he’s a doctor, he’ll survive.
anyway has anyone mentioned the possibility that the morse code from the boat just might have been lying? maybe there was a dispute/coup/accident on the boat and they just wanted to keep quiet about it (its funny how when you watch lost long enough our inner occam’s razor gets inverted :D).

question - once the thread for this new week is opened is all discussion now supposed to continue here or is it usual to have several lost threads floating around? iow is this thread reserved for only talk of this episode?

I’m assuming that among the Dharma supplies, there would be a portion of painkillers for the patient. Or at least a good slug of scotch.

Looking forward to it as usual; I’m always up for more Lost.

I’m not completely convinced that we were, although it does seem likely.

Yeah, not too much doubt about that. Unless they’ve really been messing with us.

I’m wondering if Jack has apendicitis for the same reason Ben had cancer. You know, the opposite of the reason Locke can walk. (Or the same reason. Whatever.)

Jack was digging around in what looked like his old stash of medicines from the crash when looking for antibiotics last episode and nothing there looked like it had a DHARMA logo on it. There may be some somewhere but I don’t think the Losties have gotten their hands on any at any point.

And we know Jack survives since we’ve seen him in flash-forwards so there can’t be too much tension around whatever is wrong with him.

While she is dressed in sticky, sweaty scrubs?..

Don’t really care what Jack is wearing…

“ah. well he’s a doctor, he’ll survive.”
actually, I think it would be impossible for Jack to die in the same way that Michael could not die

perhaps in the same way that John Locke can’t die and so on

I’m certain Jack doesn’t die of an appendicitis on the island, because I’ve seen him numerous times in flashforwards. :smiley:

Danielle looks pretty dead to me. There’s one question answered.

Not bad so far…

Karl too. Who buried them? The mercenaries?

From where the bullet hole was it seemed obvious to me that Karl (Carl?) was dead. It was possible that Danielle was just injured.

Yup. And now I’m wondering if the BSM actually accomplished anything. Looks like all it did was mess up one guy. Not too impressive.


I know WTF? He’s all smoke and mirrors!